Refurbished Computers: Pros, Cons & Buying Guide

Refurbished computers have opened a new gate to the middle class buyers. This type of computers is cheaper in comparison to a brand new desktop of the same model. Check out the pros and cons of refurbished computers.

A refurbished computer offers a more updated specification to a buyer. But, it is very hard to find a refurbished computer with a processor of the latest generation.

This type of computers offers slide backdated processor. That means, if a new PC offers a processor of 10th generation, a refurbished PC will offer the same processor of 9th generation. This doesn’t create any serious issue to the users, as he gets the computer at a very affordable price.


  • Refurbished computers are much more affordable in comparison to a new computer.
  • A refurbished computer may have more updated or customized configuration than an original product of the manufacturer.
  • Using a refurbished computer serves a significant social cause by reducing e-waste and saving the environment.
  • A shorter lifespan is a serious concern which is even more serious due to a much shorter warranty.

What is a Refurbished Computer?

Refurbished computers are basically a restored, used computer. An old computer, when modified to a new working condition, is called a refurbished computer.

In this process, the equipment of the PC gets restored or modified. Mainly the hardware portion of a PC gets modified; either it is being replaced with a similar component or replaced with an updated peripheral of new technology.

The 15 Pros and Cons of Refurbished Computers:

Pros and Cons of Refurbished Computers

Pros of a Refurbished Computer

1. Replacement

If you find any defects in the product, most of the time it can be replaced within 90 days. The 90 days time probably enough to find out if the computer meets your requirement. You can check out this policy at various shopping sites.

2. Affordable

The price of the particular device gets reduced from the original product. As these computers get modified, the price of the device gets reduced to a certain limit.

By, investing almost 50 to 60 percent of the original product, the users can get a better device, if he chooses to go with a refurbished desktop.

3. Performing security

In a brand new PC, one can face some minor problems, as the new PCs are manufactured in a mass quantity and they don’t undergo a massive test, after assembling the components.

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On the other hand, a refurbished computer has to pass various performance tests as a whole, to ensure new-like-performance. One can hardly face any issue in the performance of a refurbished desktop.

4. Specification

One can get more updated configuration than the primary configuration mentioned in the official website of the product.

A refurbished PC has to go through some extreme tests. This also ensures a great performance of the product.

5. Good for environment

When a user decides to buy a refurbished computer, then he indirectly saves the environment.

Most of the refurbished products are returned product of a new computer buyer or the device doesn’t pass the quality test, for some minor defaults.

So the refurbished products are basically made from e-waste and e-waste is very dangerous for the environment.

6. Numbers of reviews

A refurbished desktop has more number of reviews on various online platforms than a recently published PC.

These reviews help the users to get an overview of the product he is choosing to buy.

Cons of a Refurbished Computer

7. Warranty

A refurbished computer comes with a very short warranty period. Most of them come with a warranty of 90 days.

On the other hand, the new products offer at least a one year’s warranty.

8. Used products

Refurbished computers are used devices. The buyer is not the first user of it.

The companies enlist such products in this list which are little used and can be considered as a new one.

9. Not a fresh

There is a high chance of getting a rejected product. As most of the renowned computer manufacturing companies also sell refurbished desktops.

There is a high possibility of getting a PC which was returned by someone for some defects or for any other reason.

After solving the issue, the companies can resell the product with the help of a third-party seller, by reinstalling the OS. As there is no seal present, the users can’t identify it.

10. Assemble

When a user decides to go for a new computer, then he gets a chance to assemble the configuration according to his needs and budget.

But, in a refurbished computer there is no such option available.

He has to go with the configuration that the seller is offering. Later he can change it with its own money.

11. Old model

Most of the refurbished desktops have an old model. So, the specification of the desktops is also outdated.

In a refurbished desktop, only some updated parts can be included. But, it is not possible to fully change the configuration of the PC.

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If the user needs to run most of the updated software, then it is advised not to go with any refurbished computer.

12. Damaged screen

Damaged screen is a very common problem with the refurbished computers. A monitor of a refurbished computer can’t serve as long as a new one can.

So, before buying any refurbished computer one has to check the quality of the display thoroughly.

If he found any problem within the warranty period, he has to apply for replacement of the product.

13. Motherboard problem

One of the major problems with the refurbished computers is the existence of incompetent motherboard.

Motherboard is a very crucial part of a computer. But, in most of the cases, when an old model PC gets refurbished, the motherboard remains same or replaced with the same model.

So, the motherboard became a little bit backdated and the perfect combination between the components of the PC lacks.

So, the PC being highly configured can’t deliver satisfactory performance to the users.

14. Battery life

If the user goes with a refurbished laptop, then the battery of the product may create a problem.

As the refurbished laptops are little used products, the battery of them hardly gets changed before reselling.

So, the lifespan of the battery can differ from a new one.

15. Proper guidance

As refurbished computers are modified products, good and proper guidance is always required before finalizing the best product for the buyer according to his needs.

The process of choosing the best-refurbished computer is very complicated for a casual user.

Only a technical expert can predict the overall outcome of the specifications used in the refurbished computer. 

Buyer’s Guide:

Are refurbished computers worth buying?

There is a risk to buy a refurbished computer, as these products are not a brand new product. But, if a user wants to save money, then refurbished computers are the best option.

For getting a better product, one has to buy it from a renowned seller or from a reputed site. Having updated specification and being passed from various performance tests, a refurbished computer can provide a satisfactory performance to the users.

If any user needs higher configuration at an affordable price, then refurbished computers are the best option for him.

How long does a refurbished computer last? 

A refurbished computer can serve from 2.5 to 3 years with great performance if the user uses it with proper care.

After this period, the user has to reconfigure the product. If the user goes with a refurbished laptop, then he may have to change the battery of it, before the above mentioned time.

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What is a Grade A refurbished laptop? 

As the name suggests a Grade A refurbished laptop, is basically a used laptop which is almost in new condition and there is not a single issue in the performance of it and there is not a single scratch on the body of the laptop.

Most of the Grade A refurbished laptop comes with a warranty of one year.

Is renewed or refurbished better?

Renewed or refurbished products are not brand new products. Refurbished products are little used products.

If the first buyer returned the product for some defects or, for any reason after using the product for a few days, then the product resells as a refurbished product, after repairing and after passing through various quality tests.

On the other hand, if the user cancelled the order or refused to collect the product from the delivery man for some reason, then the product resold as a renewed product.

So, renewed products are basically fully new products, but these products don’t come under the company’s warranty. The seller offers a warranty of 6 months with a renewed product.

So, a renewed product is a better option to go with. If the user wants a modified product at an affordable price then a refurbished product is a good choice.

What should you look for in a refurbished laptop?

One always has to buy a refurbished laptop from a reputed seller. A reported seller always tries to avail a warranty of minimum 3 months.

This feature really helps the users. A reputed seller doesn’t mislead a buyer in terms of configuration. Although before buying any refurbished laptop, a user should look for any scratch present in the product, especially on the display.

If there is any scratch or disturbance present in the display, then the user should return the product as soon as possible. It may be true that a seller is giving a massive discount on the laptop because it is too old.

So, one should try to know the primary purchasing date of the product from the seller.


Every product has some advantages and disadvantages; refurbished computers are not exceptional.

It may have many drawbacks, but it helps a user to get an updated computer at an affordable price.

Refurbished computers are mainly used in commercial places, where numbers of computers matter a lot. Check out refurbished computer myths.

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