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Puja Chatterjee is a technical writer with extensive knowledge about computers. She graduated from BIMS. Her expertise includes technology writing and client relationship management. Follow Her at Linkedin.

Puja Chatterjee

Integrated Circuits vs Microprocessor (Explained)

Integrated Circuit, also referred to as IC, indicates a thin and flat chip made usually of silicon material. This consists of at least two semiconductors that are interconnected such as the transistors. A microprocessor is that computer hardware which consists of the whole CPU or Central Processing Unit on a single chip. When people talk …

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What is Integrated Circuit in Computer? (Explained)

An Integrated Circuit actually refers to the semiconductor wafer which you will find in all modern electronic devices, including a computer. Just as the name suggests, it is an integrated system. An Integrated Circuit comes with thousands, or even millions, of miniature components that are interconnected with one another. All these components are implanted onto …

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What is Mainframe Computer? (Explained)

The mainframes computers are known for their high performance and intensive processing power. These heavy machines are able to do what the normal computers cannot. These features of the mainframe computers make them usable in larger organizations that deal with large amounts of data such as banking, government agencies and others. The mainframe computers are …

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What is AI Accelerator? (Explained)

An AI accelerator refers to a parallel computation machine. It is specially designed and high performing and can handle processing of AI workloads such as neural networks more efficiently. The AI accelerators are powerful and specially designed machine learning hardware chips that can run Artificial Intelligence as well as machine learning applications swiftly and more …

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Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Explained

ASIC or Application Specific Integrated Circuit refers to the specific silicon chip that is designed to do specific jobs, and, in fact, to perform a function repeatedly and most effectively. This is much to the contrary of those processors that are designed for general purpose and to perform a seemingly infinite variety of operations. These …

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