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  • No dedicated graphics
  • No optical drive
  • Smaller right Shift key
  • Poor audio
  • Soldered RAM


The Samsung Galaxy Book Flex is a reliable, portable, and fast 2-in-1 laptop that looks stunning both for its blue colored aluminum chassis and the display. A bit pricey, this device is fast and powerful but is good for basic computational tasks and gaming due to its integrated graphics card.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex & Variants Price


Samsung Galaxy Book Flex

The Samsung Galaxy Book Flex is rightly named for its flexible and reliable design of the screen which you can fold all the way to 360 degrees to rest on its back.

This flexible design allows you to turn the laptop into a tablet instantly.

However, you cannot detach the screen completely. This means that the keyboard will be facing outward when you fold it into tablet mode.

Nevertheless, the on-board S Pen, which is Bluetooth enabled, will ensure easy operation.

Talking about the keyboard, it is quite solid to offer a better, more comfortable, and reliable typing experience. The size of the keys is good and well-spaced. These isolated keys come with a decent amount of tactile feedback, key travel and feel.

The trackpad is also quite large and responsive to ensure an excellent, accurate, and reliable performance.

It has a good click and comes with the unique Power Share ability to allow charging the Qi supported devices wirelessly by simply placing on it.

The long enough battery life will never let you down making this system all the more reliable to use outdoors for a long time, safely and securely.

The system is equipped with a fast and reliable fingerprint sensor that allows safer biometric login with the Windows Hello support. The key is quite big and comes with high accuracy.

However, the awkward placement of it beside the right Shift key can be a bit of a concern. It not only takes up half the space allocated to the Shift key but also results in accidental clicking while you intend to press the Shift key.

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The faster and latest processor, the adequate amount of RAM and storage are however the other hardware components that makes this system reliable and high on performance.

Buy for: Fast micro-SD card reader, faster wi-fi speed, more storage, wireless trackpad charging, stylish blue design, on-board S Pen.

Beware of: Improper location of fingerprint reader, loose hinge, design of SD card slot, high price.

Best uses for: Internet browsing, streaming videos, college students, small business, making YouTube videos and other purposes.

Best alternatives: Samsung Galaxy Book Ion, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, Asus ZenBook Duo UX481

Design and Build

When this 2-in-1 laptop is closed, it flaunts its reflective edges. The off-center and familiar Samsung logo on the lid attracts the eyes with its shiny and lustrous letters.

When you open it, you get an amazing quantum dot screen that has a webcam and microphone integrated on the top.

The blue keyboard and the dark-blue trackpad that sits conveniently under its space bar is large enough to take almost half of the deck space.

Weighing just 3.35 pounds, this is very light for a laptop but not as a tablet. The build quality of this machine is top-class and solid.

The power button of the machine is located at the side rather than on the base, and so are the speaker grilles to prevent any obstruction to the sound.

The system is very durable due to its strong, thin and light aluminum metal casing. It is easy to slip into a bag and take anywhere you want and use all day.

The laptop comes with a thin, sleek, and attractive design. It is the 360 degrees design that allows you to convert this blue colored device from a laptop to a tablet in seconds.

Talking about the screen, this QLED display comes with touch support allowing you to write, draw, and edit any content directly on the screen.

The Bluetooth enabled S pen that comes with the system further eases your navigation efforts.

The images you browse or stream looks gorgeous and vibrant on this screen that comes with a thin bezel, not to add on to its weight.

This touchscreen supports virtually 100% color volume. It allows you to see the images very clearly even under direct sunlight.

Perhaps the only downsides of the system design are that the base is susceptible to fingerprints needing frequent wiping and the hinge that could have been bit sturdier to prevent the display from getting a bit wobbly when you use the S pen in the laptop mode.


The Intel Core i7 processor belonging to the 10th generation is the latest and makes this system fast and powerful.

It provides adequate support to the RAM, storage, and the integrated graphics card with its operational speed of 1.3 GHZ.

This ensures that there is minimal lag in processing any set of instructions and almost an instant functioning of the system and apps.

The Intel Iris Plus graphics adds to the performance with faster and better image reproduction. It promises a seamless viewing pleasure.

However, being integrated, the system is not meant for avid gamers or designers who work with graphic intensive apps and software programs.

It is a very good system for basic and mid-range computational jobs.

You will love to use all the features of the Windows 10 Home operating system that you are already familiar with.

This will help in navigation with additional set of tools to use for business such as Windows Information Protection, Remote Desktop, BitLocker, and more.

