9 Differences Between Windows 7 and 10

What are the differences between ? Windows 7 and 10 are both Microsoft’s Operating Systems (OS). Windows 7 was released in October 2009 it came with new UIs and had additions in Internet Explorer.

Then Microsoft shifts to something more secure, advanced, and modern like Windows 10.It is more versatile.

Microsoft’s Windows 10’s updates are tangible and come out semi-annually. For Windows 10 the latest update was in May 2020. This update brought new features. Check out the differences of windows 7 and windows 10.


  • The updates available in Windows 7 are optional while these are semi-annual in Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 is much more secure than Windows 7 and also comes with added useful features such as voice assistant, Microsoft Edge and more.
  • Windows 7 has fewer convenient and free applications thereby restricting the options for the users.

The 9 Differences Between Windows 7 and Windows 10

Differences Between Windows 7 and Windows 10

In between the advancements and updates. One can understand how Windows 7 and Windows 10 are so not different and yet have a lot of differences.

1. Updates

In Windows 7 the updates are all optional. And the user is alerted to install the update. It is better because it gives the option to the user to delay or stop any update. Be it categories or individual updates.

In Windows 10 the updates are semi-annual but have a lot of drawbacks. The drawbacks are that it forces the user to update. To make it more secure and up-to-date the Windows 10 forces updates.

Sometimes leading to broken graphics drivers that can crash while displaying. Even security patches that crash Windows Explorer and more.

2. Security

On average, Windows 7 machines have 0.16 malware files making it not as secure as Windows 10. For home users also Microsoft has officially ended support of Windows 7.

Windows 10 is 2x secure as Windows 7. Having 0.07 malware compared to Windows 7. The rate of malware is very less making it more secure.

3. Search/Voice Assistant

Windows 7 search offers local and normal search on the computer itself. In a world where people have less time to do simple tasks, doing a little extra work is hectic and time consuming.

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Most of the technologies have a voice assistant like Siri for IOS, Google search, and many more. One cannot find a voice assistant in Windows 7.

Windows 10 makes the users work a little less and saves a lot of time. There is an addition of a voice assistant called ‘Cortana” in Windows 10 by Microsoft. It performs quick internet searches to core tasks. Also tasks like creating new emails, calendar entries, and many more.

4. Browser

The browsers in Windows 7 work the same as Windows 10. One can find Internet Explorer in Windows 7.

In Windows 10 one will also find Internet Explorer but there is an addition to Windows 10. The new addition is called Microsoft Edge. And it is set to take over Internet Explorer in the future.

5. Start Menu

A primary start menu in Windows was defended by a lot of people when it was replaced after Windows 7. In Windows 7, the start menu is a generic start menu that displays a software program that is installed on one’s computer. It also shows programs that have been used recently.

In Windows 10 one can still get to see the list of software and files one has used alongside the lifestyles of apps. These apps are making life a bit easier than the ones found in Windows 7. One can find apps, applications and software of files that they have recently used or installed. Making it convenient for the user.

6. Action Center

Unless one is using Outlook on Windows 7. The users may get email alerts. System alerts like security popup and many more may disappear after a few seconds in Windows 7. And it is difficult to find the alerts after it has disappeared.

Windows 10 doesn’t have a very different action center like Windows 7. It keeps hold off notifications.

In Windows 10, one can open the action center and get back all the security pop ups that have disappeared or the system alerts which have disappeared.

7. Applications

Applications on Windows 7 are available but their lack of convenient applications is also present. There are very few varieties of applications present in Windows 7.

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Many Windows 7 users are upgrading to Windows 10 for the convenient application it provides.

Many convenient and free applications are available on Windows 10. The user gets many options to choose from according to their convenience.

8. Stability

The user of Windows 7 will find very few bugs. It is because Windows 7 is old. It is pretty rock-solid. It is quite convenient for users these days. Windows 7 is more stable than Windows 10.

Windows 10 is a new OS of Microsoft. It was also launched recently. It has quite a large number of bugs that one can’t find in Windows 7.

Like disappearing icons from the taskbar, start menu lock up, and many more.

Like, copy and paste error, problems with audio, and more. Microsoft also releases a massive 1GB download of bug fixes.

But this fix has also come with drawbacks because the number numerous files always bring new bugs of their own making Windows 10 more unstable.

9. Compatibility

Despite all the new features, one can find in Windows 10, Windows 7 is still better at compatibility.

There are applications like Photoshop, Google Chrome, and other popular applications that are also compatible with Windows 10.

But there are third-party applications and software that work better in the old operating system like Windows 7.

Like printing mailing labels, managing point of scale systems, and many more. This is also a reason for many businesses that are very hesitant to update to Windows 10. Microsoft is taking steps to kill compatibility in Windows 7.

There is a hardware element in Windows 7. It runs better on old hardware. The hardware element in Windows 10 may face problems unlike Windows 7.

But many laptops in 2019 will find difficulty to install or have Windows 7 because of the updated and advanced hardware.

Which is more compatible with Windows 10. Windows 10 also offers an Xbox app for gaming.

Which is Better – Windows 7 or Windows 10?

Deciding on using Windows 7 or Windows 10, entirely depends on the user’s choice. There are some reasons why the user will be bound to use Windows 10.

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It is because of the hardware Windows 7 is compatible with. It is compatible with old hardware.

And hardware made after 2019 will mostly be compatible with Windows 10.

Windows 10 has come with many improvements and it is still improving.

It is evolving the lifecycle of Window’s operating systems. It is very easy to conclude between Windows 7 and Windows 10.

New updates on Windows 10 is going on. For now, Windows 10 is improving and has left behind Windows 7.

It has a lot of bugs but it is one of the invasive versions of Windows, the company has ever rolled out or released.

In conclusion, Windows 10 is both best and is a troubling version one can ever find. But one needs to understand that Windows 10’s updates are still being released.

But one needs to let go of the favorite operating system, Windows 7.  All the viruses and malware computer faces, one needs to find pros in Windows 10.

Previously many chose Windows 7 over Windows 10 for gaming.

But now Windows 10 provides a lot of benefits. One chooses Windows 10 for gaming than Windows 10.

It allows users to stream content from the Xbox One over to one’s Laptop or computer.

The technology helps render videos and audios in Windows 10.

With all of the differences, one can understand how to advance Windows 10 has become over the years and how Windows 7 is being outdated.

Now it is up to the user how and why one wants to choose Windows 10 or Windows 7.

These decisions are always left up to the user’s choices and convenience.


Now one can properly understand the difference between the two. It depends on the user’s choice of hardware and also their convenience.

Both have their pros and cons and choosing the one which adapts to the user’s choice is important.

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