Thermaltake LCGS View 380 Gaming PC Review

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  • This desktop has very advanced specifications.
  • It has a very unique and classy, attractive outfit.
  • This gaming PC has the capability to smoothly tackle high-end tasks.
  • Having advanced liquid cooling, this desktop can be operated very silently.
  • Having a very strong processor and GPU, the users can enjoy most updated games with the highest settings.


  • This is a very expensive gaming PC.
  • The desktop is quite bulky.
  • Having plenty of glass panels, the users need to handle this chassis with care.
  • This PC consumes a lot of electricity.
  • The brightness of the RGB of the RAM is too high in comparison to the RGBs of cooling fans.


For high-end users, this gaming desktop is very fruitful. From looks to performance, everything in the system is of top class. This gaming PC is one of the best options for passionate gamers and professionals of various fields also prefer to use it.

Thermaltake LCGS View 380 Gaming PC & Variants Price


Thermaltake LCGS View 380 Gaming PC

Day by day the basic requirements of the latest games and software are increasing rapidly.

To cope with this scenario, it is always good to buy such a desktop that has updated specifications and whose configurations can also be upgraded later.

To build an efficient, powerful PC, a manufacturer has to install the powerful processor, GPU, RAM, and other updated components. For this reason, most of the powerful and efficient computers are quite costly.

Thermaltake is a very widely known desktop manufacturing company and most of the products of this company are made for high-end users. The professionals of various fields prefer the products of this company a lot.

This is a highly configured and highly advanced gaming PC, which can be used for performing any high-end operation. The users can experience very stable, powerful, and speedy performance by using this device.

Buy for: This is a great-performing desktop. Its configurations are too advanced and the buyers can experience flawless performance even with very CPU-intensive work-loads.

Beware of: The purchasing price of this gaming desktop is too high. It is a bulky device and it consumes a lot of space on a desk. Having plenty of RGB lights, the PC consumes a lot of electricity.

Best uses for: High end gaming, live streaming and other purposes.

Design & Build

Most of the updated gaming computers of this era have a very unique, attractive design. These gaming desktops are packed with powerful components.

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While running, these components generate a lot of heat. To tackle down this generated heat and to offer numerous spaces for upgradation, these desktops are quite bulky than the regular computers.

This gaming desktop of Thermaltake has a very attractive design.

From RGB lights to transparent glass panels, the developer has installed every feature that we can find in other gaming desktops and these ultimately make the outfit of the PC more attractive.

This highly configured gaming desktop measures 24 inches x 18 inches x 24 inches and on the three sides of the chassis, the manufacturer has attached glass panels.

In most of the gaming desktops, we can find only one transparent side. But to give the PC an attractive look, and to enhance the beauty of the device, the manufacturer used 3 glass panels on the 3 sides of the chassis.

The main theme of the case is black, but there are lots of RGB lights. The front panel has two parts. The main part has a glass panel; there are two big huge RGB ring lights.

The branding of the company is placed at the bottom of this section and the company’s name is embedded in silver color.

On the right side of this glass panel, there is a vertical cut-out, and upon this plastic panel the USB ports, power button, etc are placed.

The side panel is entirely made of glass and the tempered glass panels have a thickness of 4mm. Hence, it is not breakable easily.

Through this tempered glass, the users can enjoy the inner beauty of the chassis very easily. There are 6 RGB ring lights inside the case. 3 of them are placed vertically, just above the liquid cooler.

And three of the lights are placed at the upper panel of the chassis. Just in the middle of the motherboard, there is another embedded branding of the company and it also has RGB lights.

To make the device more colorful, the manufacturer has attached RGB RAMs to it. But, some of the users don’t like this light of the RAMs as they are quite brighter than the rest of the lights.

The overall build quality of this PC is quite good. But, as this chassis has lots of glass panels, it needs to be handled with proper caution.

To get access to the inner section of the chassis, the users need to untie the screws that are placed just above the side glass panel and they can modify or upgrade the specifications of this product.

There are only two cables that are visible from the outside. The cables are managed too professionally.

To maintain such professionalism, it is requested to upgrade this device only with the presence of an expert.


Depending upon the installed components, the performance of a gaming PC varies. To generate powerful results from a gaming desktop, the PC has to be equipped with powerful components.

Powerful components indirectly indicate updated ones. This is very necessary because things in this universe are changing rapidly.

