Why Do Windows Laptops Have Stickers? (4 Reasons)

It is adventurous to get a new laptop. It does not matter whether you are using it for your professional or personal work. You can use it for college purposes or even for gaming or designing.

But sometimes when you unpack the laptop box and check out that there are stickers over it then you may feel a little discouraged or unpleasant. But there are reasons why Windows, HP, and MAC have stickers on them.


  • Stickers are for technical warnings, warranty, information, branding, and advertising.
  • It does not damage the laptop technically.
  • It does not overheat the laptop.
  • Putting stickers does not void the warranty.
  • Intel inside stickers matter for technical reasons.

4 Reasons Why Windows Laptops Have Stickers?

Why Do Windows Laptops Have Stickers

Laptops do have stickers on them. They come with stickers to indicate what specifications, software, and hardware are being used in them.

There are some stickers which are even explaining the warranty, display product keys, and other internal information to the buyers or users mainly for advertising purposes.

In this blog we will discuss the reasons for having stickers, why they are important, and other basic questions about them.

1. Technical Warning Stickers 

The customers and technicians are having warning labels which are not expected pretty much.

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Though they do exist and these are considered crucial information that is used for servicing, misuse, and product usage. These are located at the back of the laptop.

These are also offering information that are referring to the replacement and handling of information that is simply considered to be important about the product.

You can check that there are some interesting facts like the details about the certification, manufacturer, safety of the OS, and much more.

These are ultimately referring to the brand visibility and reinforcement about the marketing of the product.

2. Originality of the Equipment 

You can simply say that the stickers are put for the marketing of the product. There is advertising information that you can find on Windows or HP laptops.

These stickers carry some product info that is not so in use for the customers. But the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a point which is considered an important point.

These are advertising agreements, and these are considered original.

The makers sometimes offer discounts and deals as advertising space on the laptop and with this, they are sometimes offering stickers that offer the agreement and even the originality offered by the windows laptop, “Intel Inside” is a perfect example of it.

3. Specs and Standards 

The stickers do have specifications and standard information. You can check the stickers as a reference for technical information.

You can get specific standards with precise specifications. These are satisfied with specific standards that are considered strict in the US and EU.

These are mainly targeted at technicians and technical customers.

Brand identity information is equipped with it specifying the state and its required standards.

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There is a microchip for Intel that says that it is ISO 14001 or other similar standards in the case of the Windows computer.

4. Product Information & Branding

If you see inside your Windows laptop and computer then you can check out stickers which are having product information.

You can check out the hardware and software which are typically offering you the logos and designs that are having specifications of the models.

The information simply helps us to understand the information about features that makes the laptop run.

You can simply call it an advertisement that comes after purchase. You can check out warranties and product keys in the stickers.

Is It Ok to Remove Intel Stickers from a Laptop?

The stickers don’t always look like these pretty little things, in fact for some users it looks a bit ugly. The beautiful computers are defaced with it. Thus, many people take stickers out of their windows laptops.

Some people make their laptops look much more professional and cleaner. But for some small tip, while removing your stickers you must remember that sometimes the warranty status is affected and the servicing gets difficult.

Just remember that important decisions like warranty or license keys can be jeopardized if the stickers are sometimes removed beforehand.

Sometimes these stickers act as an identity of technical information which is stating the compliance, OS, and other important information about the laptop.

These stickers do help you especially when the laptop is lost. These are the minimum things that usually matter if a sticker is lost from your laptop top.

Question & Answers:

Do Stickers Damage the Laptop?

Not! The advertisement stickers from the company are simply offering you information and the regular stickers are mainly making it personal. Thus, there is no chance or question of getting the laptop damaged by a simple sticker.

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What are Laptop Stickers Made of?

Stickers are made up of thick vinyl material which is often seen on surfaces and even inside laptops carrying technical information. You can see no scratches and non-sticky material.

Do Stickers Overheat the Laptop?

No, stickers do not overheat as these stickers do not block any sort of vent which doesn’t generate any heat. Moreover, these are made from other insulating materials which are made from vinyl products.

What is the Point of Intel Stickers?

By having the Intel stickers, you can check out genuine products which meet the leading-edge technology, reliability and deliver innovation at the same time.

Does Putting Stickers on Laptop Void Warranty?

Not unless you put the stickers over the fan vents. A sticker cannot void a warranty but if you are putting over the fan vents then it can cause an issue with the laptop.

Does the Intel Inside Sticker Matter?

The Intel stickers matter about the laptop being guanine or not, branding, quality, reliability, and some technical information like warranty and other features.

Is It Okay to Put Stickers on Your Laptop Keyboard?

Stickers are not harmful to your laptops. Thus, it does not matter whether you put it on or not, but it will be better if you avoid the fan vents while putting it.


Some stickers like the ones which the company or the manufacturers put are mainly for advertising and popular choice but the rest that you are putting are mainly for personalization to your laptop.

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