Samsung 11.6 Inches Chromebook Review

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  • Impressive price to performance ratio
  • Comparatively thin and light
  • Sharper display
  • Comfortable keyboard and touchpad
  • Long enough battery life


  • Designed only for basic computing jobs
  • Low power processor
  • Limited RAM and storage
  • Fewer ports
  • No full-sized SD slots


This Samsung Chromebook is a great computer within budget. The price to performance ratio is quite impressive on this laptop that is most suitable for doing some word processing and using the internet. Best suited and quite affordable for students.

Samsung 11.6 Inches Chromebook Price

Samsung 11.6 Inches Chromebook Overview

Samsung 11.6 Inches Chromebook

This Chromebook comes with a good enough screen and does a good job considering the price point.

The Chrome OS, as usual with all Chromebooks, does pretty well to provide the users with a consistent and a considerably high level of performance.

This device runs on Chrome OS and not Windows operating system or MacOS. Therefore, naturally it will not be compatible with several different video editing software. You will be able to use only the web-based sites for video editing.

As compared to any standard laptop, the working process will be much slower, especially when you consider a Windows or a Mac laptop.

Ideally, this Samsung Chromebook is a sort of modified version of Android operating system, and it works pretty well and successfully. The screen of this machine makes it easier to input commands.

You will be able to open and use almost any file easily using this system but doc word files may not be that easy to use. Otherwise the system works flawlessly, successfully and consistently.

This Chromebook comes with enough storage and additional features, by its standards, that reduces the response time on apps by a significant margin, to an extent that is as good as any normal laptop. You will find that everything on this device opens quickly.

The hardware components used in building this machine and the design of the system enables it to do its job accurately consuming much less energy as compared to other laptops with the same specifications, adding on to its reliability.

If you are okay with the low-end casing of the system and its unimpressive first impression, this is a device that you can surely rely on.

However, at this price, it will be unwise and a bit too demanding to ask for a casing made from stainless steel!

Buy for: Expanded viewing options, better touchpad, near flawless performance.

Beware of: Slower performance, inability to handle high-end computing, not so good viewing angles.

Best Uses for: Kids, beginners, internet use and other purposes.

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Best Alternatives: Acer Chromebook Spin 311, Lenovo Flex 3

Design and Build

Samsung has ideally done a good job in designing this laptop that is good enough for some basic video editing and uploading them in YouTube channels.

However, you must keep in mind that this is not a notebook or a laptop. Therefore, you should not expect it to be as reliable as those and try high-end computing and video editing jobs.

Based on the price point, the hardware components and its specs are enough to support basic computing jobs that you want to perform daily.

The 11.6-inch screen will be fairly large to view images quite clearly. The Intel processor will be fast enough to process data and the memory and storage will be faster and capable enough to help the system perform well.

The LED backlight supports 1366 x 768 HD resolution and will display images in the best possible features and details.

The unique thing about this laptop that is usually not found in others within this price range is the availability of the CD-ROM optical drive.

The touchpad of the system will do all those things that you can do with Windows right click by recognizing a two-finger touch.

The context menu allows quick access to the play store and the features allow users to work with simple computing jobs such as zip and other compressed formats.

The design of this Chromebook that includes everything useful in it is built with enough care to make it a useful device for the users in a budget.

Build from light weight material, this black color system weighs just 2.4 pounds.

This light weight along with its small built makes this Chromebook very portable and suitable for taking along with you while you travel and get some work done, placing it on your lap.


The useful components of the device will allow you to use it off and on almost all day and still save about 50% of its battery life.

Comparatively slim and light in weight, this system does not compromise with its performance, of course, within its limitations.

You can browse the internet, watch movies and do some basic word processing jobs on this laptop without encountering any major issues or drop outs.

Ideally, this is a relatively affordable machine that will prove to be good enough if you limit your usage to generic tasks and not use it for compiling codes or any other intensive tasks.

The Intel Celeron N3060 processor of the system comes with two cores and two threads that is good enough to process data with its base frequency of 1.60 GHz.

However, you can boost it up to 2.48 GHz for a much better performance.

Though the boosted clock rate may quickly come down to 2.16 GHz from 2.48 GHz depending on the cooling of the SoC, it is good enough to support simple everyday computing tasks only.

The 2 MB L2 cache, 6 W TDP, and 4 W Scenario Design Power or SDP, this low-end SoC will work well on its Braswell platform.

Due to the new 14 nm low-power process, tri-gate transistors, higher Turbo clock rate, and energy efficiency, this processor will perform at a much higher level.

As for the Intel HD Graphics 400, which also supports Braswell platform and DirectX 11.2, it is designed on the architecture of Intel Gen 8.