RAM & Storage

The RAM is adequate and the DDR4 nature allows smoother and faster multitasking with several apps and browser tabs open at the same time.

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The 512 GB SSD storage, on the other hand, is also adequate enough to offer a lot of space to store your files and is also good enough to offer faster access and boot up of the system.

Ports & Connectivity

The device is equipped with enough ports and slots to attach different external devices and peripherals.

Apart from a USB Type C port, you will get two Thunderbolt 3 ports as well as a UFS and micro-SD card reader slot.

There is also a headphone out and microphone in combo slot included in the system design.

Apart from the Bluetooth support, you will have easy access to the internet through the gigabit+ wi-fi 6 communication network.

This network is three times faster in comparison to the previous wi-fi networks and will download any content from the internet in seconds.

Battery Life

Clocking at 20 hours, the lithium-ion battery really has a long life. You can work on this laptop for the entire day without having to look for a power outlet often.

You can also stream videos as much as you wish on a single charge. However, the longevity of the battery will depend much on your usage pattern, the network setting and other factors.

The battery also comes with fast charging ability to regain its full charge in quick time when it dies.

Add to that, the Wireless Power Share ability of the battery will allow you to charge other wireless devices easily and quickly by simply placing them right on top of the trackpad which is compatible with Qi wireless charging supported devices.

Additional Features

The package comes with a Bluetooth Pen that adds to the convenience in use of the system.

You can turn your screen into a canvas and take notes, sketch, and draw on the touchscreen directly.

The best part is that you can even use instinctive gestures even from a distance across the room to adjust the volume or to start a slideshow.

The AKG speakers built in the system produce fairly loud and clear sound but it lacks bass. The sound emitted also vibrates through the deck of the system when run at full volume.

The clean-cut edges of the rectangular chassis come with a 720p webcam and microphones that are squeezed into the top bezel.

However, both these are just average in performance while making video calls. You will get better results if you speak from a distance and under bright light.

You will however find the battery and charging status screen really useful that is displayed when you put the system on charge while it is powered off.

The product is shipped with a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor. This warranty is quite explicit and covers most of the aspects.

However, you can call Samsung Support for any questions and additional support.


What Do Users Think about Samsung Galaxy Book Flex?

A majority of the people surveyed had all the good things to say about this machine. They said it had a good feel and premium look and the best thing about it is the 1080p QLED screen.

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Yes, they were however a bit unhappy about the wobbly hinge but also said that it is hardly noticeable if it’s not forced too much.

In addition to the good screen, a few other users also praised the added convenience the system provides along with the compatibility and useful features that the Windows 10 operating system brings to the table.

The Bluetooth-enabled S Pen is more advanced and seemed to provide unbelievable results, they said.

When it comes to performance, this system is a beast, suggested several other users surveyed. They termed the 15+ inch screen to be a monster delivering images with ravishing colors.

It works most perfectly for basic computational tasks and gaming, and even for online teaching and learning. It allows using several programs simultaneously and allows video conferencing without any issues.

The laptop allows them to do exactly what they needed and wanted to do, said others. It does not get in the way or there are no crashes and glitches while working on it.

The tablet mode and on-board stylus are essential today, which is what they like about the system.

It enhances their productivity with no lags and provides with all the power they need with its long-lasting battery.

Apart, from the high price, most of the users are glad with their investment on this laptop. It is fast, portable, stylish and safe to use.

The design is awesome but they feel that it could have come with a better set of speakers, considering the price point.

A few Samsung fans however warned others about the bad reviews and suggested that people should not care about them.

Without being biased, they said this system comes with a higher price versus performance ratio. Check out Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Manual.

This device is good overall in quality, specs, durability of the brushed aluminum material, with the only downside of being a fingerprint magnet. But that, according to them, should not be a deal breaker.

Few users even went a step ahead and questioned other users whether they would get another device with 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB of SSD storage, a 10th generation processor, and most importantly, a stunning QLED display, and pay a lower price than this. They wondered not.

Other Expert Views

This is a gorgeous and powerful laptop, according to Engadget, that comes with a vibrant QLED display and S pen. However, they feel that the battery life is not as high as promised.

It is one of the best 2-in-1 laptops available, opines Trusted Reviews. The 360-degree hinge, the stunning QLED screen, and bundled S Pen make it an excellent device, but the price is a bit on the higher side.

Laptopmag, however, are full-praise about this laptop but complains about the awkwardly located fingerprint scanner button and half-sized right Shift key.