What is Octa Core Processor – Pros, Cons & FAQs

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What is octa core processor? After getting a satisfactory performance from the dual and quad core and hexa core processors the developers focused on creating a more powerful and more efficient integrated circuit.

Then they invented more powerful, more capable, the octa core processors. Check out Intel Atom, Celeron and Pentium Processors.

What is Octa Core Processor?

 what is Octa Core Processor

To create a more developed processor, the developers put 8 cores in a single silicon chip and they called it an octa core processor.

The working process of an octa core processor is similar to the dual core or quad core processors.

As the numbers of cores are more in an octa core processor, these chips can provide more stable performance.

The cores of an octa core processor are interlinked to each other and the data travel among various cores through the front side bus.

Most of the time the octa core processors work on 4 cores; if any heavy workload comes, and then the rest 4 cores get activated.

Importance of Octa Core Processors

As an octa core processor is equipped with 8 numbers of cores it can easily handle 8 applications simultaneously.

This feature is very helpful to the high end users. Octa core processors are very costly and it is used only by high-end users.

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Casual users usually don’t need to operate 8 numbers of applications simultaneously on a PC.

An octa core processor also creates a huge amount of heats for which it needs a great cooling system with it.

For performing plenty of multi tasking jobs octa core processors are the best and the most exclusive processors.

The Pros

  • The multitasking ability of an octa core processor is far better than the rest.
  • An octa core processor can handle 8 numbers of applications smoothly and simultaneously.
  • Most of the octa core processors come with the speed boosting facility called hyper threading. By using this facility the processor can minimize or maximize the working frequency according to the workload.
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The Cons

  • The price of an octa core processor is too high.
  • Power consumption of the octa core processors is also very high in comparison to other processors.
  • An octa core processor generates a huge amount of heat. This generated heat can damage other peripherals of the system. So a great cooling facility is also needed with an octa core processor.
  • Only a few processors come with octa core. The cost of them is also very high.


Is an octa core processor good for gaming?

Octa core processors are the best for all purposes. They are made for satisfying all types of users. This type of processor needs a high configuration with it, to get operated with its full power.

If any gamer is configuring a highly configured gaming PC and he is free to spend a huge amount of money then he can surely go with an octa core processor. But, others can go with quad core processors. He will not get any issues with it, as most of the time, the octa core processor runs on any of its 4 cores.

What is the best operating system for an octa core processor?

One can easily enjoy the latest version of the Windows 10 operating system with an octa core processor, but the user has to configure the PC accordingly. To fully utilize an octa core processor minimum 8 GB or 16 GB RAM is required in a system.

What is the speed of an octa core processor?

Most of the octa core processor comes with the hyper threading facility. The average base clock speed of an octa core processor ranges between 3.0 GHz to 4.5 GHz. By using the hyper threading facility the speed can be hiked up to 5.0 GHz.

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Minimum how much RAM should present in a computer, which is equipped with an octa core processor?

In order to fully enjoy the power of an octa core processor, the PC must be equipped with minimum 8 GB RAM or higher. 16 GB RAM is a good choice with an octa core processor.


One can’t get a wide range to choose an octa core processor. Intel and AMD offer only a few processors with octa core. Intel Core i7 5960 X and AMD FX 9590 are the two most famous octa core processors of recent times.

As the purchasing and maintenance cost of the octa core processors are huge, only a few high end users choose to go with an octa core processor.

Although an octa core processor is equipped with 8 numbers of cores, most of the time it runs on quad cores. The octa core processor has a selective fan base. So the manufacturer doesn’t offer too many variants of it to the users.

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