This makes it much faster but still not fast enough to handle modern high-end games.

This integrated graphics card comes with 4 GB RAM size and supports 4K/H.265 video acceleration, once again, due to the 14-nanometer manufacturing process.

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This graphics card is highly compatible with the system and needs no more power than 6 watts to perform, eliminating the scope of immense heat buildup.

Based on the different parameters of the graphics card such as its core clock, number of shaders, manufacturing process, calculation speed and texturing, the high level of performance of it ensures a better display of the system.

In addition to the CPU and GPU, the Chrome OS of this device also plays a significant role in ensuring a consistent performance.

Its features and functionality ensure a higher performance of the system on the whole.

RAM & Storage

The 4 GB DDR4 SDRAM of this laptop operates at a speed of 1600 MHz which is nothing exceptional but will support basic computing jobs.

The 16 GB storage is also nothing to fall for but the Serial ATA or SATA hard drive interface that has a rotational speed of 20 rpm is adequate for this laptop which is not meant for gaming.

Ports & Connectivity

The system comes with enough ports and good enough connectivity options. The ports are compatible with different types of external devices.

There are only one USB 2.0 port and one USB 3.0 port in this system that will maximize the speed of some of the latest devices that are compatible with these ports.

There is also a HDMI port in the system that will allow you to connect a variety of external devices and expand your viewing options.

The wireless communication technology incorporated in the system is quite reliable and stable.

This enables a steady transfer of files and connectivity to other devices. The system typically supports wireless type connectivity via Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

Battery Life

The system runs on an AC and battery power source. The lithium metal battery included in the system is claimed by the manufacturer to have a long enough battery life of 11 hours.

This means that you will not have to look for a power outlet to recharge the battery even after you complete your days’ work on this computer. You can also browse the internet all through the day, thanks to its long battery life.

Additional Features

If you are worried about the little storage space the system will provide you with, the additional feature of the system that will allow you to use a Micro SD card in the slot available in the device will be useful.

This will add to your storage. You can also store your files in the cloud to save the local storage of the device.

The security features built in the system will ensure that the device is safe from malware and virus attacks. You simply have to log in with your Google account and you are in.

There is no special setup required. You can navigate the web world using Chrome OS to get the best of Gmail, Docs, Maps, and Pics.

The Battery life extender feature of the system will also allow you to extend the already long battery life by retaining 70% of its total capacity.

There is a webcam in the system that will capture images, shoot videos and make video chats easy and more interesting.

There are also two down firing stereo speakers of 1.5 watts each along with an internal digital mic.

Both these will add to your multimedia experience which is made even better by the wireless AC webcam.


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What Do Users Think about Samsung 11.6 Inches Chromebook?

The device provided some users with exactly what they needed. This great machine comes at a relatively lower price tag, which is another factor that they liked.

With the regular updates of the operating system in place, the device operates at quite an impressive speed. The light weight and portability factor also impressed these users.

The quality of this product is quite high, said a few other users. The trackpad is easy to use and performs quite well.

They also liked the fact that the system has a non-reflective screen enabling them to surf the internet for long hours without having to worry about the strain in their eyes.

The proper brightness control enables them to read the text clearly and easily in daylight.

The instant startup ability of the system impressed a few other users. They were also sold out for the long battery life as well as the ports.

The overall performance is good and being light in weight it is also very portable. Compared with the price, they said that the system has quite good enough components that enabled them to get online quicker.

Users also praised the idea of the manufacturer to include an operating System that is specially designed around the browser. It makes browsing the internet easiest. Designed for basic uses, this system made them happy.

It makes sense to own this device, but of course as a secondary laptop, said a few very concerned users.

Since the price of it is quite affordable, they thought, it will not be a waste of money to own this laptop that is designed for surfing the internet and a few basic computing jobs.

Other Expert Views

NotebookCheck said that this no-frills Chromebook performs quite well given the fact that this comes with a low-end dual core processor. It provides maximum value in return for the money of the users on a budget. Though the build quality is average and the keyboard performs slightly on the lower side, it is good enough a device to own.

It is not a perfect entry-level Chromebook, said PC Mag. It has very limited RAM, a dim display, and does not come with a full-sized SD slot, which means that it needs a USB adapter. It also comes with a slower processor that also suffers from a lackluster performance. However, they said that the design is good enough and the battery life is long enough to support a whole day’s work.

LaptopMag however praised the strong features of this system. The low price also provides higher value with the touch of class in design and performance. Samsung, they said, has done a great job with this Chromebook but still this is a good secondary device which people can use for nothing more than surfing the internet and doing a few simple computing tasks.

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