SkyTech Archangel ST ARCH 3600 Gaming Desktop Review

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  • For enjoying moderate games this is one of the best options.
  • Having plenty of RGBs, the outfit of this device is very attractive.
  • This device can generate very strong and stable performance.
  • The configurations of this gaming desktop are highly customizable.
  • Up to 4 displays can be attached with this device.


  • There is no USB Type C port in this gaming PC.
  • This PC can only be run with the updated operating systems only.
  • USB Thunderbolt 3 is not available on this gaming desktop.
  • There is no SD Card Reader in this device.
  • A hybrid storage configuration can make the device more productive.

Read SkyTech Archangel ST ARCH 3600 gaming desktop review details. There are some companies whose pre-built gaming desktops are always in high demand; SkyTech is one of them.

The gaming systems of these companies not only ensure quality performance, but also these devices are packed with updated features.

Whereas pre-built gaming systems are concert, the reliability and the trust upon the company plays a great role.

By offering plenty of quality devices throughout the years, SkyTech has created its huge fan base.

There are even some professional gamers, who prefer to use the products of SkyTech only.

This SkyTech Archangel ST ARCH 3600 Gaming Desktop is one of the high selling pre-built gaming systems of the company.

Like the other gaming PCs, this device is also equipped with updated components.

Till now, this company has launched plenty of pre-built gaming PCs, with various configurations and with different price ranges.

This SkyTech Archangel ST ARCH 3600 gaming desktop has quite updated components.

The GPU and the processor sections of this device are quite strong and the other sections are also equipped with powerful components.

In order to make the device a productive PC, the manufacturer has attached updated peripherals to this PC.

This gaming system has the capability of offering a very balanced and stable performance in any circumstances.

Besides attractive design, this mid-size tower desktop’s stable performance also attacks the buyers towards it.

For moderate gaming, this product of SkyTech is one of the best options and it is available at a very reasonable price tag.

SkyTech Archangel ST ARCH 3600 Gaming Desktop & Variants Price

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SkyTech Archangel ST ARCH 3600 Gaming Desktop Review

SkyTech Archangel ST ARCH 3600 Gaming Desktop

Buy for: Being equipped with powerful and updated components, this pre-built gaming system can offer a very productive performance. The configurations of this product are highly customizable and upgradeable.

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Beware of: The gamers and the high-end users need to upgrade the RAM and storage section of this device. The cooling system of this product is not perfect for high-end gaming.

Best uses for: Gaming, video editing and other purposes.


This is a moderately configured gaming desktop that can offer a very powerful performance. For a gamer of entry to a moderate level, this PC is one of the good options. To perform daily day-to-day tasks of moderate level, this PC is one of the great choices.

Design & Build

A very classy, modern, unique eye-catching design has become a key identity of a gaming system of this generation.

In a pre-built gaming PC of this era, a transparent side glass panel and plenty of RGB lights are very common.

The manufacturer has used a metallic case in this SkyTech Archangel ST ARCH 3600 gaming desktop.

This case gives the device a very sturdy outfit and the overall build -quality of this pre-built gaming desktop is very good.

Like the other gaming setups, this product is not too bulky; rather we can say that it is a mid-sized tower PC, which measures only 23 inches x 21.75 inches x 12.5 inches.

It doesn’t require a lot of spaces and this device can easily be fitted at any corner of a busy desk.

White is the most common color of this gaming desktop and this color provides the device a very premium look.

There is a transparent glass panel on one side of the chassis. The quality of the transparent panel is quite good and the glass is not easily breakable.

The front panel of the chassis is almost plain, only at one side of it, there is a vertical cut-out and in this cut-out section, there are several ventilation holes.

The logo of the company is placed at the bottom left corner of the front panel.

Throughout the vertical left edge of the front panel, there is a line and behind that line, RGB lights are placed.

Some LED lights are also placed behind the logo of the company. So, just by seeing this device from the front side, one can enjoy the premium feelings of it.

We have already mentioned that there is a transparent side glass panel. Through it, anyone can enjoy the beauty of the inner section.

There are three big RGB ring lights. One of them is placed at the rear section of the chassis and the rests are placed at the upper panel of it.

The entire device is very colorful. The cables inside the case are managed quite professionally and one can locate only a few of it from outside.

There is a magnetic system, by which the users can remove the glass panel of the case.

By doing so, they will get very easy access to the inner section; more specifically we can say that they will get access to the core hardware section of the device.

Then they can easily replace, modify or upgrade the configurations of the PC.

As this is a gaming system, it is good to access the inner section of the chassis only in the presence of an expert.

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The power button, some of the USB ports, and some audio ports are located at the upper panel of the chassis and there is a black dust filter on that side.

This filter is easily removable and cleanable. Most of the part of this side of the chassis is dedicated to the air ventilation.

There are a lot of air vents. Most of the USB ports and other I/O ports are located at the rear section of the case.

