Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 370 Gaming PC Review

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  • This gaming desktop has a very attractive and unique design.
  • Any type of extra bloatware is not installed on this PC.
  • It has superb cable management.
  • The computer can smoothly perform any CPU-intensive work.
  • This gaming device can run almost quietly.


  • It is too expensive for casual usages.
  • The company needs to upgrade its customer service facility.
  • The users need to manually connect a cable which connects PSU to GPU.
  • This PC is not easily available in the stores.
  • Although it is a full tower PC, there are only a few numbers of USB ports.

Read Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 370 gaming PC full review. Day by day the numbers of PC gamers are gradually increasing.

Depending upon this trend, desktop manufactures are training to launch updated high-performing desktops very frequently. Nowadays Thermaltake is a very popular brand.

It has already launched plenty of gaming PCs. And now it comes with Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 370 Gaming PC. This is a high-performing desktop, mainly made to serve gamers and other high-end users.

For playing games at 4K resolutions, this desktop is one of the very good choices. Upgradability feature is also present in this product. Hence, the users can enhance its configurations, according to their requirements.

The processor and the graphics card that is used in it are quite updated and can offer very strong performance.

Obviously, it has some minor drawbacks, but all of them can be resolved by investing some extra dollars from your pocket. This desktop is one of the best options for professional gamers.

Its initial configurations are enough for performing any multitasking job. Its performance is so smooth that the users can simultaneously perform streaming and gaming with 4K resolutions.

Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 370 Gaming PC & Variants Price

Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 370 Gaming PC Review

Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 370 Gaming PC

Buy for: This liquid-cooled gaming desktop can offer very strong performance. The PC has enough graphical capabilities to run most of the trending games, with the highest settings.

Beware of: There is no HDD present in this PC. It is a very expensive deal.

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Best uses for: Gaming, Cyberpunk 2077 and see the price.


This computer is not made for casual usages. This expensive product mainly targets high-end users. And for them, this PC is a very fruitful deal. In terms of performance, design, and features it is one of the best in its class.

Design & Build

In this generation, most gaming PCs have a very unique and attractive design. A transparent glass panel, various RGB lights, and smart stylist design have become very common in such PCs.

Through the transparent panel, anyone can enjoy the inner beauty of such desktops. So, unique and stylistic design is one of the key features that every modern gamer searches for, before purchasing any product.

Most of the computers of Thermaltake are gaming systems and each of them has unique and eye-catching designs.

This Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 370 Gaming PC is available in white color and this color provides a very soothing appearance to the PC.

The quality of the glass that is used at the glass panel is quite sturdy. The cables inside the cabinet are very neatly managed.

One can locate only a few cables there. To get access to the internal section of the chassis, the users need to plug out the glass panel.

But there is no screw used on this specific panel. A magnetic system is used here, instead of screws.

So, by using that magnetic mechanism, one can easily attach or remove the glass panel.

There is no cut-out on the front panel and all the ports are present at the rear side of the chassis.

The ARGB AIO is placed on the upper side and the ARGB fan is installed on the rear panel of the chassis.


To cope with the games of this time, the well-known PC manufacturers start to make such gaming PCs, which can assure top-notch performance, with the extreme workloads.

The gamers of this generation prefer to play games with 4K resolutions and to run the trending games in 4K resolution, the desktop needs to be strong enough.

This pre-built gaming desktop of Thermaltake comes with very updated and powerful components; that make the device quite efficient and the PC can run smoothly with any type of huge workload, or can smoothly run any recently launched game with the highest settings.

Being equipped with a very efficient and updated processor, the desktop can offer very smooth processing with any huge database.

In 95% of the gaming desktops, we can easily find a GPU of NVIDIA. This company has varieties of GPUs, which are made for different fields.

This product of Thermaltake also comes with an efficient graphics card of NVIDIA. This particular GPU is one of the best options for professional gaming.

For playing games with 4K resolutions, this graphics card is one of the best options till now.

This Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 370 Gaming PC has a powerful processor named, AMD Ryzen 5 5600X. The base clocking speed of this Hexa core processor is 3.7GHz.

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This clocking speed can be maximized to 4.6 GHz while running any CPU-intensive work. This clocking speed is perfect for editing, gaming, streaming, or any high-end tasks.

