LG Gram 17Z990 Laptop Review

LG Gram 17Z990 Laptop

LG Gram 17Z990 Laptop


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  • It is ultraportable.
  • Thunderbolt 3 ports.
  • This laptop offers superb battery life.
  • An excellent display.
  • The company has made a perfect combination of the USB ports.


  • The company should attach a keyboard of better quality.
  • This device doesn't process touchscreen facility.
  • It comes with a very drab, plain and boring design.
  • The users feel uncomfortable while using the touchpad.
  • Audio gets slightly distorted.


While the earlier versions of this product boasted a lightweight design, they suffered from various issues such as subpar battery life and build quality. However, LG’s latest offering addresses these concerns.

Not only is it lightweight, but it also features a remarkable display and an impressive battery life of over 17 hours.

On the downside, this product does not include a touchscreen feature or a dedicated graphics card. Additionally, users may experience some challenges when acclimating to the keyboard during the initial days of use.

LG Gram 17Z990 Laptop & Variants Price


The LG gram 17Z990 laptop is impressively lightweight, making it effortlessly portable.

Despite its large 17-inch display, this desktop weighs less than 3 pounds, making it the lightest LG product in its class.

Equipped with updated specifications, including 16 GB RAM, an 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor, and a 512 GB SSD, this PC delivers a powerful performance.

For everyday use, the battery life of this device is commendable. However, it’s worth mentioning that the keyboard may not meet everyone’s expectations, and a dedicated graphics card is absent.

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While boasting a minimalist design, this ultraportable laptop impresses with its overall capabilities, making it a compelling choice for any tech enthusiast.

LG Gram 17Z990 Laptop

Buy for: This product of LG comes with a high quality display of 17 inches and it possesses an outstanding battery life. This ultra light product is a good choice for regular use.

Beware of: The device has a very drab and common design. Some users are not satisfied with its keyboard and touchpad.

Best uses for: Working on Photoshop, web development, word processing and other purposes.

The alternatives:

Design & Build

This product of LG is equipped with a gorgeous 17 inch large display. Although it is not a 4K display, the users can really enjoy each and every detail of an image or video in this 2560 X 1600 pixels display.

LG Gram 17Z990 Laptop Display

To make this device ridiculously light-weighted the company has used a special metal alloy made from magnesium and nanocarbon.

The weight of this device is only 2.95 lbs. Although this device has a huge display of 17 inches, one can easily travel with this device as its weight is very light.

The design of this product is very simple and plain. The girth of this product is only 0.7 inch.

To reduce the weight of this device, the company has reduced the PC’s touch to body ratio.

The company has a perfectly fixed at 17 inches display in a body that is typically made for products of 15 inch displays.

For this reason, the users can notice lack of borders around the display.

The device has got a WQXGA screen, with an aspect ratio of 16:10 and it supports IPS technology.

The users can clearly see the display from any extreme off-center angel. The display lacks the touch screen facility.

Unfortunately, LG is unable to offer a satisfying keyboard and touchpad. They are quite clumsy and the users feel uncomfortable while using them.

LG Gram 17Z990 Laptop Keyboard and Trackpad

The keys are narrow from its standard widths. That is why the users face huge problems while using the keys of the number pad.

On the keyboard deck, there is plenty of vacant space that makes the users puzzled. They also face problems while using the touchpad.

It has got a standard size, it gets operated quite accurately, but its clicking system is quite mushy.


The LG gram 17Z990 laptop is not the fastest system in its class as it doesn’t possess any dedicated graphics card.

This device is equipped with an advanced processor of Intel, named Intel Core i7-8565U. It is an 8th generation processor.

The base clock speed of this processor is 1.8 GHz that is quite impressive for a laptop processor.

Although it lacks a dedicated GPU, it has an internal graphics of Intel named Intel UHD 620.

The configurations of this PC are enough for easily handling usual workloads.

The users can also use this PC for web development purposes.

The video editors can also get satisfying performance from this product as it offers better performance than most of its competitors.

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Having an SSD, the device has the capability to copy various files with a great speed.

The users can also enjoy some casual 3D games on this laptop. Windows10 Home is the OS, on which the PC gets operated.

