What is Quad Core Processor – Pros, Cons, FAQ, Importance

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What is quad core processor? Since its invention, the processors of the computers are going through spontaneous developing processes.

After the great success of dual core processors, the engineers and developers started to invent a more powerful and more stable product by multiplying the numbers of cores.

Then they invent the quad core processors. In this article we will talk about all the features of a quad core processor. Check out Intel Atom, Celeron and Pentium Processors.

What is Quad Core Processor?

what is Quad Core Processor

If a single silicon chip is equipped with four processing cores then the chip or the IC is called a quad core processor.

The mechanism of a quad core processor is almost similar to that of a dual core processor. Check out Differences Between Dual Core and Quad Core Processor.

But, a quad core processor has 4 cores and the working procedure of a quad core processor is similar to that of a dual core processor.

Importance of a Quad Core Processor

A quad core processor is more popular in recent times than dual core processors.

Without boosting the clock speed the developers have put four cores together to get a better performance.

As the clock speed of a quad core processor is the same as a dual core processor, the generated heat doesn’t create much problem.

But all applications or software don’t utilize the full powers of these processors.

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If, any software is compatible with multi-processing, then the application can utilize its whole capacity.

In such software, the CPU divides its workload among various cores and it results in smoother and faster processing.

Most of the updated operating systems and software support multi-processing facility.

So, these applications can utilize the full working capacity of a quad core processor.

The Pros

  • The power and performing ability of a quad core processor is much better than a dual core processor.
  • Multitasking ability of a quad core processor is better than the dual core processors. It can smoothly handle minimum 4 operations simultaneously.
  • The clock speed of the quad core processor is almost similar to a dual core processor. So, the amount of generated heat is also similar. This generated heat does not create any huge problems for the users.

The Cons

  • A quad core processor consumes more energy in comparison to a dual core or single core processor.
  • In a quad core processor, the four cores are interlinked through the front side bus and the catch memory has to always engage with any of the cores. These two aspects create a serious issue while using the quad core processors. The developers are trying to increase the speed of the FSB and trying to develop the catch memory.
  • Quad core processors are more costly than a dual core processor.
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How fast is a quad core processor?

The average clock speed of each core in a quad core processor is around 2.66 GHz. But, the processor divides its work among the cores. So the working speed of a quad core processor is faster than the speed of each core.

Is a quad core processor enough to play games?

Yes, a quad core processor is a good choice for playing games. It provides satisfactory performance while operating multitasking jobs.

Octa core processors are very costly and these are available in some variants only. On the other hand, a quad core processor has a very wide range and these processors are able to provide satisfactory performance to the gamers.

While playing a game the generated heat creates a serious issue. But, as the clock speed of a quad core processor is not very high, it doesn’t generate too much heat. This feature is very useful to all the gamers.

What is a quad core processor good for?

A quad core processor is the best choice for playing games and for performing multitasking operations. This type of processor is cheaper than octa core processor and they provide more stable performance than a dual core processor.

Is quad core processor faster than dual core processor?

A quad core processor can perform any job faster than a dual core processor. As a quad core processor can divide the whole job among the 4 cores of the processor, the processing speed of a quad core processor is far better than a dual core.

But in a dual core processor, the PC can divide the job among two cores, so the speed of a dual core processor is not as satisfactory as that of a quad core processor.

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How many cores does a quad core processor have?

As we discussed earlier and as the name of the product suggests a quad core processor comes with 4 numbers of cores. They are interlinked to one another and are connected by FSB.


AMD Phenom X4 processors, the Intel Nehalem, and the Intel Core 2 Quad are the most famous quad core processors and these are the most frequently used quad core processors. AMD and Intel are the most famous processor manufacturers throughout the years.

The processors of Intel can be used in Windows, Linux and Mac systems. But, AMD processors can only be used with Windows and Linux operating systems.

Some advanced systems come with two quad core processors. So, these systems are 8 times as powerful as the single core CPUs. This type of configuration is very common in server computers.

A Quad core processor is more costly than a dual core processor and less costly in comparison to an octa core processor. To configure a great performing computer system in a handsome budget, quad core processor is the best option.

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