Overall we can say that the design of this device is quite simple, but it has a modern touch, which gives it a very premium look.


Great performing capability and decent processing speed are the two major aspects of a gaming desktop.

And these two things are completely dependent upon the components that are installed inside the chassis of that particular PC.

The configurations of this gaming desktop are not too high, but it has a very decent and updated configuration.

To keep the price of this device at a very reasonable range, the manufacturer doesn’t attach any very high-end GPU or processor; rather the developers choose such components that are not very costly but can fulfill all the demands of most of the modern, moderate gamers.

In this gaming system, they have installed such components, which can make it very productive.

As there is no liquid cooling system in this PC, it is equipped with components that don’t generate a lot of heat.

This SkyTech Archangel ST ARCH 3600 comes with AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor.

The base clocking speed of this 3rd Gen hexa core processor is 3.6 GHz.

But by using the maximum boost facility, it can run at a frequency of 4.2 GHz.

So, the users can experience a very smooth performance that can satisfy every gamer and artist.

This processor has a cache memory of 32 MB which is very helpful to smoothly enjoy various updated AAA games.

This processor uses ‘Leading Edge 7-Nanometer’ technology.

With this updated technology, the CPU can run very smoothly and efficiently without creating any type of noise and without generating a lot of heat even while running at its maximum frequency.

This powerful and efficient processor is accompanied by the NVIDIA GTX 1660 GPU.

The capacity of this dedicated GDDR6 graphics card is 6 GB. This GPU is very efficient and it has the capability of running the updated real-time games smoothly.

This GPU is so productive that the users can perform gaming and streaming at the same time.

With the help of this GPU, this PC can generate very prominent visuals and it ensures that the users will get 60 plus fps in any situation.

The combined performance of this GPU and the processor is very powerful and speedy.

By using this device the users can smoothly experience the game play of various updated games like Roblox, Minecraft, PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds, World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Grand Theft Auto V, The Division 2, League of Legends, Apex Legends, Battlefield V, Fortnite, Overwatch, Borderlands 3, Rainbow Six: Siege, Apex Legends, etc.

And this PC can run all of these games at the highest graphics settings.

The video editors can also use this device and they will get very satisfactory performance from it.

Besides casual multitasking or entertainment purposes, this PC can also be used for 3D rendering, online teaching, etc.

Storage & RAM

There is no doubt the performance of a gaming desktop is mainly dependent upon the processor and the GPU.

Besides these sections, a gaming PC has to be equipped with an SSD and the capacity of the RAM has to be sufficient enough.

Then the system can run flawlessly. This product of SkyTech is equipped with an SSD of 500 GB.

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In comparison to the traditional HDD, this SSD can run almost 30 times faster.

This storage section is easily upgradable; so the users can increase the capability of it depending upon their requirements.

This product has a primary memory of 8 GB. This is a DDR4 gaming RAM.

It runs at a frequency of 3000 MHz and it comes with heat spreaders.

This RAM section is also upgradable and the gamers have to increase the capability of the RAM to experience smoother performance.

Ports & Connectivity

In a gaming PC, ports and connectivity features are secondary considerations, but a device with advanced connectivity features and a lot of USB ports will always be preferred.

In this generation, advanced connectivity features in a PC, means updated wireless connectivity.

This SkyTech Archangel ST ARCH 3600 Gaming Desktop is compatible with 802.11AC Wi-Fi connectivity.

By using this inbuilt Wi-Fi connection, the users can connect various I/O devices wirelessly to the device and it will give the whole setup a very modern and stylistic look.

As this is a tower PC, the users don’t need to compromise with the numbers of the USB ports. 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and 4 USB 3.2 Gen1 ports are present in this system.

There is a full set of 5.1 audio ports and through this audio port; the PC can generate a sound of HD quality.

Three display ports from the GPU’s end and one HDMI port are present in this gaming system.

So, by attaching numerous display units, the users can create their desired gaming environment.

Additional Features

There are three cooling fans in this device and the developers have attached a wraith cooler in it.

A limited and conditional warranty of one year is attached with this product.

This particular package comes with a USB gaming keyboard and a wired mouse.

The upgrading process of this gaming computer is easy, but if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about the hardware of computers; then you should hire an expert’s hand.

There is no bloatware on this PC. The users can use two SSD drives in this computer at the same time.


What Do Users Think About SkyTech Archangel ST ARCH 3600?

Many users have stated that they have got very stable performance from this device and by getting this gaming set-up at this price range they are really very happy.

Its simple but classy design is appreciated by a lot of people. Many gamers have stated that this device should come with more RAM capability.

It is true that 8 GB RAM is not sufficient for ruthless gaming, but at this price tag, the company can’t offer more.

They have wisely given an easy upgradability facility in this section, so such users who want to increase the productivity of it can upgrade this section by investing some more dollars from their pocket.

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