Microsoft Surface Studio Review: Pros, Cons & More

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Microsoft Surface Studio


Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


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  • The Best PC touchscreen
  • Support Pen
  • Great for creative task
  • Design is top notch
  • Fantastic 28 inch screen


  • Slow hard drive
  • No upgradeability
  • By default it doesn't include the flashy Dial
  • Old CPU and GPU
  • Expensive


This mind blowing gizmo is just for you and your personal satisfaction. Life is giving you this new “Extra Terrestrial” machine to hunt down all the possibilities of new inventions in the designing sector.

But if you are not that passionate then this is not at all good for your pocket. It is quite expensive and buying it for show will be a bad thought after all this is like a small fortune to you.

The Microsoft Surface Studio is specially designed for skilled illustrators and professional artists as well.

Microsoft Surface Studio & Variant Price


Microsoft offers a number of brilliant enterprise-level desktops and laptops with innumerable innovative features.

To pick just one from the list, here we are outlining the specifications of Microsoft Surface Studio.

This flagship Microsoft PC comes in triple variants to win your heart and satisfy your absolute demand – 8GB-1TB-i5, 16GB-1TB-i7 and 32GB-2TB-i7 in general.

Here we are highlighting the features of the monster 32GB-2TB-i7 variant by Microsoft. Three of these variants are not having any differences in their storage which makes it stronger with each step further.

The high price of Surface Studio may diminish your excitement to a slight extent if you are on a tight budget.

At the same time, its lucrative attributes under each section will surely insist you to exceed your budget and freely invest at least once.

The frequent rise of different business and industries worldwide has aggrandized the manufacture of high-efficient business oriented computers just for fastest and constructive progress.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Such type of significant device is Microsoft Surface Studio to meet all sorts of official needs without any hassle.

Buy for: Large 28-inch touchscreen, top notch design, high memory and storage.

Beware of: Slower drive, price, limited upgradability, no SSD option.

Best uses for: Creative tasks, professional designing, video editing, animations, drafting, multimedia professionals. Corporate sectors, educational requirements, multimedia training institutes.

The alternatives:



Microsoft is a world-leading name in the industry of electronics and digital exclusives.

Especially when it comes to choosing a versatile laptop or business desktop, every sensible customer wants to peep into the features of Microsoft devices before taking any decision of purchase.

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The brand has rapidly become one of the topmost choices of Windows laptop.

If you can check out almost all the series then this baby will definitely mark a difference in your entire work schedule. There are so many purposes which is equally handled with this brand.

However, if you like the concept of 2-in-1 hybrid computer or tablet, nothing can reduce the glory or brand image of Microsoft in this regard.

In terms of build quality, efficiency, reliability as well as performance, Microsoft desktops and laptops always stand apart from their competitors.

The brand holds millions of followers and potential buyers all across the globe.


Processor and graphics card are the dual all-important assessors of a specific desktop performance.

It is also an equal case with Microsoft Surface Studio. Its consistently top notch performance is the outcome of latest Intel Core processor and GeForce graphics.

With Intel Core i7 processor, the system is suitable for any workload as well. Furthermore, its NVIDIA GeForce graphics card has turned the Surface Studio into an all-in-one device.

For all multimedia professionals, this Microsoft PC can be an indispensable machine since it offers state-of-the-art GPU.

This high-end graphics card also caters to several gaming needs when you prefer some relaxation during recess time.

You will observe that both chips (graphics and processor) are of mobile versions, which are useful for heat-dissipation causes as well.

Despite so many exclusive features to accelerate overall performance, the device lacks an SSD option. That is why the PC disappoints some users who really need SSD facility.


When the topic comes over the 64 bit Geekbench 5 test this AIO desktop PC from Microsoft pops an adequate single core figure of 948 Pts.

In this particular test the system’s memory is used heavily and it only utilizes only a single CPU core where quick results will provide higher results.

If you check the score of its rival the Apple iMac 27 AIO it produces a single score of 1026 Pts which is more than the Surface Studio.

We can clearly see that the single core performance level is much higher in the iMac compared to the Surface Studio.

