What is 4K Gaming Like – 5 Advantages & Disadvantages

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What is 4K gaming like? The future of gaming, whether you use your computer or TV, seems to be 4K. Over the years, most of the major manufacturing companies, including biggies like Microsoft and Sony, have introduced new versions of gaming consoles that are 4K capable.

However, it is still in the debatable stage regarding the abilities of these upgraded systems. Few people opine that it will support native 4K gaming.

On the other hand, there are a few who suggest that these systems, even if they do not support 4K gaming, will at least upscale the current games to 4K. Few even suggest that these will even support 4K Blu-rays.

The basics of 4K gaming is the resolution size of the images. These images ideally come with a 3840 x 2160 pixels count. This is, in fact, double the image resolution of a traditional HD system which is 1080p or 1920 x 1080 pixels.

This development points at two significant things.

  • One, you will need to upgrade your monitor, and
  • Two, you will need a faster graphics card in your system to enjoy the 4K content as you should be.

At present, you will find a lot of hardware options that are 4K-ready, but all of these may not support such resolution. However, there is one good news about it. The hardware that may support 1080p resolution may actually cost you much less than a standard 4K setup.

In customer standings, 4K indicates a resolution that is of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. You may be familiar with it, thanks to the TV shows and movies. Now, most of the gaming hardware comes with this feature, by default.

4k is an entirely technical term that defines the resolution at which a video is played back, but that is where matters become a bit complicated.

This is because this term, 4k, is interchangeably used with Ultra High Definition or UHD. However, UHD is far more complex than that. It not only is made up of 4K resolution but it also has High Dynamic Range or HDR.

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This combination of 4K and HDR helps in providing a far better contrast to the picture enabling the users to pick up even the minutest of details in it. It also helps in providing a wider and more varied gamut of colors on the screen.

Therefore, the long and short of the story is, you should not fall for the claims made by the manufacturers regarding 4K playback.

You must make it doubly, or even triply sure, that it is actually 4K playback and not a UHD playback or anything in between 4k and HDR.

A few may not even come with the specific and desired color range. This is an important aspect because if you get only higher resolution, your gaming experience will not be as it should be in 4K gaming.

What is 4k Gaming Like?

What is 4k Gaming Like

4K resolution is actually the measurement of the image, expressed in pixels. This measures the width versus the height. Modern PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U can playback a video at 1080p as compared to its previous generation consoles that ran as 1280×720 pixels or 720p.

The letter ‘p’ here means ‘progressive,’ which is the short form of ‘progressive scan.’ This is the process in which every line of a single frame is drawn in a perfect sequence starting from the top to the bottom. This utilizes the entire space available in a one particular refresh cycle.

The 4K term can itself be confusing due to the fact that it is a misnomer, technically speaking. Most people think that 4K is that which indicates an image that has a width of 4000 pixels and height of 2000 pixels, which is far from the truth.

However, this is partially true because in the movie industry this refers to images that are of 4,096 pixels in width and 2,160 pixels in height, which is double the height and width of a 2K image.

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Ideally, 4K is much wider than the average normal widescreen that has an aspect ratio of 16:9. Moreover, the term ‘2160p’ in the world of TV signifies a video standard that is specifically called Ultra High Definition or UHD.

This is much more than 1080p or Full High Definition, and even further more than 720p or High Definition terminology.

The video industry calls it ‘4K ultra HD’ or simply 4K which indicates that the images played back are of 3,840 by 2,160 pixels, which is why it may also be called 2160p.

Take a look at the math and you will understand it clearly:

  • 720p image is made up of 921,600 pixels
  • 1080p image has 2,073,600 pixels which is 2.25 times more and
  • 2160p or 4K contains 8,294,400 pixels.

Therefore, it is four times of a 1080p image and nine times a 720p image. This also means that a 1080p image will take only one-quarter of a 4K image rectangle.

Such a big difference provides better visual acuity which makes 4K gaming all the more fun and exciting. Check out best prebuilt gaming PC.


1. Visual experience

The hi-fi monitors will provide an exceptional visual and gaming experience in comparison to a normal full HD screen.

The pictures are highly immersive and you will find it more realistic and as good as it possibly can.

The players actually find them lost in the fantasy world.

2. Beauty and detail

The high resolution of the images provides more detailed image and at the same time increases the aesthetics making the entire game more appealing to the gamers.

With the use of graphical fidelity, the characters, the titles and the background look awesome.

3. Future proofing

This is the most significant part as the manufacturers, developers of the games, and even the users can think a step or two ahead of the time.

The components you invest in will serve your purpose for several years to come and will not be obsolete soon like any low-cost hardware.

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4. Price

The high price is one of the most significant factors that people shy away from investing in 4K monitors and components.

With a stringent budget, they are often left with far too little cash in hand to invest in a 4K monitor after buying components like a powerful processor and a faster GPU, and, are therefore, deprived from the 4K gaming experience.

5. Upgrades

It is not enough to buy a 4K monitor for gaming. You will also have to upgrade your PC for that matter, which, once again, boils down to a lot of hard cash.


Is 4k worth it for gaming?

You should go for 4K gaming if you want a better ROI for your upgrades. Moreover, the price of 4K hardware is coming down rapidly as well, which does away with the high-price excuse.

What graphics card can run 4K?

One of the most common graphics cards to use is the new Nvidia RTX 2080. You can also try a couple of others namely, GTX 1080 Ti, the Titan V, and the Titan Xp.

How much RAM do I need for 4k gaming?

Out of the 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128 GB RAM available, the best one for 4K gaming is a 16 GB RAM. This is not only enough for 4K gaming but it will also make your computer more future-proof.

How do I know if my PC is 4K?

Check the display specifications of the manufacturer. Click on ‘Display Settings’ and look for the resolution. If it reads 1920 x 1080, consider your PC to be 4K-ready.

Bottom Line

If you want to make your PC future-proof and want to experience the ultimate in gaming, then 4K is certainly the route you should take. With better visual acuity and fidelity, it will serve you for many years down the road.