To cope with this tendency, updated specifications are very necessary. Nowadays AMD’s processors are considered as equally powerful as the similar components of Intel.

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Even in some processors of AMD, the users can get more graphical advantages and more prominent visuals. This highly configured gaming desktop of Thermaltake comes with AMD Ryzen 7 5800.

This octa-core processor is very powerful and by using this CPU, the users can smoothly live stream any game play on any online platform.

The users can experience high-speed gaming by using this processor.

For the content creators, this processor is also one of the good options.

The base clocking speed of this powerful processor is 3.8 GHz and the maximum clocking frequency that the users can get from this CPU is 4.7 GHz.

When the processor runs at this high frequency, it generates a lot of heat inside the chassis.

To tackle down this generated heat, the developers have installed closed-loop liquid cooling with the 360 mm radiator.

Besides this advanced cooling system, there are also some cooling fans.

These cooling fans are also of great quality and they can run at high frequency without creating any noise.

This processor has a cache memory of 32 MB. By using this memory, the product can launch any software in very little time.

In a gaming desktop, a powerful graphics card from Nvidia is very necessary. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 is present in this gaming desktop.

The capacity of this GPU is 10 GB. This GPU has enough capability to smoothly handle any AAA games of this generation.

The combined outcome of the processor and the graphics card is very smooth and the users can enjoy any game of this era with the highest settings even in 4K resolutions.

They can also enjoy 3D content in this product, by attaching a good VR glass. Windows 10 Home is the operating system that is pre-installed in this gaming computer.

The desktop is always ready to offer top-notch performance under any circumstances. For the advanced AI facility of the processor, this device can protect itself from heavy losses.

Storage & RAM

In a gaming system, the storage type and its capacity play a very crucial role.

This is because the size of the games of this era is too huge and to play these games, the users first need to download the raw files then they can install these games on their PC.

The minimum required storage capacity of most of the updated games is too huge now. Hence, a gaming PC must have a minimum of 1 TB of storage.

For faster processing, all the experts suggest using an SSD in the PC. An SSD can help the system to process various data with great speed.

This highly configured water-cooled gaming desktop has a 1TB Gen4 SSD. Initially, there is no HDD, but the users can install an HDD of their desired capacity later.

On the motherboard, there are 2 RAM slots. Both of them are equipped with a RAM of 8 GB. The total capacity of the primary storage in this PC is 16 GB.

To make the device’s outfit more attractive, the manufacturer has installed RGB RAMs. That means the RAMs also have lights.

Some users are too disappointed with these additional RGB lights. They have said that these lights are not in proper order with the other RGB light.

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These are brighter than the other RGBs.

Ports & Connectivity

In terms of ports and connectivity, this product is not so rich. Being a full tower desktop it has plenty of USB ports.

The thing that disappoints the users most is that there is no inbuilt wireless connectivity.

To connect various peripherals wirelessly to the PC, the users need to install a router and Bluetooth externally to it and for it; they have to invest more money.

At the front side of the chassis, the users will get 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 headphone port, and one mic port.

The rest of the ports are placed at the rear section of the case. On that side, there are 4 additional USB 2.0 ports, one HDMI port, 2 USB 3.1, and 2 USB 3.0 ports.

Three additional display ports are also present in this PC, from the GPU’s end.

That means the users can attach multiple displays with this computer to create a proper gaming or working environment.

While any user performs online live streaming, this feature helps him a lot. Ethernet connectivity is also present in this PC.

Additional Features

This desktop has AMD X570 Chipset. ATX motherboard is used in this product.

Having this motherboard, the users can widely and easily upgrade the specifications of this device.

A conditional warranty of one year is present in this product. The users will not get any keyboard or mouse with this package.


What Do Users Think About Thermaltake LCGS View 380?

By the performance of this device, most of the high-end users are happy. Some of them have stated that this deal is overpriced.

If they assemble these specifications in a chassis, then they can definitely save almost 500$.

Some of the users are not happy with its extreme showoffs. Some of them have said that the excess use of RGBs in this product hampers its simplicity.

This desktop can run almost silently and it has an advanced liquid cooling system.

For these features this product can run for a long time without any interruption. For this reason many professional users like this deal.

Most beginners and casual users avoid this product as it is too highly configured according to their requirements and it is too highly-priced according to their expectations.

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