However there is no such huge difference between the benchmark score of these two devices and both are really good in their particular way.

Apart from that this Microsoft AIO desktop PC produces a ray tracing score of 1164 Pts which is quite acceptable.

In the 64 bit Geekbench 5 multi core test this desktop PC from Microsoft produces a good and convincing score of 3437 Pts standing way above expectation.

If we compare the multi-core results of this PC with its rival Apple iMac that produces a figure of 3719 Pts which is close enough.

But still here we got an idea that the iMac is ahead of this AIO desktop PC in both aspects whether be it single core or multi core.

This test utilizes all the CPU cores and tries to push out ultimate results with the support of the hyper threading technology.

As far as the result of the Ray Tracing goes in the multi core section it is capable of producing a result of 4596 Pts which is decent enough.

For Excellent Office Choice

The demand of office desktop is hiking up day by day. The corporate sectors can hardly advance a step without depending on ultra-high business desktops available in global market.

Microsoft Surface Studio comes with all the necessary specifications to fall in the category of best enterprise-level PCs which dominate the contemporary world.

Its powerful and faster performance suits a variety of official tasks, like drafting, professional designing etc.

Immense hard drive storage and RAM secures all the confidential data & quick loading.


This is such a model which actually personifies the beauty and the passion of the inventor. “Superb” is still considered as one of the layman word for this beauty.

Design or appearance of a desktop is what grabs your attention at first. In terms of figurative sense, Microsoft Surface Studio is literally smart, high-tech and stylish from all directions.

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Microsoft Surface Studio Exterior View

Microsoft has designed this model with 4:3 configurations. The screen of Surface Studio has standard height and width to meet your needs, although the height is non-adjustable.

The desktop allows you to operate it just as a large tablet. It has zero gravity hinge to offer absolute screen adjustment convenience.

Microsoft Surface Studio Hinge

Based on your desire, you can pull the display down and start painting with the help of Surface Pen.

Its outstanding, sleek design is enough to make you fall in love with Microsoft Surface Studio instantly as well.

Nothing can beat the simplicity and sophistication offered by this Microsoft business PC. The display appears as a touchscreen with amazingly slim sloping edges.

Its screen is thinner than any other dedicated monitor with no rear bump at all. The Microsoft Surface Studio holds a minimalistic and state-of-the-art design with straight frames in spectacular grey hue.

The entire system includes Surface keyboard, Surface mouse and Surface Pen along with a wireless setup.

Microsoft Surface Studio Complete Set

Other exclusive display specifications consist of Studio mode, Surface Dual, Windows Ink and 1024 levels of Pen sensitivity.


This is preposterously crisp which will be noticed by the whole town. In fact the 28 inch screen will definitely take your heart away with some of the best outputting features.

The “high-res” screen will be advantageous looking deep into each of the design you are handling in your studio.

This piece is made for you and the world which is inclined towards the beauty of work and work, nothing but a beautiful art of work.


A giant display is always beneficial, offering utmost visual convenience. But if it happens to be a blur screen with low pixel resolution, it will be of no use – rather an object of annoyance.

Microsoft Surface Studio comprises of a 28 inch display with incredibly high resolution of 4500 x 3000 pixels.

Microsoft Surface Studio Display

This high-sounding resolution is meant for editing an ultra HD video according to the absolute requirement.

Display is one of its key features; one cannot avoid mentioning this excellence of Surface Studio. 90 degree surface monitor with 20 degree angle resolution will definitely give you a reason for a flexible work of art.

Its PixelSense Display with 13.5 million color pixels provides touchscreen facility, more to reduce the workloads of users.

It guarantees immense visual clarity and brightness to soothe your eyes. The sharper display of this PC has the ability to compete with other models of similar attributes.

It comes with an ideal sense of contrast and color gamut to cater to your varied image & video editing requirements.

It is powered with proper amount of resistance capacity as well. Moreover, the display is adjustable at various angles as per your working convenience. Check out Microsoft Surface Studio details.


