Samsung Series 5 Chromebox Review – Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

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Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


Performance Score


Specifications and Features Score


Design Score



  • Small & Attractive
  • Chrome improvements
  • Web snappy browser
  • Easy to set up
  • Portable


  • Limited file compatible
  • Underpowered in some position
  • Built in speakers are not good
  • HDMI port is not there
  • Low storage capacity

When it comes to buying computers you would realize that its brand is an important factor that determines its reliability. Check out Samsung Series 5 Chromebox review and best offer price.

Samsung as a brand as you would already be aware of is the world leader in consumer electronics. Samsung as a brand is establishing itself in the category of Personal Computers as well.

So given the great reputation Samsung has, it is is a very reliable brand for sure. Speaking of the Samsung Series 5 Chromebox, it is one of the very popular products in its portfolio as well.

Given the features, its design and build as well as its performance it is one of the most reliable products in its category without a doubt and this is also the reason for its great popularity worldwide. Check out best desktop computers.

Samsung Series 5 Chromebox & Variants Price

Samsung Series 5 Chromebox Review by Expert

Samsung Series 5 Chromebox

Buy For: Small & Attractive | Chrome improvements

Beware Of: HDMI port is not there

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The options concerning computers, especially with respect to Chromebox Computers, are many. It is because of this choosing the right may be tough. If you are to look at this Chromebox computer from Samsung you would note that it is loaded with a multitude of features that include a powerful processor for great computing speed.

Apart from this, it has a very smart design which makes it very compact and thus is quite portable and can be easily carried. Given all the features, the smart design and its ability to deliver a great performance at the price that it is available at, you old find it particularly attractive. Along with this, since it is also under the banner of a great brand it is definitely on all fronts.

Design and Build

When it comes to design and build you would find that this Chromebox Computer from Samsung has a very innovative and smart design.

It has been designed in a way that is particularly very compact. This means that t can be kept in a very small space.

Since it is also fairly small in size it is very portable too. On the other hand with the features that it is loaded with you can expect a standard level of performance.

Thus considering everything this Computer from Samsung is surely one of the best-designed ones in this category. Check out Best Chrome OS Desktop Computers.


No matter what computer you buy you would realize that it involves an investment.

You would, therefore, want the ones that deliver the best performance at all times.

In terms of performance, this Samsung Computer has been provided with the entire standard feature that you would expect from the products in this category.

To begin with, it is powered by the Celeron B840 processor that enables this computer to generate a decent speed.

Along with the same, it has the Intel HD Graphics as well, which is capable enough to provide the standard user experience you would expect from these types of PCs.

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To enhance the overall performance of this Computer it has Google Chrome too.

Thus keeping in view all the great features that it has this computer is definitely can deliver the performance that you would expect and in some aspects even surpass it.

Storage & RAM

Whether it is a portable computer, a laptop or for that matter any device you would more than agree that in the current web scenario you need the ones that have large Storage Capacities and ones with sufficient RAMs.

If you are to look at this Samsung Computer you would find that it has a storage capacity of 16 GB through the Solid State Drive. This might seem quite low.

However, if you are to explore its peers in this category this is the standard one. Even the RAM of 4 GB is only the standard one.

Thus both the storage capacity and the RAM is nothing great and only at par with the other computers and devices available in this category.

Ports & Connectivity

The connectivity of these types of computers is of prime importance. The great benefit of this Samsung Computer is that it can easily be connected.

It has been provided with the wireless type 802.11 bgn. This is standard connectivity which is available in most devices of this type.

To go with the connectivity it also has many ports for plugging in various types of key input devices and USBs as well.

As a result of the connectivity and the ports it has been provided with the ports, it is quite useful indeed.

Additional Features

No matter what product we buy we are always delighted to get some additional features.

The same would also be the expectation when buying computers too. Check out best desktop brands.

Unfortunately, if you are to take a close look at this computer though it has all the standard features it hardly has any additional features that are worth mentioning and this is a definite disappointment on this front.

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What Users Think about Samsung Series 5 Chromebox?

In case you are to scan at the user reviews of Samsung Series 5 Chromebox you would see that it is quite a popular product in this category which has been bought by many on the seller platforms on which they are sold.

You would find that most users of this product are more than happy with the overall performance of this computer and have recommended buying the same in most cases.

Other Expert Views

If you are to take a look at what the Tech Rader experts in the field are to say about this product also you would find they too are quite happy with the overall performance of this computer and recommend buying the same. This machine is easy to set up and also portable but the storage and RAM are not sufficient.

The Verge is also saying that Chrome is not only great but it is impressive but the RAM and storage system is not giving it opportunity to go for high end works. It is equally good for small works and data storing.

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