Is Windows 10 Good for Programming?

One common operating system that can handle many tasks, including coding, is Windows. Because it supports so many programs and languages, Windows 10 is a great option for programmers.

It also offers a variety of customization and compatibility options, and it has significantly improved over previous Windows versions.

For programmers, Windows 10 has many advantages. Read on to know more about why Windows 10 is good for programming.


  • Windows 10’s virus protection has only gotten better with time and is incorporated into the operating system.
  • Windows has excellent battery life and numerous programming languages are supported by Windows 10.
  • Windows-based computers are constantly being released and are less expensive than Mac computers.

9 Reasons Why Windows 10 is Good for Programming

Is Windows 10 Good for Programming

There are many benefits to using Windows 10 for coding, especially when compared to other operating systems and earlier versions of Windows.

Listed below are reasons why Windows 10 is good for programming.

1. Excellent Security Features are Available on Windows 

Windows 10’s virus protection has only gotten better with time and is incorporated into the operating system to protect you from myriad online security risks.

For even greater security, you can still use external antivirus programs in addition to the one that comes built-in.

Your payment for Windows 10 contributes to the protection of your data and system from malware and viruses.

You save a significant sum of money, since you do not need to purchase an additional anti-virus service.

With active virus protection service, when coding you need not worry about your code’s safety.

Your code does not get affected or infected and therefore, whatever product you are creating should be safe and fully functional.

2. Upgrading Process is Very Easy

Both methods for upgrading Windows are simple. To begin with, Windows-based computers are constantly being released if you want a machine with the newest features.

If you already have any features on your computer that are useful for coding, such as a large screen or a particular display, you can always purchase one with those features.

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Windows constantly updates its system to make it safer and faster, which will only help you code more effectively and keep your files more secure.

As a developer or programmer it would be rather easy to work in the upgraded platform so that your languages and the modules of the Open Source platforms get supported by it.

Windows 10 helps programmers to offer good support while updating the modules in the websites and even in the applications.

3. Battery Saver

When you are coding, Windows has an excellent battery saver option.

You want to be able to work without being tied to an outlet while writing code, so you want your device to last as long as possible. This is a huge advantage if you enjoy using a portable device.

Even if you have a backup battery, its life is also extended and you will be able to accomplish or at least safely store your files with its assistance.

Battery Saver mode is on now. You can disable it if you want in the same way.

The programmers do not have to worry about the rendering process as it takes a huge time while you are working in the editing process.

4. Updated with So Many Programming Languages

Numerous programming languages are supported by Windows 10. Virtually any language can be programmed in.

You can download a ton of apps from the Windows Store that will let you learn new languages, code, and more. nine coding languages can be used like Rust, PHP, PowerShell, and C#, Ruby, Android, Python, JavaScript, C, and C++.

Most open-source OS programs coming with these languages will help the programmers to work with the updated version as per Wiki.

5. Less Expensive

Windows 10 computers are significantly less expensive. But if you are a serious programmer, you will probably spend several thousand dollars on a nicer model with more features.

Windows 10-powered computers can start at just a few hundred dollars. The programmers do spend on a lot of GPU, CPU and other hardware.

If they can save a little in the software then it would decrease the cost of their production and finally help them to execute a development at a lower budget.

6. Widely Used by Millions

Since Windows is the most widely used operating system, it is simpler for everyone to use a Windows device if you are working with other team members who will be reading and using your code.

The fact that everyone on the team uses the same operating system makes life simpler for everyone, though there are nuances to consider.

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Over 77 percent of computer users worldwide use the Windows operating system, according to Statista.

This helps the programmers all round the globe to get a similar kind of result as per the client.

During their launch they don’t have to face any critical issues.

Usually in other systems sometimes the applications fails to operate as it is in the programmer’s site but as in the windows 10 platform which is used by millions thus chances are less for a failed production in the client area.

7. Options for Devices 

A Windows device is more likely to have the specific features you are looking for.

You will have a lot of options thanks to the wide range of devices, and you can easily find a new one while still using Windows 10 if you decide to switch for any reason.

While many Windows computers support touchscreens. There are specific settings in Windows 10 that will make using a touch screen easier.

The obvious choice is Windows, and they even make it simpler for you to use with your touchscreen if you find that using a touchscreen makes it easier to code. The work value increases a lot.

Furthermore, Windows was developed with gamers in mind. Many programmers are also avid gamers, and some even design their games.

It goes without saying that if you want to play or program games, you will need a Windows 10 (updated) computer.

In fact, the gamers increase FPS value which do get accelerated with Windows 10 version because of its useability.

8. Aided with Several Features 

Furthermore, Windows offers much more technical support and you can contact customer support for assistance.

When you are coding, it is simpler to use several programs at once.

One, two, or four programs can be displayed on one screen at once with Windows 10.

The Task View displays all the programs you have open at once and makes switching between them simple.

The file system in Windows 10 has been improved. You can quickly search through your programs, folders, and files.

A Quick Access feature is also available, allowing you to quickly access your most recent items.

This feature is excellent for finding the most recent code files and managing them with a simple sort and search feature.

The programmers can quickly view the recent files and folders which is very necessary while handling the CRM.

For example, if a programmer is looking for a recent log file with the Quick Access feature, he can simply get access within no time at all.

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You can install and use a lot more applications with Windows 10.

Numerous tools are available in the Windows Store to make coding easier and more effective.

Some of these programs do not function properly on Windows 8.

9. Voice Assistant 

And lastly, a new voice assistant named Cortana has been released and will improve your Windows experience.

You are welcome to ask her anything. If you need assistance or advice using your Windows 10 system, she can locate files for you, look up information online, or help you.

During programming it is not easy to keep track of thousands of files, especially main files of databases that sometimes get confused.

With the programmer’s instruction Cortana can fetch the files easily in no time at all. It accelerates the process of work.

It also sets reminders and helps you detect important emails with various information.

Questions & Answers:

Should You Use Windows 10 Or Linux for Programming?

For developers, the Linux terminal is much more advantageous to use than the Windows command line. For Linux alone, many libraries have been developed.

Additionally, a lot of programmers mention how simple it is to use Linux's package manager. Another of the strongest arguments for why programmers favor the Linux operating system is the availability of scripting languages in various shells.

Is Windows 11 Better Than 10 For Programming?

For developers, Windows 11 is more secure than most other operating systems thanks to its use of TPM 2.0, UEFI Secure Boot, and VBS features.

Data access by unauthorized third parties to your drive is now more difficult than ever. An additional benefit for developers is increased security.

Is Windows 10 Better Than Ubuntu for Programming?

For programmers, Ubuntu is a well-known favorite. This is mainly due to the open-source nature of the operating system, which allows developers to fully understand how it works.


When it comes to coding, Windows 10 is excellent. Both languages and programs are supported. Additionally, Windows 10 has many benefits.

Furthermore, Windows 10 is a significant improvement over Windows 8, which was not ideal for programmers.

Use the reasons to further explore this article to get started if you want to learn more about coding with Windows 10 but are not familiar with it.

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