Wintel Pro Mini PC Review – Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

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  • This device is very compact in size and its space saving design helps the users to save their precious space.
  • Equipped with HD graphics processor which provides great clarity in HD pictures.
  • The PC is very user-friendly.
  • Comes with great device compatibility feature.
  • The device also has storage extension facility.


  • Number of ports in this device is less than any other devices.
  • This device is not useful for high end tasks like gaming, video editing or designing.
  • The amount of storage available in it, is very low.
  • Users can only buy it from online platforms.
  • Only 2 GB RAM is present in it.

Reliability of any device is commonly based on the two important things; one is the performance of the device and another one is its build quality. Check out Wintel Pro mini PC review and best offer price.

This product is built with stainless steel which is very durable and it’s coated with an alloy which provides it more longevity. This mini PC comes with Intel’s processor, which ensures great performance of it.

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This device can be connected with several peripherals such as projector, monitor, smart television, printer and CCTV camera.

If a user wants to buy budget device then this device will be a great choice for him. The connecting process of it with a server is very easy.

Despite its small size, this device provides a powerful performance to the users. Check out best desktop computers.

Wintel Pro Mini PC & Variants Price

Wintel Pro Mini PC Review by Expert

Wintel Pro Mini PC

Buy For: This device has very modern and classy outfit. This PC is available at an affordable price and besides its compressed size; the Intel’s processor also provides the PC a great processing ability.

Beware of: The performance of product is undoubtedly great as compare to its price but moderate and high end users should avoid this device.


Intel is the best and widely known brand for making processors and this this device has Intel’s processor which ensures the performance of this mini PC. This device has small size, for which is very portable. It is one of the best-selling products of the company for this reason this mini PC is in high demand in recent times.

One of the disadvantages of it is its specification which is not up to the mark. But, we should appreciate the company’s effort to provide plenty of features at an affordable price. It is one of the best budgets Mini PC.

Design and Build

Besides all factors such as budget, performance, the design is also one of the important aspects of any device. Check out Best Budget Mini Desktop PCs.

This Wintel Pro CX-device is a very compactly designed mini PC with an inoffensive design, which is basically a square block with rounded corners.


This PC is especially designed to deliver a great performance. 4K videos can be played by this device.

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This device comes with Intel Atom Processor which is a Quad-Core processor and has 1.44 GHz processing speed and its speed can be extended up to 1.92 GHz.

The processor has a processor count of 4. The processor comes with sufficient cache memory which enables it to boost up its performance.

The graphic performance of this product is also smooth and it has Intel’s HD graphics which can easily satisfy any budget user.

This device is perfect for home and office use, Internet surfing, watching movies, or simply browsing the web can easily be performed by this device.

Windows 10 Professional of 64 bit is pre-installed in this mini PC as its operating system.

Storage & RAM

This device comes with 2 GB RAM, which is sufficient for normal users who perform basic, casual tasks.

It can also run smoothly even with more than a dozen Chrome tabs. This product offers a good but not best storage quality to the user.

It comes with 32 GB Hard Drive which is extendable up to 128 GB, by using SD cards.

This RAM is good to casual users; but high end users should avoid this product. Check out best desktop brands.

Ports & Connectivity

Ports and connectivity are also important aspects of any desktop. This updated and classified product of Wintel comes with only 2 USB 3.0 port.

1 HDMI ports are also available in this device. This device comes with wireless connectivity and Bluetooth of version 4.0 are also attached with this mini PC.

An Ethernet port with 1000 Mb per second transmitting sped is also present in this classified product.

This mini PC can easily and smoothly upload, transfer, display and play media files. For which the users can’t face any regular connectivity issue.

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But one disadvantage of it is that there is no USB 2.0 or USB 3.1.

Additional Features

1-year’s manufacturing warranty is attached in this device and there is no optical drive available in this product.

The shipping weight of this desktop is around 14.1 ounces. After any types of power failure, this device can automatically start by using its auto-on feature.

This device also has micro SD card slot.


What Do Users Think about Wintel Pro Mini PC?

This device is very useful for those who want to perform casual tasks such as internet browsing, watching video or performing some basic tasks on regular basis.

Configurations which are used in this device are very much updated.

Some users said that the OS which is included in it, is not legitimate, not activated; activation code of it is missing.

Other Expert Views

According to PCMag, this product is best for budget users and the configurations are good according to its price.

According to Techrader, several types of USB ports are missing in this device which is one major disadvantage of it.

Another widely known website Cnet says that its hardware up gradation facility helps the user a lot.

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