Lenovo Z50 Laptop Review: Specs, Pros, Cons & More


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  • Super Sleek design with an eye catching design
  • Video games are perfectly viewed
  • Storage place is great
  • Longer built in mobile technology
  • HD quality display


  • Battery is not sufficient
  • Keyboard is having a problem
  • Not available in land stores
  • No touch-screen feature
  • Remains out of stock mostly.


We think that 65% of the users are happy with this product and think that this product is offering the best features dedicated as a true value for money. The price is simply offered with the best support. That means it is completely giving you a true value for the product.

It comes under the economy range to meet your limited budget as well. Appearance, performance, price – if you think these three aspects to be finest in Lenovo Z50 after going through our analysis, the laptop will be your next target in your hunt.

Lenovo Z50 & Related Laptops Price


Lenovo Z50, a light and sleek multimedia laptop, offers an unprecedented multimedia experience to make your day delightful and successful in every way.

With Dolby advanced audio quality and powerful Intel processor, the device is undeniably a beast in terms of performance.

More excitingly, its incredible graphical power, ample storage and RAM keep you immersed in several creative and graphics intensive tasks for long hours.

Multimedia laptop is a basic requirement for millions of users worldwide due to the reliance of corporate houses on multimedia world and innovations for robust marketing.

The present laptop falls in the category of highly efficient multimedia performers as it comes with GPU enhanced graphics and responsive Intel processor as well.

The laptop is fortified with smart energy-saving technology to promise longer time between charges and durable battery life.

It is designed to execute every job with Microsoft Windows 8, therefore you can access to all your favourite sites and apps which are necessary for your business dealings.

Buy For: The laptop has a huge storage capacity of 1 TB. This Device is available at a pocket-friendly price.

Beware of : A device of this type does not seem to be very powerful or updated. There is nothing particularly interesting about its design.


  • Brand: Lenovo
  • Hard Drive: 1 TB
  • Hard Drive Type: mechanical_hard_drive
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • RAM Type: DDR3
  • Processor: AMD A Series
  • Processor Speed: 1.9 GHz
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon R6
  • Battery: 5 Hours lasting
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Processor Brand: AMD
  • Product Dimensions: 10.4 x 1 x 15.1 inches
  • Weight: 5.15 lbs
  • Operating System: Windows 8


Among the best selling laptops, Lenovo models are truly decent and trustworthy enough to satisfy your huge investment.

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The Lenovo laptops feature a variety of exclusive specs and attributes for the price, so that they can be one and only support to suit your day-to-day requirements.

Lenovo IdeaPad and ThinkPad series are immensely popular for introducing world-class laptop features and sturdy build quality in the market every year.

Needless to say, Lenovo Z50 is not an exception to their brand identity.

The laptop features every user-friendly attribute ranging from the processor to utilities and you will find them absolutely reliable and high-end for its reasonable price.

You can definitely get the bet out of it. These are so many way to get attracted with this this brand and model.


Lenovo Z50 Performance

Lenovo Z50 performs at superfast speed with the help of AMD A Series. The processor is powerful and responsive enough to lead the user to next level of performance.

Moreover, this AMD A Series processor is able to retain the balance between performance and power consumption.

It is enriched with several upgraded technologies including Turbo Boost, Hyper threading etc. And it will be unjustifiable if we forget to mention its speedy performance quality in any cumbersome condition.

Yes, owing to such advanced processing power, Lenovo Z50 can deliver lag-free performance even for multiple loading and running of software.

Multimedia laptop cannot substantiate its workability without the power of graphics card.

The Intel core processor of Lenovo Z50 integrates AMD Radeon R6 graphics processor to make the laptop graphically rich and immersive.

For such amazing graphics power, the laptop can handle various 3D games and multimedia as well.

Most of the modern 3D gaming titles are supported by its complete hardware configuration and the fanatic users feel utterly comfortable and intense thrill while gaming on the laptop.



1. According to Geekbench 5, the single-core score of the AMD A10-7300 is 310. In multi-core tests, it scored 818. As far as the single-core performance is concerned, the performance of the AMD A10-7300 is better than AMD A6-7000 which has scored 300.

In multi-core performance, the AMD A10-7300 also dominates the AMD A6-7000 which has scored 488.

But when we compare the single-core performance of AMD A10-7300 and AMD FX-7500, then we can see that the AMD FX-7500 has a better score(346) and its multi-core score is 889. From both perspectives, the AMD FX-7500 is better than AMD A10-7300.

After the introduction of the Ryzen series, these AMD processors are very rarely found in laptops. These are backdated options. Updated and powerful AMD processors are available in the market. So, it will not be a fair task to compare these processors with the trending ones.

2. The average CPU mark of the AMD A10-7300 in the CPU Benchmarks is 1723. The single thread rating of it is 853. Its overall rank is 2307.

3. According to UserBenchmark, the average benchmark score for the AMD A10-7300 is 32.8%, which puts it at 1202 out of 1355 processors.


The average G3D Mark, of the Radeon R6, in Videocard Benchmarks, is 660. Its ‘Average G2D Mark’ is 147. The ‘Overall Rank’ of this GPU is 1121. This integrated GPU is not so powerful. As a result, it is unable to take any important position in this performance-related chart of the website.

Design & Build

Lenovo Z50 Design & Build

Laptop offers carrying convenience and so you need to consider its design and sturdiness to create your own identity.

Lenovo claims this particular laptop to be attractive and bold from every direction, right from top to bottom as well.

Although this is not the slimmest device among the brand offerings, Lenovo Z50 certainly holds a sleeker and lightweight design to win your heart.

