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Computer Network vs Distributed System (Explained)

In a computer network mostly autonomous computers are interconnected. These computers are usually interconnected to share data and information between them. In a distributed system, however, several autonomous computers are used but these systems are visible to the users. There are quite a few other major differences between a computer network and a distributed system …

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What is Network in Computer? (Explained)

What is Network? A network means the interconnection of computing devices that helps in sharing resources and data based on a specific communications protocol over wired or wireless technologies. A computer network typically consists of different computers called nodes. KEY TAKEAWAYS Computer networking allows the devices within the network to follow a specific system of rules …

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Mainframe Computer vs Supercomputer Explained

A mainframe computer supports storing a large database and a large number of users at the same time. It allows running different applications and comes with a powerful set of hardware that produces the desired results pretty fast. Ideally, a mainframe computer can handle millions of transactions per second. However, a mainframe computer is smaller …

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Integrated Circuits vs Transistor (Explained)

Integrated Circuits are used extensively today in several electronic devices to enhance their level of performance and speed. These chips are usually made from a semiconductor material such as silicon and help in establishing connection between two hardware components in an electronic device. There are several golden plates or connectors on these Integrated Circuits that …

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Integrated Circuits vs Microprocessor (Explained)

Integrated Circuit, also referred to as IC, indicates a thin and flat chip made usually of silicon material. This consists of at least two semiconductors that are interconnected such as the transistors. A microprocessor is that computer hardware which consists of the whole CPU or Central Processing Unit on a single chip. When people talk …

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