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Are Threadripper CPUs Good for Gaming?

Are Threadripper CPUs Good for Gaming

Threadripper CPUs have extensive core counts and deliver powerful multi-threaded performance. They are known as powerhouse processors. However, whether they make a good choice for computers dedicated to gaming is worth debating. Reasons Why Threadripper CPUs Are Not Good for Gaming Whether Threadripper CPUs are suitable for gaming is subject to a user’s preferences and …

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Why Are AMD Processors So Affordable?

Why Are AMD Processors So Affordable

There are numerous reasons why AMD processors are priced affordably. When compared to their competitors, AMD processors outperform them in terms of chipset architecture and monolithic chip design, resulting in lower production costs. This reduction in cost is achieved by producing chips with fewer defects and reducing their overall size. Additionally, even lower-performing chips are …

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Evolution of Hexa-Core Processors: Past, Present & Future

Evolution of Hexa-Core Processors

Hexa-core processors are essential in computing because they enable computers to process multiple tasks simultaneously, providing users with faster and more efficient computing experiences. With their six independent cores, hexa-core processors are capable of handling more data and running more applications than their dual-core and quad-core counterparts. Key Takeaways Hexa-core processors have been around for …

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What is Geode NX Processor? (Explained)

What is Geode NX Processor

What is Geode NX Processor? The Geode processors typically refer to the series of System-on-a-Chip (SoC) microprocessors and I/O cohorts designed by AMD. The Geode NX processors are the newer Athlon-derived versions of them, especially designed for the embedded computing market. Technically, the Geode NX processors are built on the K7 microarchitecture with a 130 …

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What is Steamroller Processor? (Explained)

What is Steamroller Processor

What is Steamroller Processor? AMD Steamroller processor refers to the Family 15h processor line and is built on the microarchitecture specially designed for the Accelerated Processing Units or APUs. In technical terms, the Steamroller processors are designed on the same 2-core module as their predecessor, the Piledriver processors. These CPUs are typically built on the …

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What is Sempron Processor? (Explained)

What is Sempron Processor

What is Sempron Processor? Sempron refers to a family of low-cost, budget desktop processors that are built on 32-bit x86 architecture, designed and manufactured by AMD, and introduced in early 2004 to supersede the Duron family of processors. Technically, these processors are built with diverse manufacturing processes ranging from 130 nanometers to 28 nanometers by …

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What is Lynnfield Processor? (Explained)

What is Lynnfield Processor

What is Lynnfield Processor? Typically, the processors with four cores from Intel come with the codename Lynnfield, which uses the Nehalem microarchitecture in its build, replacing the older Yorkfield processors based on Penryn. From a technical point of view, the Lynnfield processors are manufactured by using the same 45 nm fabrication technology. There are as …

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What is Arrandale Processor? (Explained)

What is Arrandale Processor

What is Arrandale Processor? Arrandale basically refers to the core name given by Intel to the dual-core, mainstream microprocessors built on the x86-64 microarchitecture. These processors are typically built on a 32 nm fabrication process. From a technical perspective, the Arrandale processors use a 5-series chipset and belong to the 1st generation of Westmere-based Core …

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What is Gracemont Processor? (Explained)

What is Gracemont Processor

What is Gracemont Processor? The Intel Gracemont processor is the successor to the CPUs based on the Tremont microarchitecture from Intel. Technically, these processors are built on the 10 nm manufacturing process. The Gracemont microarchitecture is thoughtfully designed and manufactured by Intel to take full advantage of the Intel 7 process, formerly known as 10 …

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What is Goldmont Processor? (Explained)

What is Goldmont Processor

What is Goldmont Processor? The term Goldmont refers to the low-power Pentium, Celeron and Atom branded CPUs used in Systems on a Chip (SoCs) designed for use in smaller devices such as entry-level notebooks and desktop computers. Technically, it signifies the 2nd generation low-power, Out-of-Order Atom microarchitecture. Designed and manufactured by Intel, the Goldmont microarchitecture …

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