Dominic Cooper

Dominic Cooper, a TTU graduate is a computer hardware expert. His only passion is to find out the nitty gritty of all computers. He loves to cook when he is not busy with writing, computer testing and research. He is not very fond of social media. Follow Him at Linkedin

Dominic Cooper

Computer Network vs Distributed System (Explained)

In a computer network mostly autonomous computers are interconnected. These computers are usually interconnected to share data and information between them. In a distributed system, however, several autonomous computers are used but these systems are visible to the users. There are quite a few other major differences between a computer network and a distributed system …

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Driver and Software Application – 5 Differences

What are the differences between a driver and software application in a computer? The drivers in a computer are the intermediaries through which data is sent and received by computers from the hardware devices to ensure that the interaction is smooth. The software applications are special programs that are used to perform a particular function …

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