Razer Blade Stealth Laptop Review – Price & Specs

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  • Thin and light
  • Thin bezel
  • Large and responsive trackpad
  • Good screen
  • Thunderbolt 3


  • No separate number keypad
  • No optical drive
  • Runs hot at times
  • Small screen
  • No fingerprint reader

Read Razer Blade Stealth laptop review and see the price. You can blindly rely on the hardware components of the Razer Blade Stealth laptop and enjoy the best user experience whether you use it for content creation, music production, or for playing some modern games on it.

Work or play, this gaming Ultrabook simply has gotten better to promise a high level of performance with a better and more powerful processor and graphics.

It ensures better visual clarity on its 1080p display with vivid details and bold color, maximum portability due to its thin and light built, and maximum durability for its unibody frame which is further strengthened by the use of precision CNC-machining of premium quality aluminum.

Even the stealth black color of the system will last for a long, long time as it is anodized into the aluminum material at a submolecular level.

To conclude, it can be said that if cot is not a big issue for you, then this is one of the most dependable laptops to go for.

Yes, it is a bit more expensive, but in terms of durability and performance, a couple of hundred dollars should not matter much.

With this alongside you, you can work, play games and do everything in between, making this a most reliable choice.

Razer Blade Stealth Laptop & Variants Price

Razer Blade Stealth Laptop Review

Razer Blade Stealth Laptop

Buy for: Dedicated graphics card, Chroma RGB lighting, durability, high performance, immersive audio output.

Beware of: Poor upgradability options, battery life, using a docking station, closeness of Del and Power button, annoying noise levels.

Best uses for: Gaming, music production, photo editing and other purposes.


The Razer Blade Stealth laptop is ultraportable and is good for gaming and productivity tasks like content creation and music production, but still has a long way to go to be in the same category of those powerful gaming laptops that are its rivals with similar price. The screen is good but the battery could have been more powerful.

Design and Build

This laptop is specifically designed to support both entertainment and professional computing jobs.

Though it supports playing games and computing and comes with more advanced hardware components, it is built to weigh less to ensure more mobility.

The 13.3-inch display comes with full HD resolution and a thin border on its three sides offering you a larger viewing area.

Though Razer is still working on shrinking the bezels, the chin still seems to be quite fat, especially just for the small logo to sit there.

The matte finish ensures that you have stunning visuals even if you use it outdoors without worrying about the reflection under direct sunlight or bright lights in a room.

The 100% sRGB color saturation ability of this screen makes it perfect for gaming, and watching videos of music and movies seamlessly with the images delivered at quite a high refresh rate.

As for the keyboard, it is not only beautiful to look at with its single-zone RGB lighting but is also easy and comfortable to type on.

The keys are spaced nicely and come with a nice travel distance and feedback to type fast even in poorly lit environments.

The good thing about this RGB Chroma lighting is that it has 16.8 million color options.

However, this keyboard does not have any separate 10-key numeric keypad for faster data entry, but that is quite understandable because the maker had to fit in the keyboard onto the small chassis of the laptop.

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The touchpad of the system is also quite large and responsive. Check out Best Laptops for Music Production.

This precision glass trackpad is located just at the center of the palm rest and therefore will not cause any issues while typing fast on the keyboard.

The thing that is most appreciable about the system design is that both the screen brightness and the keyboard lighting can be adjusted from very dim to bright.

This is a very good combination that ensures comfort in use and your eyes are not affected even when you work on this system for a long time.

It is very thin but is incredibly durable due to its CNC unibody aluminum frame. Therefore, you can carry this device easily in your backpack to take it anywhere you go and start working on it whenever inspiration strikes you.

The CNC aluminum chassis is pretty and durable but it does not seem to do good in proper and efficient heat dissipation.

Even if you play a full-screen video for a short time, the touchpad stays cool hovering around 80+ degrees but the bottom and center of the chassis can cross the comfort threshold of 95 degrees by well over 10 degrees.