Whatever you do using your business desktop, everything will go in vain if the PC lacks standard amount of RAM and hard disk drive.

The device consists of huge 32GB RAM for fastest and uninterrupted loading. Due to this RAM feature, the desktop can perform to the fullest in case of multi-tasking as well.

Its impressive 2 terabyte hard drive also determines quick performance of the Surface Studio.

The device is well equipped with Rapid Storage Technology by Intel to provide flash memory of 128GB combined with 2TB Hybrid Drive.

In this Microsoft system, the hard disk drive can store all sorts of heavy files, data, high-resolution images, videos & audio versions to keep the record of your official activities.

Additional Features

The Microsoft Surface Studio is no less in offering extravagant features and benefits for sheer convenience of the users.

Apart from its impressive display, the desktop provides absolute drawing advantages with the help of Surface Pen.

Microsoft Surface Studio Pen

Its touchscreen easily acts like a perfect digital drawing board to make you stunned. Writing and drawing on the Studio display are like just a cup of tea.

Surface Studio also contains newly invented Surface Dial, another trademark of Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Studio Surface Dial

The Surface Dial appears as a hockey puck, having the potentiality to turn into a game-changer whenever required.

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The desktop comes with Windows 10 to facilitate most of the creative design professionals as well. The unit is equipped with high-quality 2.1 loudspeakers.

The speakers ensure utmost sound clarity and perfect bass effect at medium volume. All the ports are available at the back portion of the Surface Studio.

It consists of four USB 3.0 ports for multiple connections and SD card reader slot. You can easily watch different movies on this Microsoft PC to refresh your mind in-between.

Suits Corporate & Institutional Purpose

One can highlight this Microsoft desktop as the perfect business essential for its several extra-ordinary attributes.

However, this Microsoft unit meets varied educational requirements too. It is widely used in numerous academic institutions, especially in the multimedia training institutes to assist in learning of amateur students.

Animations and video editing are the two integral part of this machine. Both professionals and passionate designers love it.

What Do Users Think?

Our experts have talked to few users and compiled their opinion about this product.

Reviews from users are always important to take into account. It is just because they have worked on the device before and achieved miscellaneous experiences.

The Microsoft Surface Studio users have put forward their personal experiences while working with this business desktop.

Most of them are satisfied with its versatile performance while others take delight in massive storage capacity. Moreover, what draws more users towards buying this PC is its drawing board like features.

The crisp, large screen of the desktop is truly perfect for official presentation and multimedia oriented jobs.

Its accurate Surface Pen can be used to write on official documents as well as different websites.

The hard disk drive can be replaced with SSD drive if needed in the years to come. Everything is brilliant and fast in the desktop, as per users’ say.

The system is undeniably capable of enhancing the productivity level of photo & video editing. Read more about Microsoft surface studio user guide.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

We tested the Microsoft Surface Studio on Geekbench 5 and found that its single-core performance score was 948 points, and multi-core performance score was 3437 points, both of which are quite higher than the average.

The ray tracing score of the system is 1164 points which is reasonably good, and in the multi-core section it scored 4596 points which is pretty decent.

We tested the display as well on our colorimeter and DE-2000 color accuracy tool to find that the touchscreen covered 13.5 million color pixels to offer exceptional clarity, sharpness, and vividness of the images which are also soothing to the eyes.

The strong hinge allowed us to adjust the screen according to our convenience when we performed some photo and video editing tasks on it. The CPU and GPU allowed us to finish our projects efficiently.

This desktop performed well when we opened multiple browsers and dozens of tabs on them along with other apps and software programs such as Slack, Google Music, Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, all at the same time.

We even ran Lightroom and found that it runs smoothly on this system while performing a few post-processing tasks during our review.

For your information, Lightroom is pretty heavy and can even bring some of the most high-end gaming laptops to a halt.

We took the device to some educational institutions as well and asked the teachers to test it during their demonstration. They said that it is quite convenient to use.

While working on the system, the creative artists and designers said that the configuration as well as the screen allowed them to do their job more easily. Everything in this system loads quickly and performs most efficiently.

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