About Us

eComputerTips was launched on July, 2018 with one goal to help potential computer buyers with different facts.

We are a review site that evaluates each product carefully and give marks accordingly. We are independently owned. The product selections and thoughts expressed on this site are our own. Our Product selections are not influenced by the manufacturers or online retailers.

Are you planning to buy computer for you or your friends? If yes, don’t worry as you will find a good friend and guide in form of eComputerTips. Even if you know a lot, making a visit to our website will add to your knowledge and make you a better decision maker.

What Makes eComputerTips Unique Among the Crowds of Tech Review Sites?

Let us give you some convincing clues for a quick view and review:

  • Detailed specifications about desktops and laptops, computer accessories and peripherals
  • Details about the latest models by the tech giants as well as new entrants
  • Solid and unbiased comparison between the devices on the basis of specifications, performance and price
  • Reviewing the computer models and accessories without any bias
  • Providing a guideline to the users about what will suit their purpose and fit their budget
  • Ensuring all information is accurate
  • Price comparison for particular product

We Help You with Proper Computer Buying Guidance

Most of the buyers are smart but not a tech expert. You read a lot but cannot decide. It’s natural and we understand your dilemma. You lost your brain and mind while going through the finely weaved words.

Everyone claims it is next to none and you fail to figure out who actually deserves the throne. Your mind rambles through the big names but your brain cannot make it out what will work best for your needs.

It’s boring to compare the devices and not easy task. That is when we come to your rescue with our authentic, informative and unprejudiced reviews.

How We Can Help You?

We work as a team. The team has experienced tech gurus and technical writers. We check for the details and assess how these could help you. On basis of our findings and experiences, we give you nitty-gritty of every device.

When our techies are busy with research, our writers are engaged with the work of developing contents for your quick understanding. They keep the tone simple and straightforward, fresh and facile and professional and pleasant.

Glance through it and you will immediately feel what you have been missing all these days. We’re happy to be your friend, philosopher and guide.

What is Our Goal?

Our goal is not to influence the buyers but to provide them with what they need to decide on their own.

We don’t know what you like and hate but we know you deserve the best. Knowing that you are on the right track whenever it comes to taking a pick makes us happy and that is the prime motto of our being on the web.


How do we survive?

We survive on affiliate commissions and display ads revenue. You can read affiliate disclosure here.

Do we accept money from product brands to review?

No, we don’t accept money or any form of incentives from product brands to review. We are completely unbiased.

Do we accept free samples from product brands to review?

No, we don’t and we don’t want to do that. Because, there is high chance that accepting free samples can make us biased which we are very afraid of. We want to stay unbiased and do justice to our website readers as best as we can.

What is our process to review any product?

  • Our tech experts  do the extensive research on worldwide web and make important points about the product for technical writers.
  • Our technical writers are engaged with the work of developing contents for your quick understanding once research done by tech experts.
  • Once content written by technical writers, it goes to tech experts for approval.
  • Once content approved by tech experts, it goes to editor for checking and making any corrections of writing tone, spelling, grammars etc. and published.

What are the main 3 points of our review?

  1. We give our own verdict for the product.
  2. We also mention real users opinions about the product. We compile real user opinions from the internet and directly speaking to them.
  3. We also mention other experts views about the product.

Don’t you think it is confusing for a buyer?

No, our main goal is to put the different facts before readers so they can decide on their own. You get almost every data that you need before a purchase.

How many team members do we have?

We have six team members (two tech experts, two technical writers, one user experience expert and one editor).

Where do we host this website?

We host this website on Digital Ocean VPS Cloud Server managed by CloudWays. According to our research Cloudways is the best managed cloud hosting providers. We earn a commission from Cloudways if you buy hosting after clicking links from our site without any additional cost to you.

Is it a WordPress site?

Yes, it is.

What theme do we use on this website?

Currently we are using Astra theme on this WordPress site.

Our Team

Ranjit Mondal

Ranjit Mondal

Ranjit Mondal is the founder of eComputerTips with one goal to help potential computer buyers. His only happiness is tearing up computers and reorganize them. He is also working as a Technician in-Situ Machining in Metalok Egnineering.



Dominic CooperDominic-Cooper

Dominic Cooper is the computer hardware expert. His only passion is to find out nitty gritty of all computers. He loves to cook when he is not busy with writing, computer testing and research. He does not like social media.



PujaPuja Chatterjee

Puja Chatterjee is a technical writer with extensive knowledge about computers. She is the star of eComputerTips team and has been with us since the beginning of this site.



Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a freelance technical writer with in-depth knowledge about computers. She loves to play video games and watch movies when she has no writing assignments.



DominicDominic Mondal

Dominic Mondal is a technical editor with strong knowledge about computers. He is the man to check all errors and besides that he is also responsible for site design and coding. He is also the founder of Amarcrypto.


eComputerTips Team