Even the keyboard may get a bit warm, but nothing to the level to make it uncomfortable to use.


The latest Intel Core i7 1065G7 processor has four powerful cores and eight threads in it which makes this CPU a powerful one to deal with all your computing and data processing needs.

Having a wide operating frequency range of 1.30 GHz and 3.90 GHz, this processor produces quick results making the best use of its 8 MB smart cache and 4 GT/s bus speed.

The level of its performance is never let down with its strong and high TDP range of 12 W and 25 W with an up and down frequency of 1.50 GHz and 1.00 GHz respectively, and an average TDP of 15 W.

Adding to the performance level of the unit is the dedicated Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti graphics card that comes with Max Q design and as much as 4 GB of GDDR6 VRAM which makes it powerful by itself.

You can rely on the breakthrough performance especially of this graphics card that promises 2.5 times faster and 80% better performance as compared to any other gaming Ultrabook, even on the go.

Its design is based on the Turing architecture which is great for laptops that are used for complex jobs such as music production and more.

The 12 nm lithography, 10 GHz frequency, and 128-bit memory interface help in extending its bandwidth up to 160 GB/s.

This ensures a faster, better, and seamless production of images with high level of color accuracy.

The Windows 10 operating system also plays its significant role most efficiently in keeping the level of performance of this laptop up.

The useful features help a lot in using this OS and do more without much effort or having to worry about the security issues.

RAM & Storage

The 16 GB DDR4 dual-channel memory is good and adequate enough to work on several browser tabs and apps open at the same time.

Though you cannot upgrade the memory since it is soldered onto the motherboard, you will hardly need more than 16 GB, which is a standard nowadays, for your basic or advanced computing needs.

You will probably have nothing to ask for more when you get a memory speed of 3733 MHz due to its exceptional bandwidth.

The 512 Gb NVMe SSD storage offered by this machine is pretty fast to boot up the apps and programs quickly as well as allow a lot of space to store your creations and access them easily.

Ports & Connectivity

The design of this laptop could have surely done with more ports. Check out Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop Review.

However, the system is worth using with just enough and varied connectivity options. It is much more symmetrical with none of the two sides offering too many options.

On the left side you will have a USB Type C port and a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type A port along with a 3.5 mm combo jack for your headphone and microphone.

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On the right side there is the Thunderbolt 3 port as well as an additional USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type A port.

However, and surprisingly, there is no Micro SD card reader in this model, much unlike most of the Blade Stealth 13 laptops, which would have been very welcome.

These compromises are however understandable and common in making a device that is this small in size and so light in weight.

Nonetheless, the inclusion of Thunderbolt 3 is well appreciated because it allows plugging in the charger on either side of the laptop.

You can also use the Thunderbolt 3 to connect your system to an external monitor or even the Core X Chroma e-GPU if you want to see a significant rise in the level of its performance.

You will have faster and stronger internet connection with the wireless AX support offered by the unit.

The device also supports Bluetooth apart from wireless communication standards such as 802.11a/b/g/n/ac.

Battery Life

It seems that the price for the discrete graphics and the powerful processor took a serious toll on the battery life.

The average battery life is much below the average 10-hour mark of any premium laptop, putting it far behind those in this specific aspect.

The single lithium-ion battery of this model does not last longer than 7 to 8 hours. However, this battery has a fast-charging ability, which is a good consolation.

Additional Features

There is an infrared camera integrated in the system that comes with Windows Hello support. It will help you to make video calls or stream anything.

Along with that, it also has a dual array of mics, both of which ensures that you have a clear and seamless video conference and chatting.

However, the 720p webcam of the device does quite well on color in spite of its low resolution and seems to be perfect for this category of laptops but it is really difficult to make out the finer details.

The images come with grains and are blurred. You will be better off if you invest on and use a good quality external webcam if you want video calls and streams of higher quality.

