What Do You Lose When Upgrading to Windows 11?

What Do You Lose When Upgrading to Windows 11

There are some of the frequent tools and applications which are needed to be brought forward from Windows 10 before the release of Windows 11 in October 2021.

Now the user will have a Mac-like experience with applications, preferences, and significant designs with much more user-friendliness.


  • Windows 11 Upgrade is worthy as it offers a performance boost.
  • Data and files will be automatically updated on the PC along with the upgrade.
  • Backup in the OneDrive is always suggested
  • Some of the preinstalled features will not be available/lost but can be easily restored.

Should You Upgrade to Windows 11?

If your PC qualifies then you can surely upgrade. But it is true that across the board Windows 11 has not achieved such a broad success.

There are three big reasons why you should upgrade Microsoft is offering free upgrades that can be installed as an accepted operating system.

It is considered intelligent and way more streamlined in many ways especially when you are using multiple displays or touch screens – visual redesign is considered to be most unique here.

But if you are still hesitant to upgrade then no worries as you can still get access to many features like virtual desktops and Auto HDR as the security updates and critical patches through 2025.

By this time if you want you can upgrade or who knows Windows 12 can be more interesting!

Is It Worth Upgrading to Windows 11 Performance?

If you care about performance then Windows 11 is great. You can check out the YouTube videos where Microsoft talks about its performance.

As per them, Windows 11 works a lot in memory management to favor the windows app that is opened and running in the foreground.

Since its launch, Microsoft added performance-level improvements. In Feb Windows received an update of boosted SSD speed.

Windows 11 suspends some data into the RAM while the PC is in sleeping mode thus when the PC wakes up then it can work 25% faster compared to other versions. This ensures that the CPU overpowers the resource system.

There is a small real-world use as Windows 11 is much snappier than Windows 10. Even in weaker laptops Windows 11 tends to run faster.

What Will be Lost If You Upgrade to Windows 11?

What Do You Lose When Upgrading to Windows 11

There are a few things like Quick Status, Live Titles, Maths Input Panel, Cortana, etc will be gone while you are upgrading to Windows 11. But you will not lose any data by upgrading to your new system.

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But when setting up to Windows 11 upgrade, if you do not select “Keep personal files and apps” then you will be at risk of losing data.

In this blog, you will find what are the features you will lose while upgrading and also get back with little effort.

Paint 3D, Skype & OneNote for Windows 10 Will be Lost

In the Windows 11 format the Paint 3D, Skype, and OneNote for Windows will be automatically installed on the new devices.

The loyal users of OneNote and Paint 3D will be having heartbreak in this new system. Those who are regular users of these types of applications may feel a little disrupted by the whole decision.

But if you want then you can again download and install this app from the Microsoft store which was present on Windows 10 machines. You can simply install these manually.

Live Titles Will be Gone

There will be no live tiles in the start menu. If you are fond of these Live Titles in the start menu which is a bit interactive.

These are not available. But if you want then you can simply look for the Live Titles Anywhere which is an almost similar version that can be an alternative method of usage.

It offers all the updated info in the start menu like app notifications, breaking news, emails, and even pictures. This new feature is free but is a small version. You can also create your Live Titles with this application:

  1. Go to Custom Titles
  2. Select Create a new custom tile.
  3. Select Element to execute.
  4. Navigate to the Installed app.
  5. Click on Pick an app.
  6. Save after you select the app you want to create
  7. Tile based on is selected to have access to the new titles.

If this doesn’t work you can try this too:

  1. Go to All Apps & select the app you like to include.
  2. Right-click on the app and Create a Widget
  3. With the grid of other widgets, new widgets can be customized and placed.

You can restart the PC and check the changes to see the titles and compatible apps.

RIP Windows S Mode

From the external third-party applications, the Windows S mode offers protection and helps to have a secure way for it. This feature allows only the verified and secure apps to be downloaded on your PC.

Fortunately, you can see that in the Windows 11 Home, there is an S mode which is still there for your usage.

If your computer meets minimum hardware specifications and your software will remain intact, you can simply start the update and easily transfer the app from OS 10 to 11.

But if you don’t have Windows Home then you will not get the S mode.

But if you want to update then there is a way out. You can follow these steps even after turning off the S Mode.

  1. Taskbar > Setting App
  2. Update & Security > Activation
  3. Locate Switch to Windows 10 Pro or Switch to Windows 10 Home
  4. Go to the store.
  5. Switch out the S Mode page and follow the instructions.
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P.S. You cannot undo switching S Mode.

Math Input Panel is Replaced

A very lightweight application that offers an editable format feed and writes down mathematical formulas for users has been discontinued by Microsoft.

The Math Input Panel has been discontinued by the maker. It comes in function especially if you are dealing with heavy mathematical formula input.

