Kingdel Smart Mini PC Review – Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

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Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


Performance Score


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  • Size & design
  • Loads of ports
  • Connectivity is good
  • Tech support is available
  • Dual monitor support


  • Very small in size
  • Hardware issues sometimes
  • Not good for high end work
  • Bad for gaming
  • Security and windows activation issues

Whether it is a mini PC a Desktop or for that matter any computer or devices, they involve a heavy investment. Check out Kingdel smart mini PC review and best price.

While buying them you need to make sure that they deliver value for the money invested. The best way to ensure the same is that you go in for a reliable brand.

When it comes to Mini PCs it is true that Kingdel is a new entrant, which started more recently in 2005. However, it is worth noting that though new to the market, this is a brand that has made a name for itself.

This is more so in the category of Mini PCs and Mobile Devices. Out of its many products the Kingdel Smart Mini PC is one that has become quite popular and established itself as a fairly reliable product in the market. Check out Best Desktop Computers.

Kingdel Smart Mini PC & Variants Price

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Kingdel Smart Mini PC Review by Expert

Kingdel Smart Mini PC

Buy For:  Size & design | Loads of ports

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Beware Of: Good for personal not business


If you are thinking of buying it, it is worth buying. This is more so considering that it is loaded with a host of some of the most advanced features. It is smartly designed that is very compact and thus ideal as portable and mini PC that can be easily carried as and when required. Owing to its latest features it can deliver top-grade performance and the fact that it is also quite reasonably priced, it is indeed worth investing in.

Design & Build

This Mini PC is one that has been designed by experts and has been very smartly built.

It is very compact owing to its smart design and at the same time very durable.

Besides it has been created in a way that it can deliver top-grade performance and is ideal as a Mini PC.

The reason is that it is very small in size that means that it requires minimum space and also is very portable.

Thus as and when required it can easily be carried. Check out Best Desktops for Dual Monitors.


Loaded with a host of the latest and most advanced features this Kingdel Mini PC is enabled to deliver top-quality performance.

To begin with, it is powered by the very powerful Intel i7, 8th Generation Micro Processor that is very fast and ideal even for the most complicated computing jobs.

Apart from this, it delivers a very realistic and great user experience due to the Intel UHD Graphics 620, which enables it displays crystal clear images and graphics.

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The other great thing about this mini PC is that it delivers very quiet operations as it is fan less.

It also comes in a metal case that makes it very hardy and durable indeed.

Storage & RAM

When it comes to any computing device in the current web scenario you must ensure that it has high storage and RAM.

In terms of RAM, this mini PC has 16 GB RAM that is more than sufficient currently.

With it, you can do bulky and multiple computing jobs with seamless efficiency.

When it comes to storage this mini PC has been provided with the 256 GB Solid State Drive.

Though apparently, you might consider this to be insufficient, given the fact that it is a mini PC, it could be quite adequate.

Ports and Connectivity

The great thing about this Mini PC is that it has many ports. For example, it has the 4 X 3.0 USB Ports.

It also provides Wi-Fi Connectivity that is very important in the current web scenario.

Given its ports and connectivity, you can be sure that you would face no problem regarding staying connected at all times, with this Mini PC.

Additional Features

The best part about this Mini PC from Kingdel is that it not only has some of the best and most advanced features but also you get Warranty in its parts and labor.

Besides you would also be able to avail of the Free-life time Tech Support from the company. This is very important in the current hi-tech scenario when most devices use the latest technology.

It also supports dual monitors that are a very useful feature indeed. Check out Best Desktops for Data Science.

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What Do Users Think about Kingdel Smart Mini PC?

Before deciding on buying any products especially computers it is very important that you find out the opinion of the users of the product.

This is one of the best ways to arrive at the right decision. One great way to go about with the same is going through the user reviews on the online platforms where it is being sold.

If you are to scan the user reviews of this Mini PC you would find that though some users are not particularly happy with this PC. They think that they have faced certain security and windows activation issues.

However, most of the others are more than happy with this Mini Computer for data science. If you are to go through some of the other expert views regarding this Mini PC, they are quite happy with the overall design, build and performance.

They feel that it is quite fast and also has some great graphics that enable it to deliver the superb user experience.

But some are not particularly too happy with the low storage capacity and with the security aspects, however otherwise most experts are quite happy with it considering everything.

It may not be the best mini PC in the world at the moment. But if you consider the price at which this Kingdel Mini PC is available at it is worth buying it.

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