Storage & RAM

The file opening ability of a PC mainly depends upon the type and capacity of the storage and the RAM that are present in any particular device.

This LG gram 17Z990 laptop comes with an SSD drive and the capacity of it is 512 GB.

LG Gram 17Z990 Laptop Storage

To a game or movie lover, this storage capacity may seem to be a very little.

But, it is very hard for any laptop manufacturer to offer huge storage capacity in an ultraportable device. SD RAM of 16 GB is used in this product of LG.

LG Gram 17Z990 Laptop RAM

Ports & Connectivity

In terms of USB ports, this laptop of LG has got a quite balanced configuration.

LG Gram 17Z990 Laptop Ports

Besides 3 USB 3.1 Type-A ports, there is a USB Type-C port that supports Thunderbolt 3.

A full size HDMI output port, 3.5 audio port, a microSD card reader are also present in this device.

The users can use the inbuilt Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to attach various external peripherals with his laptop wirelessly.

This laptop from LG is also compatible with 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

LG Gram 17Z990 Laptop Wi-Fi

Nowadays it has become very hard to find a laptop with a proprietary charging port; in this device, the users can use this USB type C port for charging purposes.

Battery Life

Many laptop buyers go with a product which is equipped with a display of low resolution as it indirectly enhances the product’s battery life.

But in this device the users are getting both; a good battery life and a decent display with great resolutions.

One can use this device for more than 17 hours continuously with the full charge. The battery that is used in this product is 72Wh.

LG Gram 17Z990 Laptop Battery

Most of its regular users are satisfied with its battery life. It beats most of its competitors in this respect.

Additional Features

At the bottom of the laptop, a user can find two stereo speakers of 1.5 Watt. The speakers are of average quality, it lacks bass.

LG Gram 17Z990 Laptop Speaker

The company has compromised with the speaker to reduce the weight of the device.

If they attach an additional woofer then the weight of the laptop can be increased.

The users have to compromise in terms of audio quality; as this device offers a very tiny audio.

There is an HD webcam in this PC and it lacks IR sensors. So, the users cannot use face recognition systems in this product.

LG Gram 17Z990 Laptop Webcam

The company has attached an accurate fingerprint reader with this device. It is located on the power key, at the upper right side of the keyboard.

The users can quickly access this device by using Windows Hello.

But one can only use the fingerprint lock in this product as this device lacks the face recognition system.

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What Do the Users Think About LG Gram 17Z990 ?

Those people who travel from one place to another frequently are very satisfied by using this device.

Being very light weighted and having a great battery life, this device has got its separate fan base.

But the gamers are not happy by using this product. It seems to be very expensive to many casual users.

Many users are not satisfied with the quality of the keyboard and the touchpad. Some are also disappointed with its audio quality.

They have mentioned that the audio is not audible to them when they placed the laptop on their lap.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

When we tested the general performance of the LG Gram 17Z990 laptop, we found that it is in between bad and exceptional, when compared to other products that come with similar configurations.

According to the Cinebench and HandBrake benchmarks, when we tested the system under quick bursts of intensive tasks, it fell well behind the other laptops in the same bracket. It showed significant lags in multi-threaded performance.

However, its single-thread performance is pretty good. Based on the PCMark test results, this product surpassed its close competitors such as the XPS 13 by a significant margin.

We also tested the laptop by playing a few games on it and found that it supported playing basic games due to the integrated graphics card installed in it. It fared quite low in the graphics performance based on the 3DMark’s Sky Diver benchmark.

While testing its battery life, we ran a few videos on loop and also performed other computing tasks on it and found that its battery lasted reasonably more than the average 9-hour battery life of most Windows laptops.

In fact, when our technical team ran a battery rundown test after charging it fully, this system ran for about 13 hours with the videos running at a brightness level of 225 nits.

The Thermal Design Power of this laptop is also quite impressive, our technical team found. It does get a bit hot at the rear and the center at its underside but it is not exceptionally hot.

When we ran demanding programs for web development and others like Photoshop, the heat is not much. It also stays pretty quiet during operation.

The display of this laptop is pretty good as well. The images displayed by it when we ran a few videos appeared to be crisp and detailed due to its high resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio support.

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