Razer Blade Pro 17 Gaming Laptop Review – Price & Specs

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  • Highly responsive trackpad
  • Display is great
  • Port selection is also great
  • Great design
  • Smooth performance


  • Screen does not have G sync support
  • Hardware issues
  • Chassis issues
  • Keyboard is not flexible\
  • Becomes hot at more uses

Are you into computer gaming? If so you would realize that computer gaming now involves big money and has already become a serious profession. Check out Razer Blade Pro 17 gaming laptop review and best offer price.

Gone are the days when computer games were meant for mere entertainment. Today you need to be at the peak of your gaming skills to compete and you need the best and most reliable gaming computer as well.

If you are to take a close look at the Razen Blade Pro 17 gaming laptop you would see that it has been smartly designed, having been provided with the latest and most advanced features.

These enable it to deliver consistent performance at all times. Thus this gaming computer is definitely a very reliable gaming computer. Check out best laptop brands.

Razer Blade Pro 17 Gaming Laptop & Variants Price

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Razer Blade Pro 17 Gaming Laptop Review 

Razer Blade Pro 17

Buy for: Highly Responsive Trackpad | Display is great

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Beware of: Chassis issues

Best uses for: Gaming, Age of Empires, Half Life Alyx, Jazz Jackrabbit, Jill of the Jungle, Kerbal Space Program and other purposes.


When it comes to Laptop and even gaming computers the brands that supply them are many are the computers that they manufacture. Each has its unique features and offers its own exclusive benefits. However, when it comes to this particular gaming laptop it too has its benefits.

Given the smart design, the advanced features like the high-end graphics it is what makes this Gaming laptop stand out in its field. Everything put together this Laptop is an ideal gaming computer. The best part also about this Laptop even as a gaming computer is that it is quite reasonably priced as well. Thus this Laptop is definitely buyable.

Design & Build

To meet the current requirements of the current computer scenario and computer gaming it is of utmost importance that it is smartly built and designed.

In case you plan to buy a computer that would provide your computer gaming the extra edge then this laptop computer is just ideal.

Loaded with the latest features that offer supreme speed, great graphics, and adequate storage the design of this laptop is perfect for the latest computer gaming.

The other benefit of the smart design of this Laptop is that it has a flexible design and can be upgraded at any time to meet the needs of the future as well.

Thus design-wise too this computer is such that it can serve you over a long time and thus deliver great value on what you invest in it.

Great display, it is having 17.3 screen with 100% sRGB with edge to edge finish. For gaming computers display screens are also very important for a realistic experience.

The good news with this Gaming computer is that 144 Hz Display with Thin Bezels. With this while gaming you would have an unrivaled gaming laptop experience.

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While buying the best gaming computer you would seek the ones that deliver top performance.

It is loaded with a host of the latest and most advanced features that enable, this gaming computer to deliver superb performance.

To begin with, it has the Intel Core i7 -9750 H Processor that ensures that it delivers great speed, which is a top priority for all gaming computers.

Along with the same, this Laptop also is provided with the NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 2060 for high-end graphics.

This is what enables this computer to ensure stunning graphics and completely immersive experience.

It also has the 144 FHD display screen that delivers the unrivaled laptop experience.

As a Computer Gamer, you would realize that most computer games are played over long periods.

Over these long periods, it is essential that it remains cool.

The great advantage of this gaming computer is that it has the custom vapor chamber cooling system is that enables it to stay cool at all times.

Storage & RAM

Along with speed, the other very important requirement of modern computer gaming is that it must be adequate storage space as well.

When it comes to the storage capacity of this Gaming laptop is that it has 512 GB SSD as the storage space.

This is the standard storage capacity and could be improved upon.

What is also very impressive about this laptop is that it has the 16 GB RAM that enables it to handle multiple tasks with complete ease and thus ensures smooth computer gaming too.

Ports & Connectivity

Smooth Connectivity is also a prime requirement for all gaming computers in this current web scenario in the age of the internet.

The good news with this computer gaming laptop is that it offers advanced connectivity in the form of Wi-Fi 6.

Apart from this, it has the Hello and Thunderbolt 3 that helps you set up your workstation no matter where you go.

It also has many ports as well for plugging in important input devices as well along with USBs.

Battery Life

When it comes to Laptop its battery life is also of critical importance.

If you are to take a look at this gaming laptop you would find that it has sufficient battery life.

This is what would enable you to use it even without a power source.

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Additional Features

No matter how great the standard features of the gaming computers you would obviously be delighted with some useful additional features for certain.

This gaming computer has some as well. Out of them, the CNS Aluminum Chroma RGB Lighting is what gives this computer a very attractive look.

Apart from this, there is also the Thunderbolt 3 SD Card Reader that is very useful indeed.


What Do Users Think about Razer Blade Pro?

If you scan the user reviews of the many users of this gaming laptop computer you would see that the majority of them are very happy with the overall design and the performance of this gaming laptop computer.

Most of them are of the opinion that it is simply a great gaming laptop for sure. Check out Razer Blade Pro Manual.

But it is lacking a great chassis and in future it may have some hardware issues.

Other Expert Views

The Verge is saying that with the positive feedback of the majority of the users, most of the gaming experts and computer experts too have high opinions regarding the performance of this great gaming laptop. Thus they recommend the buying of this very impressive laptop gaming computer. It is having a wonderful touch pad and smooth performance but chassis and hardware is having some issues.

Laptopmag is saying that it is having a great CPU. In fact the audio is also cool but it is having some issues in the hardware ports and gets warm quickly.

Note Book Check is saying that it is better than the before having 17.3 inch display but still there are some of the issue in high end practices.

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