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Its unibody design is integrated with premium aluminium build and black brushed surface to result in a well-built laptop body.

Your eyes cannot ignore its sleek appearance and soft touch. Its AccuType Keyboard is of non-backlit type and appears flatter while being standard in terms of quality.

The cooling system of the laptop is potential enough to keep the device cool and running even after massive usages.

The lid is easy to open with just one hand and the overall device is truly portable to everywhere you wish.


Lenovo Z50 Display

Display is something which makes the entire appearance of a laptop. Lenovo Z50 offers amazing display features for your multimedia tasks and absolute convenience.

It sports 15.6 inch wide-screen display with the authentic resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Its full high-definition LED display comes with backlit LCD panel to create an impression all around.

It assures no doubt utmost brightness and vivid color combination to produce crystal-clear visuals and provides huge space to allow you to work and play comfortably compared to average displays.

Moreover, Lenovo Z50 gives you another luxurious facility to watch 1080p HD movies & videos through its high-end display.

Other display attributes including contrast ratios and color reproduction are also impressive, like other leading multimedia laptops.

The wide viewing angle of its display renders convenient vision; therefore you can feel the majesty while watching a favorite HD movie with family members or friends.

Though it is not touchscreen, the display makes no issue, especially if you need no touch option to exert the operating system of the laptop.

In fact, apart from the display you can also count on the best features of this laptop which is equally perfect.

The high end display is offering the best support for some cool virtualization. You can get the best effect in this signature model.

Storage Features

Lenovo Z50 Storage Features

The hardware design of Lenovo Z50 includes 1TB hard disk drive and 8GB RAM for hassle-free performance all time even if burdened with massive tasks.

The high-tech drive constantly recognizes used data and transfers them into cache to turn the overall laptop performance amazingly fast and improved.

Especially, during boot time and launching of applications, you can notice it, although 8 GB RAM appears insufficient sometimes to cause some inconveniences while implementing immense graphics intensive works at a single time.

Still you can manage with this RAM for your general professional activities whatsoever. 1 TB HDD will deliver you ample space to create a huge library of files, high-resolution images, 4K videos, different multimedia related software and more others.

This laptop is not only giving you a perfect backup in storage and also offering the best features of all. Check out Lenovo Z50 manual.

Battery Life

Lenovo Z50 Battery Life

The laptop derives its necessary power from a large and effective Lithium-ion battery which holds the capacity of 32 Watt Hours.

For general light tasks, the machine provides decent run time of almost 5 hours, although it may vary on the basis of usage.

The energy efficient Intel processor is also responsible for longer battery life as well as catering to your daily moderate activities.

This battery back up is completely perfect. You can take the best suggestion out of it. In case if you need extra back up then you can surely add life by adding the Lenovo power banks.

Additional Specs

Lenovo Z50 Additional Specs

The laptop renders brilliant multimedia and audio performance. Equipped with a pair of advanced stereo speakers, the device ensures excellent audio with amazing bass effect and full tonal capacity.

Besides, it is powered with Dolby audio technology and home theatre features to create a theatre like impression all around.

The inbuilt speakers are truly powerful to provide such outstanding surround audio to engross your mind as well.

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The laptop also comes with integrated Multi-DVD optical drive to enable you to insert your favorite music discs and play them conveniently to refresh your mind.

Ports and connectivity channels are the integral part of any laptop. Lenovo Z50 accommodates all sorts of high-speed ports and communication channels to make you stay connected with the entire world.

For a wider coverage and fastest connectivity, it offers Bluetooth 4.0, LAN and Wi-Fi as well.

Its triple USB ports include a speedier USB 3.0 port while other ports are VGA output, an HDMI port, and Gigabit Ethernet output.

Therefore the laptop can easily get connected with other devices for file transfer and other purposes.

It also houses a standard 720p webcam and brilliant microphones located on the top of its display. As a result, the device makes you feel comfortable and confident at time of smart video conferencing.

Lenovo Z50 features Microsoft Windows 8 which is the latest operating system to support several trendy apps and software.

Windows 8 has emerged as the most powerful and user-friendly operating system to dominate today’s digital world.

The addition of this advanced OS has made the laptop versatile since you can avail a large number of essential utility applications to work with Windows 8 and get rid of all real problems as well.

What Do Users Think?

Expert And User Reviews

Our experts have talked to many users and compiled their opinion about this product.

What are the present users of Lenovo Z50 saying about the device? How was their experience to avail this Lenovo offering?

According to a large number of users, it is not only a multimedia laptop, but also a gaming laptop as well. It fits several hi-fi gaming needs of countless people to energize them from within.

Lenovo Z50 is a hot choice of manifold game fanatics because it packs an advanced GPU. This is one of the best and affordable gaming laptops too, as per their say.

The users have appreciated its responsive mouse and added numerical keyboard to accelerate their jobs to a great extent.

Questions & Answers:

In what year was the Lenovo Z50 Laptop introduced to the market?

The Lenovo Z50 Laptop was launched in the 1st quarter of 2014.

Is the Lenovo Z50 good for gaming?

No, this device is not recommended for gaming purposes because it has backdated specifications and there is no strong graphics card in it.

Is the RAM capacity of the device upgradable?

Yes, up to 16 GB you can upgrade the ram capacity of the product. There are two sockets for this purpose.

Is the Lenovo Z50 worth buying?

Before jumping to a conclusion, consider the launching year of this device. It was launched in 2014. Considering that time, we can say it was a good device.

But, day by day, things get improved and with new technologies, the processing speed of the laptops gets improved and new features get introduced.

As a result, this device is officially discontinued by Lenovo. Considering the other devices of this time, we can say, it is not a good choice to buy.