Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 150 Gaming PC Review

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  • The processor is quite powerful.
  • The graphical performance of this system is also quite satisfying.
  • Its configurations are quite balanced that helps it to offer very stable performance in any situation.
  • The cooling system is quite advanced, which helps it to perform smoothly for a long time.
  • Its outfit is very phenomenal.


  • Its maintenance cost is higher than the regular desktops.
  • doesn’t offer ample numbers of USB ports.
  • The users need to buy the monitor externally.
  • USB Type C port is missing
  • More storage could have been better.

Read Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 150 gaming PC review. Most of the products of Thermaltake are mainly gaming systems. So, the products of this company are usually more highly configured than most of its rivals.

This Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 150 Gaming PC is not the exception. The PC has the capabilities to smoothly run easy to moderate games.

The buyers can also upgrade the configurations of this product in the future according to their hardware requirements.

The configurations of this PC are quite perfect to perform regular, various easy to moderate multitasking jobs.

At one side of the chassis, there is transparent glass. Like the other gaming systems, this product also has RGB lighting.

The PC is equipped with an updated processor of AMD, GPU of NVIDIA, and 16 GB RAM. These configurations are the very standard choice for most of the budget gamers of this era.

By using this pre-built desktop of Thermaltake, the users can easily get 60 plus fps while running any updated game of this time and the users can easily run 4K contents by using this device.

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By upgrading this product, the buyers can increase the processing speed of the product and its performance can also get more stable.

Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 150 Gaming PC & Variants Price

Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 150 Gaming PC Review

Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 150 Gaming PC


Buy for: This system is equipped with a powerful dedicated graphics card. The overall performance of this PC is quite stable.

Beware of: As it doesn’t have many USB ports, the regular users face quite difficulties while attaching plenty of wired peripherals. That’s the reason it is not usually used in any business place. 

Best uses for: Gaming, League of Legends and other purposes.

Best alternatives: Skytech Shiva and MSI Aegis R 10SC


This device from Thermaltake is a great performing gaming system, which comes with a minimalist design and is equipped with quite standard and updated configurations. This product is one of the best selling products of the company of this price range.

Design & Build

In every gaming desktop, the design of the product is one of the main things that the buyers consider, before purchasing any device.

In the design of this gaming PC of Thermaltake, one can find a very smart and stylish approach.

Its sorbet design is one of the major aspects that attract the buyers a lot.

This great performing pre-built system has got a very sturdy and attractive outfit.

There is a transparent glass panel at one of the sides of the chassis. This glass panel gives this PC a more gaming PC-like outfit.

As this PC has a full-length PSU, there is very little of the cables that are visible from the outside.

It provides a professional-like look to the device. There is a magnetic system using which the glass panel can be attached or removed.

So, the users can’t locate any screws on the chassis. To get access to the internal hardware section of the PC, the users only need to use this magnetic system.

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White is the most common color variant of this PC.


Besides, good looks every gaming desktop needs to offer a very high and stable performance.

Gaming desktops are made to serve high-end users. So, each gaming PC has to be equipped with updated configurations.

That’s the reason the gaming systems are more costly than the regular PC.

This gaming desktop of Thermaltake offers a very stable and consistent performance.

The PC is very fruitful to the moderate video editors and the users can play X Plane 11in it, with basic to moderate settings.

It is equipped with an updated processor of AMD, named AMD RYZEN 5 3600.

This is a 6 core processor and its average clocking speed is 3.6 GHz. This processor is a very standard choice to perform easily to moderate gaming and various CPU-oriented tasks.

Besides this powerful processor, the PC has also got a dedicated graphics card from NVIDIA.

This GPU can easily handle any content of 1080 pixels; even the users can also enjoy the 4K contents by using this product.

The capacity of this NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER is 6 GB.

The combined outcome of this GPU and the processor helps the PC to maintain its consistent and stable performance, even with the 4K videos or games.

Storage & RAM

The performing capabilities of a PC, especially the performance of any gaming desktop, can easily be enhanced by upgrading the system’s storage type and RAM type and their capacities.

We all know that solid-state drives are the most preferred storage type and on a gaming system, it is very necessary. But this desktop comes with 500 GB SSD.

The Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 150 Gaming desktop has a primary memory of 16 GB.

This is a DDR4 RAM and it is a good option for playing easy to moderate games.

But for getting better performance, the users can enhance its capacity.

But for regular multitasking use, its initial capacity is more than enough.

Ports & Connectivity

In terms of ports and connectivity this gaming desktop is not very rich. There are very few USB ports.

It has one USB 3.0 port, 2 USB 2.0 ports and one headphone and one mic port.

That’s why the regular users face very difficulties while attaching various input or output devices.

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They are forced to use USB extensions to connect many peripherals. On the other hand, the wireless connectivity feature is also not available in it.

So, they neither can attach peripherals wirelessly. USB extensions are the only option for them to attach many devices to it.

They can attach more than one display unit with this product to create a proper gaming environment.

Additional Features

The HDD that is used in this device rotates at a speed of 7200 RPM which is quite standard, to offer a stable performance; but to increase its data processing speed and to reduce the boot time, the users need to install an SSD.

The PC has a very standard cooling system that helps the device to get operated for a long time, without getting heated.

AMD B450 Chipset mATX motherboard is used in this product of Thermaltake. A conditional warranty of one year is attached with this package.


What Do Users Think About Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 150?

The users, mainly moderate gamers are truly satisfied by getting this device at this price range.

But as this device does not have ample amount of storage some of the users become disappointed.

Their issues can easily be resolved in the future as this product is easily upgradable.

It is good not to use this product at any commercial houses as this product does not have any wireless connectivity and the number of USB forces are also very less, in comparison to the other regular PCs.

The overall outfit of this product is one of the major point-of-attractions to the buyers.

The contrast of the black and white combination is loved by the users a lot.

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