Intel BOXNUC8i3CYSM1 NUC Mini PC Review & Price

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  • No Throttling
  • MicroSD Card is present
  • M.2 Slot is present
  • Low settings gaming
  • Compact design


  • RAM is soldered-in
  • No Thunderbolt port
  • iGPU is disabled
  • No models with a built-in SSD
  • Boosts only up to 3.2 GHz

Read Intel BOXNUC8i3CYSM1 NUC mini PC review and see the price. This is another model for NUC and it is securing a great platform from every end.

This comes as a complete box; it is not like others as the brand reliability is being established in a better arena.

You can check out the prior models which can have a huge CPU and it may shrink a bit in performance level which will be discussed in the performance section and it is coming with few surprises.

These surprises are not so lucrative but at the same time, you cannot deny its uses. Check out best budget mini desktops.

This inexpensive model is no doubt giving you support with the gaming, viewing pictures and basic all the e-processes required in a home nowadays but for business purposes you may not take this call.

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Intel BOXNUC8i3CYSM1 NUC Mini PC & Variants Price

Intel BOXNUC8i3CYSM1 NUC Mini PC Review


Buy For:  MicroSD Card is present | Low settings gaming

Beware Of: RAM is soldered-in 


There are not many choices when it comes to hardware. However, this one is actually coming with a complete box. The 10-nm performance is either doing a good performance or shrinking behind. However, to be honest it is not good for a prime time experience.

Intel Core i3-8121U is not at all giving you the best but it can offer you low setting gaming and much more. The previous models are all having the DDR3 RAM whereas this is having a DDR4 RAM in its way.

You can get the best with the rendering process you can believe and the micro SD card is really offering the best.

Design & Build

If anyone has seen its predecessors then there is not much to say about it. This is not something new from them.

You can check out all the things that are necessary to evaluate the design. In fact, it is coming in the box having metal fan grills and a case made of plastic.

This is very solid and compact in looks. You can check out details with glossy top covers.

It is having 6.1 x 5 x 4.6 inches dimension as a product’s entire size. This is making it a real space saver.


If you talk about the performance then the Intel Core i3-8121U and Radeon 540 graphics in BOXNUC8i3CYSM1 is actually coming with a Ram that is having a soldered-in process done previously.

This is technically not a good one in the end. In fact, you can take it as a hindrance for this mini champion.

You need to have SDD replacing the HDD slots as soon as you get it on your own. Otherwise, you may have the issue.

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The M.2 Slot is present so you can say that these slots are in return giving you ample space of modification. 1 TB SATA HDD is no doubt giving you a good performance even being a mini.

The 10-nm it may be lower than the 14 –nm that is a little bit lowering the performance but you can definitely play the games in a lower setting.

The 2400 MHz speed is not a matter of joke but for high-end concepts, you need a much better.

Storage & RAM

1 TB SATA HDD and 8 GB of LPDDR4 are actually giving this best support to this mini box.

M.2 Slot is actually offering an easy and flexible way to put things in a better way. For more performance, you can get the Intel Optane Memory module for best performance.

You can view the photos, stream movies and even esport games.

You can check out the 2GB GDDR5 graphics memory from Radeon 540 discrete graphics. The Core i3 model is giving you a wide range of concepts.

Ports & Connectivity

You will get ports on the three sides of the devices. You will be getting USB 3.0 Type-A ports and SD card reader with a perfect power button.

From the front and rear you will be having USB 3.0, and 2X HDMI ports, M.2 Slot, 7.1 channel sound surround, Intel optane memory ready concepts and 1 TB SATA HDD.

These things are really offering the best way with the 8 Generation Intel Core i3-8121U.

With these ports, you will be getting picture perfect performances. Comparatively this is perfect for the family with small space.

Additional Features

You will also find that Bluetooth v5 with Wireless 2×2 AC and Windows 10 is pre-installed with it. You can check out the best from it.

The play away concept is mini PC ready to plug in to get more performance. It needs 1 AA battery for a proper good performance for the entire concept.

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What Do Users Think about Intel BOXNUC8i3CYSM1 NUC Mini PC?

According to the experts, it is being seen that Radeon 540 is considered the best in the market.

In fact, it will be giving you some of the best possible gaming performance compared to other boxes.

There are many games to be played here. In fact you can use it anywhere.

The most important is the price but at the same time the speed is not enough compared to other ancestors.

However, there are no major improvements in 10-nm. Check out Intel BOXNUC8i3CYSM Manual.

Other Expert Views

Experts like Notebookcheck are saying that it is no doubt having a great and compact design. It does not throttle and it is definitely having M.2 slots to play all the current games. However, there are no upgrading options for the period. The RAM is soldered which is also a point not to be ignored. So strategically if someone is looking for a small space box with gaming features then this is it but speed is low like the price one should mind it.

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