15 Pros and Cons of Using Mac OS

Pros and Cons of Using Mac OS

The Mac operating system comes with several advantages that are its unique selling points.

However, before you consider it to be a better operating system than the Linux-based derivatives from Google such as ChromeOS and Windows from Microsoft, you must know the drawbacks of using it as well.

Continue reading this article to find all of them.


  • The Mac operating system is quite easy to use due to its simple and clean user interface.
  • The operating system offers multitasking support along with hardware and software optimization.
  • Mac OS is safe and secure to use even third-party apps in it due to its compatibility and strict verification process.
  • Limited accessories and app support does not make the Mac operating system a good option to play high-end games.
  • The need for a costly Mac device to use this operating system does not make it a cost effective option for all to use.

The 15 Pros and Cons of Using Mac OS

Pros and Cons of Using Mac OS

The Pros of Mac OS

1. Apps Offered

The Mac operating system offers quite a few useful apps that will enhance your productivity.

Even if you do not find them all pre-installed in it, you can always download them for free from the Mac App Store.

2. Simple User Interface

The user interface of the Mac operating system is simple and clean making it easier for the users to understand and operate.

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3. Multitasking Support

The Mac OS comes with a reasonable number of useful features in it that supports multitasking.

You can even switch between several workplaces using dedicated keys and explicit hardware inputs.

4. Hardware and Software Optimization

The better integration of the operating system allows optimizing the resources available as well as the hardware and software of the system.

5. Use of Third Party apps

This operating system is supposed to enhance productivity and functionality with more compatibility and security while using third-party apps and services.

The operating system selects them on a few specific parameters and these apps need to pass through strict verification procedures and rigorous tests.

6. Security Susceptibility

The Mac operating system is not as susceptible to malware and security issues as other operating systems because there are not many of such malwares developed for Mac OS in particular.

7. Updates

The security of this operating system along with its functionality is always on the high because Apple updates it as well as the apps on a regular basis. This adds to its functionality and security aspects.

8. Safety and Reliability

Mac OS is quite reliable and safe to use because all the apps you use are available on the dedicated Mac App Store.

Therefore, downloading them reduces the risks of installing any malware that may be created by a suspicious developer in the system.

9. Compatibility

The Mac operating system is quite compatible with other devices due to the similar features, workflow logic, and user interface as iOS as well as the perfectly synchronized files and data.

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10. BootCamp Benefit

The in-built program called BootCamp in the Mac operating system allows the users to install and use Windows, Linux, or any other operating system of their choice.

The Cons of Mac OS

11. Limited Applications

The dedicated Mac App Store will not provide a lot of apps and therefore the choice of apps offered will be far too limited.

12. Limited Flexibility

Mac operating systems will offer less flexibility and therefore your chance for updating and customizing will be limited.

13. Cost Effectiveness

Using a Mac operating system may not be a cost effective option for all users because they will need to invest in a Mac computer to use it which is not very cheap.

14. Not for High End Gaming

The limited option for customization makes this operating system unsuitable for playing high end games.

15. Limited Accessories and Support

The accessories required for using this operating system are not easily available due to its less popularity than Windows and Linux operating systems.

The community support available is also quite limited, being small.


The Mac operating system comes with several advantages but it also has some significant drawbacks that do not make it an operating system for all.

Now that you know about the pros and cons of it after reading this article, you can easily make a more informed decision.

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