Thus, any type of multitasking job of any level can smoothly be performed by this processor. In this aspect, the 35 MB cache memory of the processor plays a crucial role.

The processor is one of the best processors that AMD has ever produced. It is suitable for professional gamers, professional editors, content creators, etc.

Having such a powerful processor, this computer can smoothly run Cyberpunk 2077, with the highest game settings.

The gamers can enjoy each and every knot of the game, even while streaming it to an online platform.

For playing other recently released games, this device is one of the good options for the gamers.

The AI of the processor is quite updated and it protects the system from any type of loss. Having updated configurations, the overall speed of the PC is quite fast.

It takes less than 10 seconds to boot itself. This prebuilt gaming desktop comes with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070.

This GPU is very powerful and has enormous capabilities. This graphics card makes a perfect duo with the AMD processor and makes the processing smoothest ever.

In this PC the users will get 80 plus fps in any situation. Windows 10 Home is the operating system that is pre-installed on this device.

The manufacturer has installed advanced 240 mm ARGB AIO liquid cooling in this gaming desktop.

This cooling facility keeps the inner temperature of the chassis within a limit. 120mm ARGB fans are also used in this product.

So, the PC can run almost silently and it is very hard to find any type of heating issue in this gaming system.

Storage & RAM

The storage and the RAM are the two major sections, on which the responsiveness and the data transferring speeds of any computer are dependent. These two sections are easily upgradable in this gaming PC.

To run the games smoothly the PC needs to read the hard drive quite fast. Mainly, for this reason, SSDs have become an inevitable part of gaming desktops.

They are more expensive than mechanical ones, but an SSD’s performance and longevity are quite better than an HDD. This Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 370 comes with an SSD of 1 TB.

If the user requires more storage space, he can install an HDD in it. The RAM section of this PC is also quite strong. It has 16 GB RAM. Two RAMs of 8 GB are installed in it.

These are not regular RAMs, rather these are ‘Tough Ram with RGBs’. Hence, these RAMs also play a significant role in the product’s outfit.

For gaming, multitasking, this initial RAM capacity is more than sufficient. But the professionals need to upgrade this section to make the PC more productive.

Ports & Connectivity

It is very unfortunate that this full tower PC can’t offer numerous USB ports. Hence, the casual users can feel uneasy with this situation.

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They can’t directly connect plenty of peripherals in the PC. They need to purchase a USB HUB or need to connect the peripherals wirelessly.

This gaming PC has one USB 3.0 port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, One Headphone, and one Mic port. Three display ports and one HDMI port are also present in this product.

So, the users can connect multiple display units with this computer to create the desired gaming environment.

The PC is compatible with Wi-Fi 6. The users can use it to connect various peripherals wirelessly to the desktop. 

Additional Features

This water-cooled gaming desktop comes with an AMD B550 chipset and an ATX motherboard is used in it. The device is upgradable.

So, the users can modify its configurations according to their needs. This computer gets supply from a PSU of 700 Watt.

This is an 80 Plus Gold power category supply. This PSU is covered with the filtered ventilated vertical side mount radiator support.

A conditional warranty of one year is provided from the manufacturer’s end. The cooler that is used here is a closed-loop liquid cooler.

The GPU that is used here has a Ray Tracing facility. This facility helps gamers to play real-time games in an efficient way.

The frequency of the inbuilt Wi-Fi is 5 GHz.


What Do Users Think About Thermaltake LCGS Glacier 370?

There is a minor error in the assembling process of this device. There are two connectors between the GPU and the PSU.

One of the connectors is neatly connected, but the other one has just been left aside. For this reason, many of the high-end users and professional gamers face some crashing issues in this product.

The problem can be solved only by connecting the other wire properly. The users need to do it manually, or they can take the help of an expert hand.

After this minor modification, the PC is ready to give its best. The company doesn’t connect it, only to reduce the power consumption of those users who are going to use it for multitasking purposes.

It is recommended to connect the wire, even if you are using it for multitasking.

After connecting that wire, the overall performance of the PC gets better and the gamers and the other high-end users are quite satisfied with its performance.

Some users have stated that a hybrid storage configuration can make the device more productive.

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