Lenovo Yoga 920 Review – Pros, Cons, Performance, Price & Specs

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Reliability Score


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  • Great sound quality
  • Decent power
  • Thin
  • Lovely design
  • Affordable


  • Plastic stylus-holder
  • Louder fans
  • Tablet keyboard
  • Lacks graphical power
  • Not easily available

Many top-notch laptops are out in the market and Lenovo Yoga 920 has all the makings to be among the top-of-the-line products. Let us have a look at detailed Lenovo Yoga 920 Review.

Huge expectations built up around Lenovo Yoga 920 that came as a successor to Yoga 910.

Retaining 360-degree flexibility of its peer, it flaunts off its signature style with Thunderbolt 3, longer battery life and a perfectly placed webcam.

With Lenovo Yoga 920, several best 2-in-1 models came into the market, including Surface Book 2.

The inevitable question is if Lenovo Yoga 920 has the qualities and characters to survive the competition.

The answer is a resounding ‘YES’. In the scope of this blog, we will discuss its salient features and elucidate why it is worth the buyers’ time and money. Read more about Top 10 Laptop Brands.

Lenovo Yoga 920 & Variant Laptops Price

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Lenovo Yoga 920 Review

Lenovo Yoga 920 Review

Buy for: Great sound quality and decent power.

Beware of: Plastic stylus-holder

Best uses for: Food and nutrition students, office use and other purposes.

Decorated with 8th generation Intel core mobile processor, 16GB system memory and 512GB solid state drive, Lenovo Yoga 920 is a convertible model.

The 2-in-1 system looks really stylish with its plain design nicely camouflaging underlying sophistication.

The lightweight model runs fast, thanks to the high-end Intel core processor it accommodates under the lid.

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Designed and developed for Windows Ink, the device runs on Windows 10 Home Operating system.

The model is equipped with a pack of the best-in-class hardware and software features to provide a truly immersive end-user experience.

Lenovo Yoga 920 sports a 13.9” touch screen built to respond to hands-on control. Check out Top 10 High End Laptops.

The system features very high resolution measuring 3840×2160 pixels, thereby offering stunning picture quality and ensuring visual extravaganza.

Specs Details:


Lenovo Yoga 920 Reliability

Lenovo is one of the top 10 computer (both desktop and laptop) manufacturing brands in the world. The company has good sale and extreme popularity throughout the world.

Unlike Apple, Lenovo has offers for every budget. Lenovo Yoga 920 has a high price slip but that is not surprising once you get to know about the features and functions it packs in.

Yoga 920 is a much-awaited introduction from the den of Lenovo. Flaunting off a smart flip-and-fold design, the device accommodates speedy processor and enough storage area under the cover.

It comes with a fleet of accessories to serve your different needs, with absence of a built-in CD/DVD drive being its only drawback in this category.

Let us now explore its different components to understand why it has created a strong sensation in the market. Check out best Lenovo laptops.

Performance – Processing Power


Lenovo Yoga 920 comes in three different versions. In some countries, the lowest-grade option is not available.

In this write-up, we are discussing about the Yoga 920 model that accommodates an 8th generation Intel core processor, 16GB system memory and 512GB of storage space.

If compared with its predecessor that packs a 7th generation processor, you are less likely to spot any difference in day-to-day activities but during our test, we noticed a remarkable improvement in performance.

From the results from multiple tests and high-level tasks thrown at it, we can say it safely that you will experience a super performance for processor-intensive works.

The system is not designed for high-end graphic works or games. However, it is most unlikely that you will experience any bottleneck while processing large image files.

We played “The Walking Dead” at medium settings and noticed no bumpy performance.

Design & Build – Thin yet Masculine

Lenovo Yoga 920 Design & Build

As Lenovo Yoga 920 is demanding an exorbitant price, you definitely want it to look and feel excellent. Without any doubt, Lenovo has done a superb job with the model.

The lightweight model weighs a little more than 3.0 pounds and feels amazingly sturdy.

The handsome model flaunts off fine metallic finishing that certainly contributes to its premium character.

However, after being run for a few hours, the metal finish converts itself into a fingerprint magnet and thereby, requires you to use a microfiber cloth to retain its pristine beauty.

Yoga 920 is truly an eye-candy device. Its hinges along the back sport the kind of look that forced us to think what it should be called – stylish or gaudy.

However, we have no such dilemma regarding the build quality and strength of the hinges.

Let us make it clear that these are very important characters for a convertible system as a lot of action involves these hinges whenever the users spin the screen orientation.

The display bezel of this Lenovo Yoga 920 is strikingly thin. The maker has fitted the webcam back at the top of the real estate area where it should be.

On its predecessor, i.e., Yoga 910, the webcam was anchored in the bottom bezel, which is definitely an awkward position.

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The HandBrake test on Yoga 920 revealed some thermal issues but not to a serious degree. You can put the blame partially on its display character.

However, HP Spectre x360 features a touch display too but is free of any thermal throttling.

On the other hand, both Spectre and Yoga are 2-in-1 models and feature a sophisticated design in the aspect of handling the thermal issues.

Display Characters

Lenovo Yoga 920 Display Characters

Lenovo Yoga 920 offers real visual pleasure. The system features a 13.9-inch display area, solid viewing angles and 5mm bezels on the tops as well as the sides among its main display characters.

Lenovo has retained almost inch-thick bezel running along the bottom of the display area of its Yoga 910 model into the immediate successor and that feels the only bummer in otherwise excellent visual delight.

