Can Low Power Affect Gaming PC Performance?

Can Low Power Affect Gaming PC Performance

Yes, when the power supply unit generates low power and your system fails to get the desired power output from it, you can see a decrease in the FPS.

Low power can affect the graphics card which is mainly responsible for good gaming clarity and achieving a higher frame rate.

If your PSU is not offering the required power to the GPU then the overall gaming performance will be affected.

Key Takeaways

  • A low power supply can affect the frame rate with disturbing displays.
  • You can experience lags and hitches in between the games due to a lower power supply.
  • Sometimes the screen freezes and a blue screen appears.
  • Graphic cards can get distorted and poor graphics are transmitted.

7 Signs & Symptoms of Low Power Affecting Gaming PC Performance

Can Low Power Affect Gaming PC Performance

You can check out so many signs and symptoms that are offering you knowledge that the video game is not receiving enough voltage required.

Either the gamer is running too much on one circuit or there is a shortage of power supply.

Let us dig in and see what are the signs if your PSU is supplying low voltage:

1. Disturbed Displays 

If your PSU is not giving enough power then the display will act like some horror film sequences where you can see some hitches and clicks in the display in between the games.

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To be honest you will see blinking icons, changing color in the pixels that too without any reason, horizontal and vertical lines, etc.

These problems can be a cause of another issue too but the low power supply is one of them.

2. Lagging Excessively 

When there is a faulty power supply then you can see excess lagging in the whole performance.

When there is a failure in the graphics card then you can see excess lags within the gaming session but this failure can be due to a power shortage.

So indirectly the low power is causing the lag too. You can see that the graphics are lagging and pixelating at the same point.

Sometimes you can also hear some mechanical voices and the underlying cause of this whole aspect can be low power.

3. Freeze Frequently During Games 

It is being seen that during many games the PC just froze. The computer shut downs automatically and it simply does not turn on.

There can be an issue with the power supply as it is required by gamers.

When the right number of voltages are not passed into the PCs then these sorts of issues can be spiked up.

If the voltage is low then you can experience an automatic shutdown and freeze during the games.

Small voltages freeze the PC in between an ongoing game and then it automatically restarts on its own.

4. Terrible Graphics

Games have clusters of graphics. When the PC is not getting enough power then it offers a less amount of non-essential sources.

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This results in poor performance during the peak of the game.

The graphics ultimately become subpar as the GPU is not getting enough power during the peaks and the same as SSDs.

The lack of a power supply ultimately makes the game appear in a bad state.

5. In between Blue Screen

You can sometimes see that when you are playing a game then suddenly you experience a blue screen.

If you are thinking about the reason then the answer will be a low power supply which is ultimately affecting the whole performance of the game.

That means the PCs are opening but whenever you are ready with your game, it simply could not pull up itself and ultimately it shows a blue screen.

6. PC Unable to Start 

One of the most irritating signs of PCs having a lack of power could be PCs not starting.

It is needless to say that if your PCs don’t start then where will you play your games?

Sometimes it happens in the middle of the game and the gamers remain at times.

The simple reason is that the PCs are not having enough power to run.

Sometimes the gamers are having a hint as they can see the screen with the boot which can explain that there is a problem with the power supply.

After the recent upgrade to the PC can see and experience such a problem which indicates that the upgrade is not properly manifested.

You can remove the upgraded PSU and then see whether the problem persists.

7. Drastic Change in Frame Rates

Generally, it is seen that the graphics card is the most powerful drawing component of all. It is taking 300W to 450W of a modern PC.

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An inadequate power supply is simply unable to sustain the graphics card which reduces the frame rate.

You can see maybe your computer won’t boot up if your power supply is not enough at all.

As a result, there will be a drastic change in the frame rates.

Questions & Answers

Is a Bigger Power Supply Better for Gaming PCs?

If the power supply offers the power as required then it won't be a problem but if you are forcing a bigger PSU which is not required then it can affect the whole system.

It is always suggested if you are simply checking how much wattage your computer needs to gain a better power supply in gaming PCs.

Is a 750w Power Supply Enough for Gaming PCs?

750 W is simply enough power supply for a gaming PC. You won't need anything more when you are having 750 W PSU in your system. It is good for even gaming rigs too.

What is the Best Power for a Gaming PC?

Corsair RM750x is the best power for a gaming PC. This one is having high-performing power at an affordable rate.

It is coming with 10 years of warranty, a magnetic bearing fan, and a high build quality.


Hence proved that when you are having a low power supply then the performance is affected severely.

The dramatic performances are affected and the graphics card which runs the games simply tends to fail to offer a positive graphical imposition.

But this is also true that the power supply need not be drastically offering more power than it is required which will not improve any performance.

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