The heavy mathematical formula is recognized by the external digitizer, touch screen, and mouse.

Now instead of the Math Input Panel, you can simply go for the Math Recognizer app in Windows 11. This helps you in creating a presentation and enabling the users with many input formulas.

If you don’t have a Maths Recognizer then you can simply install it as:

  1. Run> Windows Powershell> Get-WindowsCapability -Online | Where-Object {$_.Name -like “*math*”}
  2. If the app is installed on your computer then you can check the State and find it out. On your taskbar type Turn Windows Features on or off and from Control Panel, you can turn on the Maths Recognizer.
  3. You can also administrator as Powershell and type command> Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name MathRecognizer~~~~

You can also Turn on Math Recognizer in another way:

  1. Go to setting
  2. Select App
  3. Go to Optional Features
  4. Check Math Recognizer

If not properly installed then you can click Add a Feature and options of the popup will be there where you can get Math Recognizer on searching.

Goodbye to Internet Explorer

Finally, Windows 11 does not have IE (Internet Explorer). This happened when Microsoft announced that they will not continue with Internet explorer in the later versions after Windows 10.

To be honest, IE is not a popular browser anymore. But to be honest this IE was a primary browser for 28 million primary users.

Now it is being integrated into Microsoft Edge which is much more compatible and if you are formatting then you can still see the IE in ME.

That means if you want to check out the legacy sites then you don’t have to go for IE.

Till 2029 the makers made a provision to let the legacy sites update each other and the ME using Trident MSHTML engine will still give you access to the older forms of browsers to sort out the issue.

So if you need to check the legacy sites you can go:

  1. Start menu> Internet option.
  2. Programs> Manage add ons
  3. Extension and toolbars option to recover IE.

By this, you can simply get it done to check out the legacy sites till it is not recovered.

Lock Screen Quick Status

On the previous OS, the Quick Status helped in gaining easy access to select the lock screen app.

It displays system notifications, alarms, detailed weather reports, and quick mail notifications. Unluckily this is not found in Windows 11.

But here on the widget board desktops widgets appeared and it acts almost like a similar device and displays personalized content, the latest news, traffic status, and weather forecast.

You can simply add customization, resize them, pin, and unpin the contents in between multiple progs. There are dynamic changes in the widget and it is even displayed in the taskbar.

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3D Viewer App

One of the popular and useful apps of Windows 10 is a 3D viewer. Windows 11 does not have a 3D viewer.

To be honest this application does not offer any brilliant finish like Blender or Maya but it was a helpful tool for the simple work-done process.

But if you manually download the program then you can simply get the 3D designs as before. You can take full advantage of it.

You can simply restore it from the Microsoft store just by visiting the store and searching for the 3D viewer and then scape for updates, that’s all.

Remember to accept the updates that were required and keep space or declutter it for usage.

Cortana Will be Gone

After your PC boots up in Windows 11 Cortana will not be displayed anymore. It won’t be present in the taskbar anymore but the program will be there. If you are used to this feature of getting everything in the taskbar through voice commands then you will miss it.

In Windows 11 the cloud digital assistant will not be pinned anymore. In the support documentation though it will be seen in the search bar by saying Cortana or by writing it.

You can follow the steps to get back to Cortana:

  1. Click the search icon> Cortana
  2. Pin to the Taskbar by right click on the application
  3. Reinstall from Microsoft Windows 11 store
  4. Select install and then use your creds to sign in
  5. Enable voice activation

Your Cortana is ready Mam! You will be getting assistance again.

Questions & Answers:

Can you go back to Windows 10 even after upgrading to Windows 11?

Yes, you can go back. If you upgrade to Windows 11 with normal and easy installation you can get back to Windows 10 very easily. But you need to get it done within 10 days provided old Windows files are not removed.

Does upgrading Windows 11 change anything?

Yes, by upgrading to Windows 11 you can get new productive features designed to meet the requirements of the hybrid world like new apps, designs, look and feel, performance, etc.

Will upgrading to Windows 11 delete games?

If you click on the "Keep personal files and apps" option then it will not erase any files or data while upgrading to Windows 11. You can click on EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard if you lose any data.

Can you update to Windows 11 without losing data?

Yes, you can update everything to Windows 11 without losing any data. But still, it is suggested to have back for minor deletion of any kind of files.

Will your files be transferred to Windows 11?

All your files and data will be transferred to your new PC by default. But still, you must have some backup with all your documents with OneDrive, especially for the Desktop and Picture folders.

Windows 11 upgrade Keep personal files and apps?

Yes, Windows 11 upgrade keeps your files and app but still, it is always recommended to have a backup. You can have OneDrive as the PC folder backup.


Windows 11 is having so many functionalities with performance boosters so it is worth upgrading but if you don’t want to, and rather stay with the previous OS then that won’t do any harm until and unless you are getting free updates.

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