The LED backlight-enabled touch screen is quickly responsive to hands-on control and that is pretty good, allowing the users to exercise more control over display features. The display screen is built around IPS technology.

With an extremely high resolution (3840×2160), the device produces very sharp and detailed images. However, that does not mean it delivers the brightest kind of pictures.

Graphics Power

Lenovo Yoga 920 Graphics Power

It is truly unfortunate that when the 8th generation Intel core processor is behind the screen to help the system perform demanding tasks, built-in Intel HD 620 graphics produces ho-hum shows.

The 3D Mark Sky Diver results of the Yoga 920 are comparable with its recent breeds of ultrabook competitors.

However, for an exciting gaming experience, the hard-core gamers should pony up for a device having a discrete graphics core (for example, Samsung Notebook 9 pro).


Lenovo Yoga 920 Storage Parts

Of a few drawbacks of Lenovo Yoga 920, one is definitely low storage area. The model in our discussion comes with only 512GB of storage capacity.

It is needless to say that this much is not enough for the modern-day users as they need to save a larger number of text, graphics and video files in the system.

Many of its competitors are offering more space at more or less the same price. What is more, some low-priced systems also come with a far better offer in this area.

Battery Life

Lenovo Yoga 920 Battery Life

In online streaming for battery test, Lenovo Yoga 920 offered an impressive battery life – nearly 13 hours.

With the display set at 70 percent brightness, we continued with our work for 8 hours for medium usage and some battery life was still alive.

Therefore, the length of battery life is a subject to type of usage. Yoga 920 comes with a full HD display and you will experience a less runtime for 4K display. Let us talk about that.

We performed another crucial test on Lenovo Yoga 920 to have a complete hang of its battery backup.

We run a 4K video while using built-in Windows 10 Movies as well as TV app, turning the brightness level to about 250 nits and keeping the sound on.

The result is the system continued running for more than 10.5 hours. Now that sounds really great and it is nearly similar to what you will experience with Lenovo 910.

Once Dell XPS 13 and HP Spectre x360 are brought into the picture, the battery backup result of Lenovo Yoga 920 will not feel as great as you felt before.

This is simply because, other two systems have a smaller battery (60WHr) if compared with Yoga 920 (70WHr) but offer better drainage power.

Additional Specs

Lenovo Yoga 920 Additional Specs

Just like its design and display, the spec sheet of Lenovo Yoga 920 will truly blow your mind away. Let us talk about the main points on the sheet of additional specs.

Keyboard: The backlit keyboard of Lenovo Yoga 920 feels strong and responsive. Check out Lenovo yoga 920 user manual.

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The diminutive Shift key on the right side on Yoga 910 has now regained its standard size on Yoga 920.

On the other hand, four arrow keys, which occupy extra real estate on the Yoga 910 keyboard, have retreated back to Shift key.

The Yoga 920 keyboard flaunts off a small pack of additional hotkeys that will help you with multiple activities.

With them, you can easily activate airplane mode, refresh desktop, control external display, toggle camera, touchpad and microphone etc.

Trackpad: The trackpad also feels smooth and responsive. A fingerprint reader is housed on the right of the trackpad, allowing the users to unlock their Windows profile and log into the apps supported by Windows Hello.

Audio: The JBL speakers built in Yoga 920 produce very loud and sharp sound. No mention-worthy bass but a great deal of mid-range detailing and absence of audible distortion in sound take the things up a few notches.

Active Pen 2: It is, in true sense, an excellent accessory accompanying Yoga 920. As per what Lenovo claims, Yoga 920 comes with over 4, 000 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Though we did not experiment with each level of sensitivity, we definitely enjoyed our time with it within the scope of Windows Ink Workspace, featuring a collection of pen-friendly apps placed on the Windows 10 toolbar.

Ports: As Lenovo Yoga 920 is a very slim model, therefore, it does not house a dozen of ports. On its left, you will find a combo of two USB-C ports and headphone/mic jack.

On the right, the device houses a USB-A 3.0 port of full size. Definitely, the system cannot brag of offering plenty of ports but is a better choice than the MacBook that has only one USB-C port.

If you need to use a number of USB devices, an adapter can solve your purpose. However, Yoga 920 comes with a built-in Bluetooth support.

What Do Users Think?

Our expert talked to Lenovo Yoga 920 users and compiled their opinions here.

Most users offer excellent feedbacks about Lenovo Yoga 920. Though not meant for the gaming enthusiasts, still this device is not bad for entertainment.

The users have only good things to say about its design, build and performance.

Other Experts View

Other Experts Review On Lenovo Yoga 920

According to “Techradar”, a tablet-like device 2 in 1 are no doubt giving you a better feel in doing all the works. This is a great product with so many options to set for. But still there is issues in graphical impositions.

Digit, thinks that it is a having a stellar made design with a perfect display. It is having a great performance level.

Ultraportable and premium two-in-one piece with Lenovo Yoga 920. This is according to Cnet it is one of the prefect performer but some of the features needs to be work again.

Our Verdict

Our Verdict on Lenovo Yoga 920

Though Lenovo Yoga 920 has some serious drawbacks, such as mediocre graphics performance, low storage space and inadequate number of ports, it comes with several top-end features that justify its hefty price tag.

It offers ultra-smart performance for day-to-day works and professionally demanding tasks. Even you can run medium-level games without feeling any bumpiness in its performance.

To sum it up, Lenovo Yoga 920 is a sizzling hot beauty and a stellar performer. Go for it and you will not rue your choice!