Inside a Perfect Gaming Laptop Explained

Inside a Perfect Gaming Laptop

If you want to have a perfect, if not a very powerful and top-class, gaming laptop, you should first know what is inside it in the first place.

It is these components that determine its performance and output, apart from the price.

This article will let you know about the parts that you should look at in particular inside a gaming laptop.


  • The gaming laptop should come with a powerful processor with a higher number of cores and frequency of operation.
  • The system should also be equipped with a dedicated graphics card, preferably with a higher operational frequency and more Video RAM.
  • The internal memory, or RAM, of the laptop must also be of DDR4 or higher variant, with a capacity of 8 GB as its bare minimum.
  • The storage should preferably be an SSD instead of an HDD since it will be much faster, operate much better, and fail less frequently.
  • If you want a perfect piece, the cooling system in a gaming laptop should be much better and higher than in a regular laptop.

Why Do You Need a Perfect Gaming Laptop?

Inside a Perfect Gaming Laptop

The most obvious reason to have a perfect gaming laptop is to have a higher level of performance and gaming experience.

Moreover, the device will also let you do some CPU and GPU intensive tasks on it, such as running simulations, video editing, and rendering as well, if you wish to. This is surely a bonus.

Another significant reason is that, apart from better components, a perfect gaming laptop will also come with better screens along with them, saving you from the added expense of investing in and hassles of looking for a separate monitor.

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What is Inside a Perfect Gaming Laptop?

Discrete GPU

Discrete GPU

The graphics card is one of the most important components of a laptop to make it perfect for playing games on it.

These laptops will have powerful GPUs, usually from Nvidia or AMD.

Look for GeForce RTX GPUs at least, preferably belonging to the higher series of the Nvidia group featuring Pascal architecture.

As for the AMD variants, choose nothing less than an RX or higher series.

However, both should have adequate Video RAM in them.

Powerful CPU

Powerful CPU

The second-most important component of a gaming laptop is the processor.

A perfect combination of CPU and GPU will ensure a steady rate of Frames per Second of not less than 60 fps.

Provided the CPU is powerful and has adequate cores and threads along with a higher operating frequency, it will not make much difference whether it is from Intel or AMD.

For your information, AMD is giving a tough competition to the 9th generation CPUs of Intel, and in some cases has even overshadowed them.

However, it is good to have one with a higher Thermal Design Power, or TDP.

Better RAM

Better RAM

Higher and better RAM will make things faster and improve the performance of the laptop.

A good gaming laptop will have at least 8 GB of DDR4 RAM as a standard specification.

SSD Storage

SSD Storage

Usually, a gaming laptop will be equipped with a better and larger Solid State Drive (SSD).

These are expensive in comparison to those Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) but they perform much faster and better.

SSDs are quieter and cooler since they do not have any moving parts.

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Gaming laptops may even offer terabytes of storage to allow saving a number of large gaming titles.

Better Cooling

Better Cooling

As opposed to regular laptops, a perfect gaming laptop will have a much improved cooling system with more vents and powerful fans.

This is essential because the hardware will generate a lot of heat when pushed to its limits, and it should be easily and effectively dissipated.

This will keep the system cool and prevent it from hanging, slowing down, or even crashing.

Better Display

Better Display

A perfect gaming laptop will also come with a larger LED screen with better features and HD resolution, usually.



There will be adequate ports in a gaming laptop on its two sides as well, so that you can add several accessories to it if you want.


You now know what is inside and what you should look for in a perfect gaming laptop.

The knowledge you gained through this article will surely make it quite easy for you to choose one among the humongous list of gaming laptops available on the market, all of which, needless to say, are not created equal.

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