Do Motherboards Still Have PS2 Ports?

The answer is yes. The motherboards are still having PS2 ports. Disregarding the USB ports the keyboards and mice are having access through the PS2 ports.

For several years the PS2 ports have been suppressed. But still, in the third decade of the 21st century, it is being seen that the PS2 ports are needed to make some difference, thus it came back from hibernation.

It simply allows better connection, perfect compatibility, works great with BIOS, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • Motherboards have PS2 ports that are best for enterprise security, faster, and best for gamers.
  • PS2 ports in motherboards allow other USB peripherals to work freely.
  • No drivers are required for PS2 ports as it is fitted with the motherboards.
  • Excellent for the BIOS and perfectly compatible from every end.

12 Reasons Why Motherboards Still Have PS2 Ports

Do Motherboards Still Have PS2 Ports

There are so many reasons why motherboards still have PS2 ports.

It offers lower latency, better connectivity, perfect compatibility, and is good for BIOS.

The gamers use these PS 2 ports for the N- Key rollover and the above reasons.

There are old mechanical devices which are working best in it. Let us dig into some deep details:

1. Enterprise Security Usage

One of the basic usages of USB ports is the security it provides.

To avoid all the potential hazards that are caused by the USB ports and no other devices can be used rather than a keyboard and mouse.

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The places that are built for data centers, and corporate espionage are always possible.

In such places, USB ports were disabled so that no malicious data and devices could be planted within the motherboard.

This simply makes the PS2 ports one of the valid options for connecting the keyboard and mouse to the motherboard.

No malicious devices can be used in it other than any Human Interface Devices (HID).

Budget PCs have these ports. Generally, you will see that big enterprises use these budget PCs to store data.

2. No Drivers Required

The computer always knows whatever you are interfacing with at any point when it is associated with the USB port.

The PC recognizes the keyboard as it gets interfaced with the PS 2 ports without any human interference.

When a PC is coming with ports then it is easier to recognize the mouse and the keyboards. No external drivers are required for the whole purpose.

3. Impregnable

This PS2 is making your device much more sacred as you are unable to get to any PS 2 fringe from any remote place.

You cannot do it with any driver, firmware, or program that was inbuilt. This is hard equipment and immaculate.

4. Compatibility

PS2 ports are highly compatible with both old and new devices. Motherboards are equipped with both types of ports.

That means it is compatible with all kinds of devices and ports.

Companies are looking for this universal compatibility which helps in connecting any kind of device, be it old-school mechanical boards or new ones.

PS 2 is considered to be the best in compatibility factor.

5. Speed

The PS2 is dynamic before beginning the BIOS and specifically hinder the process.

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That means at any form the speed of the keys will be more and it is enlisted like that.

If you can see there is no chance of seeing the network you can see that it boots faster than the framework before even interfacing with it.

6. Rooms for Other Peripherals

The PS2 ports are there for the keyboard and mouse which is completing the whole process. But the memory sticks to microphones.

These devices also need some ports out input places that are necessary to work.

These ports are freeing up the possibilities for new devices which are giving other peripherals more options to deal with it.

To curb the latency, the PS 2 is being used for a keyboard and mouse whereas the USB ports are simply for other works like USB routers, USB microphones, and more.

7. Gamer’s Choice 

When the mouse and keyboard become faster in operation due to the lower latency of PS2 ports the gamers simply find it much more lucrative and perfect for usage.

This is higher in processing activities which are not much, still it is better for gaming.

8. Low Latency 

Latency is inversely proportional to speed. In the gaming world, every million seconds counts as its bit.

Advanced graphical accessories are being used for lower latency. The PS2-powered peripherals are simply offering these lower latency rates.

9. Polling Rates Are Low

The PS2 is having a low polling rate. It has 100Hz as the default one.

When the peripheral devices and motherboards are being made connections the PS 2 ports simply need not make any changes.

You can consider that these PS 2 ports are having zero latency. Even the CPU runs faster as the polling rate is lower as it is required.

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10. Rollover N Key

The N key rollover is one of the major advantages that are worth mentioning.

When a key is being pressed then the keyboard registers what the key presses.

In the PS2 ports connective keyboards act much faster as this register is being done in no time but almost automatically with the combination of N Key Rollover and the PS2 ports.

11. No Problem with BIOS

PS2 peripherals are even recognized in the BIOS mode. Before OS the BIOS runs the devices.

When you are using PS2 ports then it helps to communicate with the BIOS even without any sort of OS recognition.

 12. Mechanical Keyboards

There is an old school mechanical keyboard that happens to be sturdy and works in PS ports.

These boards are the first choice of gamers as there are springs and switches in the buttons.

It is being claimed that typing becomes much faster and easier with these keyboards. It is also stylish and ergonomically fit for the user.

Thus, it is preferred much more which works great with PS2 ports.


There was a period when this PS2 was being completely suppressed by USB ports.

But due to its advantages meeting the requirements of the current age, the makers still feel to have PS2 ports on motherboards to carry forward the impregnated legacy.

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