Just as the stunning display of the laptop will offer you an exceptional viewing experience, the gaming and entertainment pleasure will be further enhanced by the good audio quality of the system that promises an immersive sound output.

There are actually stereo speakers built in the device, located on either side of the keyboard, along with a smart amplifier that boosts the sound output and ensures more clarity in the tone making the best use of the Dolby Atmos technology.

The device is free of bloatware and comes with a very few third-party software.

It however has Nvidia Control Panel and GeForce Experience which allows adjusting the settings of the display and PhysX configurations and optimize the gaming performance respectively.

Apart from all those programs of Microsoft without a couple of games. Razer Synapse allows controlling the lighting, setting macros for the keyboard, and adjusting battery presets and performance as well.

The manufacturer however provides a warranty on its parts and labor for a year.


What Do Users Think about Razer Blade Stealth laptop?

The adequate amount of NVMe solid-state storage is very fast, said most of the users, and they could easily install Windows in less than 15 minutes.

This is surely one of the best laptops that they have come across that supports gaming and advanced computing tasks.

It has an anti-glare screen, a fast processor, and a very powerful graphics card.

However, they regretted that the system design does not allow upgrading the RAM as it is soldered on.

This device is very well designed and made, said a few users.

Though the edge of the screen is pretty sharp to cut the skin if one slides their fingers fast and the chassis is a fingerprint magnet, these are certainly not a deal breaker, they said.

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It is a good quality machine which is ultraportable and yet supports some gaming. It is good in all respects and does everything that they want it to do without running hot.

It lets them stay productive all day as well. However, apart from the normal, daily productivity work, the battery does not seem to last long, they said.

Apart from the fans running loud and the system getting hot at times during extensive gaming, this is a system that will provide outstanding value for doing productive work such as content creation and music production.

The keyboard is perfect to type on comfortably, the touchpad is wide and much better than other models, the audio quality is quite good and produces loud and clear sound.

This device is beautifully built and is truly a jack of all trades but it is certainly not for very complex and graphics intensive jobs such as video editing, as specified by a few professional users.

However, this is a good laptop for those who want a quality look, a good feel, a better and higher performance and portability.

The fact that makes this system stand apart from the others is that all these are not found together in a slim and light device like this.

This is one of the most perfect Windows laptops that should not be bought for the purpose of gaming only, suggested a few users.

Though this classic and portable laptop falters a bit on battery life and power, which is understandable because it comes with very powerful specs, it performs quite well considering its small size.

The simplicity and usefulness of the Thunderbolt 3 connection eliminates the need for an HDMI cable or any external power packs. Just plug in and play!

It is a perfect replacement for a desktop computer and provides almost the same level of performance, said a few other users, who also warned about its inability to do well with docking stations.

Even after they reinstalled all their drivers, they continued encountering issues that included constant notifications of inadequate power supply when they used the docking stations at 120w or so, within the maximum limit of the Thunderbolt 3.

They concluded that it is just good for an external monitor and not for docking stations.

The system is free from bloatware but the ‘Del’ key is too close to the ‘Power’ button, a few users pointed out.

It resulted in shutting down the laptop accidentally quite a few times or putting it into sleep mode while trying to delete some text, they said.

Apart from that, it is a great little machine. The fact that it comes with a dedicated graphics card is surely a plus.

With a wireless controller to make the connection stable, it is also a good technological tool for middle school or college students, they added.

Other Expert Views

Expert Reviews opine that there is nothing that is quite like this laptop. It is a small machine that is fantastic for both work and gaming but the cost factor may come into the way for many aspiring buyers, they said.

PC World commented that the refined aesthetic, colorful and chic keyboard, and especially the small form factor are the features that make this laptop stand apart. If the battery life was a bit more, then it should surely have been the winner.

This system is certainly worth its title ‘Ultrabook Gaming Laptop,’ said PC Mag. it is built from metal yet is ultraportable, it comes with premium features that makes it perform remarkably. Apart from the warm surface and fan noise that entails, there is ideally no direct alternative to it.