Turn Your Old Desktop into a Gaming Computer

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There’s nothing quite as frustrating as trying to play video games on a desktop computer that is so badly outdated. Read more about how to turn your 10 year old desktop Into a gaming computer.

Slow loading times, low-quality graphics, laggy movements, and unresponsive controls are just some instances that can contribute to many hair-pulling gaming moments. Check out best gaming desktop configurations.

The beauty of PC gaming, however, is that you can create your own custom gaming desktop that can hold its own with the games of today by replacing specific components according to your demands.


How to Turn Old Desktop Into a Gaming Computer?

Upgrade Your Graphics Card

Graphics Card

In most cases, the first thing you should consider upgrading is your graphics card.

The graphics card is an essential component that provides all visual display for your computer.

Having the right graphics card can allow you to play certain games with high definition of color, clarity, and detail that significantly contributes to your overall gaming experience.

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Upgrading your graphics card can be as cheap or as expensive as your budget allows.

You may go for the Nvidia GTX 750 Ti or AMD Radeon R7 265 for those in a budget, or the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 for those who are willing to spend more than most to get eye-popping video game graphics.

Upgrade Your CPU


The next possible upgrade for your PC would be a replacement for your Central Processing Unit or the CPU.

This component of the computer controls the instructions going to and from other parts of your rig.

Think of it as the brain of any computer. An old CPU cannot handle the massive amounts of data being processed when you play video games and can result in dips in the game’s frame rates, frame skips, or worse, not being able to run the game at all.

An Intel i7 CPU is an excellent processor upgrade, but as with many high-caliber parts, this comes with a steep price. You can settle for an Intel Pentium G4560 to get that much-needed boost without breaking the bank.

Upgrade Your RAM


The RAM of your computer stores information temporarily until the computer is turned off. Check out best desktop PC according to needs.

It is responsible for keeping multiple computer processes running simultaneously without a hitch.

Not only can it take some of the load off your graphics card and CPU when you play video games, but it can also determine the number of software you can have open at one time.

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Having a large RAM is perfect for those who like tons of tabs open on their web browsers!

Ten years ago, 4GB of RAM or Random Access Memory would be enough to get you through most video games.

Nowadays, however, 8GB is the bare minimum for gaming. Don’t worry though, because this is a rather cheap upgrade to get compared to the parts mentioned above.

Experience PC Gaming to the Fullest

Experience PC Gaming

Even with more and more gaming laptops emerging, many still opt for gaming desktops and building their rig from the ground up since it allows for more options, flexibility, customization, and easy upgrading.

With a wide range of genres available to play from a library of titles spanning decades, now is the best time to build your own gaming desktop that is precisely fitted to handle the demands of modern games.

You can upgrade select parts of your desktop to optimize it according to the specific games you play most often without going all out and spending all the necessary upgrades to cater all games.

Remember to consult with your nearest PC parts dealer to see if the items above are compatible with your current rig.