Intel NUC 8 NUC8i3BEH Mini Desktop Review

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  • This mini PC is very compact and lightweight.
  • The power consumption of this device is very low.
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity are present in this device of Intel.
  • The compact device doesn’t create any irritating noise while running with maximum workloads.
  • Having the VESA mount facility, this PC can be easily attached to the back section of any monitor.


  • The processor that is present in this mini desktop is not of its latest edition.
  • Heating issues are very common in this compact device.
  • Initially, this mini PC doesn’t have any installed RAM or storage drive, so the users need to invest more dollars in it.
  • By its performance, this device can’t satisfy any high-end user or gamer.
  • Most of the specifications of this mini desktop are not upgradable.

Read Intel NUC 8 NUC8i3BEH mini desktop review details. In recent years, mini desktops are in trend.

This type of PC is mostly used by such users who want to transform their TV or excess monitor into a PC.

Mini PCs are very small in size and most of them come with a VESA mount facility. By using this mounting feature the users can place these tiny devices at the backside of a monitor.

So, just by seeing the monitor, one cannot easily consider it as a PC. Intel is the leading PC processor manufacturer in the market.

Besides that, it also manufactures some pre-built PCs. This Intel NUC 8 NUC8i3BEH Mini Desktop is a live example of it.

This device does not have updated specifications and its performance is also not very good.

But if you are in search of a compact PC or if you want a PC for home use, or if you want to give your child a very basic system then you can go with this one.

The performance of this mini desktop is of decent quality, the processing speed of this device is also not very fast. On the other hand, this is not a complete setup.

The users have to purchase the RAM and SSD or HDD externally. This device gives them the freedom to choose the Ram and storage unit of it, depending upon the workloads that the users are going to put on this device.

To run this mini PC the users need to invest some additional dollars from their wallets. Moreover, this compact PC is good for performing some basic tasks only.

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Intel NUC 8 NUC8i3BEH Mini Desktop & Variants Price

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Intel NUC 8 NUC8i3BEH Mini Desktop Review

Intel NUC 8 NUC8i3BEH Mini Desktop

Buy for: This PC consumes very little space. Most of the updated USB ports and connectivity features are present in this device from Intel. Price around $400.

Beware of: For rigorous computing, this PC is not recommended. This is an incomplete device. The users have to install the storage and RAM section of it, by investing additional dollars.

Best uses for: Beginners and other purposes.


Such users who are obsessed with the devices of Intel can go with this product. Otherwise, it is good to find an alternative. But for its compact design and updated connectivity features, many users choose to go with this one.

Design & Build

Like the other mini desktops, this device is also very compact. It is just like a small box of ‎6.1 inches x 5 inches x 4.6 inches, which can be placed at any corner of a desk or room.

The most common color of this device is carbon black. There is nothing special in the design of this mini PC.

At the front section, there are 2 USB ports, one audio port, and the power button.

The rest of the USB ports and connectivity ports are located at the rear section of it.

Ventilation holes are also present at the rear portion of this compact desktop.

To modify or install the Ram and storage section in this device, the users need to remove the upper lid of the box.

But as this is a very tiny device, it is good to open this device only in the presence of an expert in this field.

The overall design of this mini PC is very common and dull.


It is obvious that a mini desktop cannot be as productive as a gaming monster. But the performance of this product is inferior to its rivals too.

First of all, it comes with an Intel Core i3 81090 processor.

It is not that i3 processors are absolute now; or these processors can’t cope with the workloads of this era.

But this particular processor is of 8th Gen, which is very disappointing. At this time Intel i3 processors of 11th Gen are in the market.

The cache memory of the installed processor is only 4 MB, which is also very disappointing.

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Having insufficient cache memory this PC can run only two or three software or applications at the same time.

Thus, the productivity of this device gets affected. Even the users can face lagging or hanging issues in this device if they run more than 5-6 tabs in the browsers.

The base clocking speed of the installed processor is 2.3 GHz and the maximum clocking speed is 3.6 GHz.

As this mini PC does not have an advanced cooling system, it cannot run at the maximum frequency for a long time.

There is no dedicated graphics card in this product but there is an integrated Intel Iris Plus graphics 655 chip.

With the help of this chip, the device can run HD contents very smoothly.

The users can enjoy any video with 4K Ultra HD resolution, in this product.

Overall the performance of this PC is good for beginners but not enough to perform various high-end tasks.

Storage & RAM

The most unique aspect of this product is that the storage and Ram section of it are left empty.

In most of the pre-built PCs of this generation, we can find these two sections of the devices are well equipped.

But Intel has left these two sections empty in this device.

The company has installed updated slots, where the users can place any RAM or storage drive according to their requirements and budget.

For storage drives, there is one M.2 slot and an empty place to install any storage drive of 2.5 inches.

In the M.2 slot, the users have to place any solid-state drive depending upon his required capacity and in the other slot he can install either an HDD or an SSD.

But, as there is no strong cooling system in this product, it is good to install another solid-state drive on the empty slot.

If the user has a very tight budget then he can go with an HDD.

But one needs to remember that HDD drives can create some noise while running.

There are two Ram slots in this device and the maximum Ram capacity of this PC is 128 GB.

So the users can install any DDR4 RAM of any capacity. He has to choose this RAM capacity wisely, depending upon the workloads.

But 16 GB Ram will be enough for this device, as this PC can only be used for performing some basic tasks.

Ports & Connectivity

Intel has tried its best to avail, most of the updated connectivity features and USB ports in this compact device.

As the size of this PC is very tiny, the users have to compromise with the number of USB ports and this is a very common problem in every mini PC.

But, by offering updated connectivity features, Intel has made this device very user-friendly and it was very necessary on this desktop as this basic device is mostly going to be used by children and others who don’t have very deep knowledge about computers.

In this device, there are a total of 3 USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports and two USB 2.0 ports.

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At the front side of the box, there is one USB 3.1 Gen 2, and the other one is the regular USB 2.0 port.

The rest of the USBs are located at the backside of the case.

A full set of 7.1 audio output ports is present in this device. Advanced wireless connectivity features like Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi of AC9560 are present in it.

By using these advanced connectivity features, the buyers can connect various input or output devices with this PC wirelessly.

But, the range of these wireless features is not very strong. So, if anyone tries to transfer huge data wirelessly to the PC, then he can face problems.

One Thunderbolt 3 port is present in this mini computer. There is also a USB type C port which is very helpful for someone, who needs to connect his cell phone to this system very frequently.

A dual microphone is present in this mini PC and there is an SD card reader.

One HDMI port and two additional display ports are also present in this device from Intel.

If any user needs to connect more than one display unit with this PC, then they can attach up to 3 displays with it.

Additional Features

The power consumption of this device is very low and it is only 28 Watt.

This product comes with a warranty of three years. There is no antenna for the inbuilt Wi-Fi.


What Do Users Think About Intel NUC 8 NUC8i3BEH?

Most of the buyers of this PC are disappointed with its performance.

The total amount of money they have to invest to run this PC smoothly is quite high.

According to them, by investing the equal amount of money on a regular PC, they will get a very efficient device.

As the productivity of this product of Intel is very limited, most of the buyers avoid going with this device.

This is a very basic mini PC, which consumes a very little amount of electricity, it can be placed at a very little place and its performance and productivity are also limited. 

Now, this product is considered as a backdated device as its specifications are not very updated. Check out Intel NUC 8 NUC8i3BEH Manual.

In the recent time, Intel has launched some products with updated specifications in its mini desktop segment.

If any user wants to go with the better options, then he can choose one from these updated devices.

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