MSI Codex R 10SC Desktop Review

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MSI Codex R 10SC Desktop


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  • The desktop is equipped with an efficient Intel i7 processor.
  • A graphic card of 6 GB is present.
  • The physical appearance of this desktop is very attractive.
  • A solid state drive is present in it.
  • VR ready


  • Having three cooling fans, the desktop is a little bit noisy.
  • While running high graphical content for a long time, the system gets heated.
  • More storage capacity needed..
  • Thunderbolt facility is also missing.
  • Its consumption of energy is above average.


It is a power packed desktop from MSI. The users can perform any complex job in it very easily. The major drawback of it is its storage capacity, which can easily be resolved by using an external storage drive. This is a versatile desktop; from gamers to programmers, this PC is made for all.

MSI Codex R 10SC Desktop & Variants Price


Day by day the universe of smart devices is getting advanced. New technologies introduce new features and thus our lifestyle becomes smarter and faster.

In this rapidly growing era, an advanced and updated desktop setup is very essential to everyone. MSI is a very reputed international PC manufacturer that offers a wide range of desktops.

Most of the products of MSI come with advanced technologies and updated components are used in these products. This specific desktop offers many updated features to its users.

The company has attached a powerful processor with this desktop to make the device capable of handling any multitasking jobs very easily.

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The PC has got enormous power, from the updated GPU and RAM of it. This product is quite fast and is able to tackle any crucial software at any time. Gamers will truly be satisfied by using this device.

MSI Codex R 10SC Desktop

Buy for: It has a very powerful combination of GPU and CPU. This desktop of MSI is a VR ready product.

Beware of: The capacity of the storage of this computer is not up to the mark. The maintenance cost of this desktop is also very high and the power consumption of it is also above average.

Better alternatives: Corsair Vengeance a7200, Skytech Blaze 3.0

Design & Build

The physical outfit of any computer is one of the major considerations to many users.

The MSI Codex R 10SC-002US Desktop comes in a standard tower case. It has a very attractive outfit with transparent glasses.

The RGB lightings of the cabinet make it very eye catchy. The inner space of the cabinet is utilized perfectly to make the product as compact as possible.

The length of this desktop is 19.65 inches and 17.05 inches is the breadth of it. The numerical value is 8.27 inches for its height.

The users can’t face any hardness to move the desktop from one place to another, as it is not very bulky.

The transparent tempered glass can be used on one of the side panels of it. Check out best gaming PC brands.

The tempered glass is of good quality. Besides a stylish approach, this desktop has got a great build quality.


By introducing this product, MSI has tried to offer such a device which can be used in many fields.

It has a standard configuration at a moderate price range. The desktop has a great ability to serve any professional of any field with great efficiency.

This desktop of MSI comes with an Intel Core i7-10700F processor.

MSI Codex R 10SC Desktop Processor

This octa core processor has a clock speed of 3.4 GHz and 4.80 GHz is the maximum turbo frequency of it.

This Core i7 processor comes with Intel’s smart cache memory, of 16 GB. The processor is able to handle any updated classified software very easily.

To satisfy gamers and the other high graphical content users, this system comes with a GPU of 6 GB, named NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060.

MSI Codex R 10SC Desktop Graphics Card

With the help of this GPU, the users can enjoy almost 75 percent faster performance. The real time ray tracing facility helps the gamers a lot.

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The users can also enjoy Virtual Reality by simply using a good VR glass with this product.

Windows 10 Home 64-bit is pre-installed in this desktop as its OS.

Storage & RAM

The capacity and type of the storage plays a very crucial role in every desktop.

This updated desktop of MSI comes with SSD storage of 512 GB. The capacity of the storage is not enough for a modern day user.

He has to invest in external storage additionally from his pocket. For faster processing and opening files very quickly this device comes with 16 GB DDR4 RAM.

MSI Codex R 10SC Desktop RAM

For operating any moderate software, this RAM is more than sufficient.

Ports & Connectivity

This product of MSI is a very updated desktop that comes with plenty of updated USB ports.

Two USB 2.0 Type A ports are available on the panels of the cabinet.

MSI Codex R 10SC Desktop Top Ports

Along with it, USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A port is also present in it.

6 USB 3.0 ports are also attached with it.

MSI Codex R 10SC Desktop Rear Ports

The users can use these ports to attach various important peripherals to the main system externally.

802.11ax Wi-Fi which is also known as Wifi 6 is also present in it. The buyers can use it to attach devices wirelessly to the PC.

For faster network connectivity, this computer has a Gigabit Ethernet port.

Having this facility the users can enjoy a smooth video streaming of online games and can watch live streaming. 3 display ports are also present in this desktop to attach multiple display units.

Additional Features

To fulfill the needs of the designers this MSI Codex R 10SC-002US Desktop possesses Real time Ray tracing facility.

The facility to attach multiple displays seems to be very helpful to the gamers to create a proper gaming environment.

Having an updated GPU, this PC can run any high graphical game, without any lagging.

The existence of the RGB lighting has enhanced the attractiveness of the cabinet. The users also get a proprietary thermal kit, with this package.

They also get a warranty of one year on this product. Intel B460 Chipset is used in this device.

There are three 120 mm cooling fans present on this computer.

MSI Codex R 10SC Desktop Cooling Fan

These fans ensure a great continuous airflow into the inner components of the PC.


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What Do the Users Think About MSI Codex R 10SC?

The main objective behind introducing this powerful versatile desktop was to serve the experts of each and every filled with great efficiency and apparently we can say that it has fulfilled its motto successfully.

Professional users of almost every field are satisfied by using this all rounder desktop of MSI.

The tremendous capability of this PC helps to create a separate fan base of this product.

Many of the users have raised their concerns about its insufficient storage capacity.

Such users need to use external drives with this product. Most of the users are happy and satisfied by using this updated versatile desktop.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

While playing GTA V, this PC’s performance was very smooth and it met our expectations. We also stream our gameplay live on an online platform and while doing so, we didn’t face any lagging or hanging on this device.

We also smoothly played Pubg, Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Roblox, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, etc.

We experienced very pleasing processing from this device while editing videos.

We used Filmora, Blender, Lightworks, Wevideo Avidemux, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Movavi Video Editor Plus on this PC.

And it performed well. We are satisfied with its performance in this segment. But, 512GB SSD was the main problem creator. We had to arrange an external storage drive to store data.

We also gave this PC to a well-known graphic designer for testing purposes.

He ran Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Publisher, regularly on this PC. He told us the PC delivered a very smooth and speedy performance.

For testing purposes, we also gave this device to a sound editor. On this desktop, he ran some sound editing software like – Audacity, Magix Sound Forge Pro, Adobe Audition, etc. He also got a very satisfying performance from this device.

We also used this device for creating some social media content, publishing some blogs, and setting up two websites on WordPress. In all of these segments, we got very decent and smooth processing from it.

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