5 Best Desktops for Programming 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

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With the onset of the internet, there is no doubt that web development and web programming have gained prominence like never before; so knowledgeable and skilled web developers are also on high demand. Check out 5 best desktops for programming 2020 and buyer’s guide.

As a web developer, it is important that you have the best Programming devices as well. However, if you are looking for the best programming desktops the options are many.

Choosing the right brand and the right desktop computer may be a challenge given the many options.

The following are the best desktops for programmers that are available in the market. Check out best brands for desktop computers.

Best Programming Desktops Price

5 Best Desktops for Programming 2020:

1. Dell PowerEdge T30 Tower Server

Dell PowerEdge T30

When it comes to buying any computer the brand, of course, does matter. In this respect, Dell is one brand that you can trust for sure.

Over the years they have been world-renowned of having created the most innovative products that stand for quality.

In terms of desktop computers, the Dell Power Edge T30 Tower Server is very popular.

Powered by the Intel Xeon E3- 1225 v5 Quad Processor, this desktop computer delivers high-speed ideal for programming.

For providing the best graphics to its users this Dell Desktop Computer has been provided with the Intel HD Graphics P530 which is one of the best in this category.

In order to support multiple and bulk jobs this computer also has the 64 GB SD RAM and what is also great about it is that it has the 8 TB SATA Hard Disk Drive.

This means that it is more than sufficient to carry out any bulk job that requires heavy storage.

For connectivity, this Tower Desktop Dell Computer has a Fast Ethernet so that is no problem.

It also has a very useful DVD Burner. Given all these impressive features is what makes this desktop top the list of best desktop computers for programming. Check out Dell PowerEdge T30 Review.

Key Features:


  • Design
  • Graphics are good
  • Processor is good


  • Not so durable
  • Hard to configure
  • Runs hot

2. HP Envy 795 Tower Desktop

HP Envy 795

Speaking of the top global desktop computer brands the one brand that you can in no way do without is HP.

HP has stood for quality and over the years has brought in some of the best quality computers and related devices that have delighted a strong loyal band of customers globally.

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If you are looking for a reliable desktop computer for web development then HP Envy 795 Tower Desktop Computer is what you can consider.

It is powered by the powerful 8th Generation Intel core i-7 -8700 K Core processor. This is what enables this HP Desktop computer to deliver speed that is unmatched.

For graphics, the computer has the AMD Radeon RX 550 Graphics with 5 GB Graphics that is one of the best. You also have the surround sound for a realistic effect.

It also has the 64 GB DDR4 RAM that enables the computer to carry out even the complicated multiple jobs with seamless ease and even has the more than adequate 8 TB SATA Hard Disk Drive.

You also can have the Windows 10 Operation System for enhancing its performance even further. Check out HP Envy 795 Desktop Review.

Key Features:

  • Storage: 512GB SSD + 8TB
  • RAM: 64 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-8700K 6-Core
  • OS: Windows 10 Home


  • Data Storage
  • Available in the market
  • Perfect support


  • Hard to assemble
  • Loud fan
  • Not good for hi end developers

3. Dell OptiPlex 3070 Desktop

Dell OptiPlex 3070 Desktop

The next in the list of the best desktop computers for programming is the Dell Optiplex 3070 Desktop Computer.

As already mentioned earlier Dell is the one brand that you can safely trust. With this desktop computer, you can enjoy some of the most advanced and useful features.

To begin with, it has the highly advanced and super-fast Intel core i-9 9900 Processor that helps it to deliver unmatched performance.

It also has been provided with high-quality graphics. In order to manage multiple jobs with ease, this Dell Desktop Computer has the 16 GB RAM.

In this highly competitive web scenario, the storage capacity that the devices have is a very important requirement.

It is in line with this very important requirement that this Dell Desktop Computer has the 1 TB SSD and also 5 TB Hard Disk Drive that is more than sufficient.

Apart from this the computer also has the Windows 10 Professional as the Operating System that helps it to enhance its overall performance further.

The computer has many USB Ports and other ports as well. So given all these features, it is an ideal business PC that most developers now seek. Check out Dell OptiPlex 3070 Desktop Review.

Key Features:

  • Storage: 1 TB SSD + 5 TB HD
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i9-9900 Processor Turbo Boost
  • OS: Windows 10 Home


  • Perfect support
  • Data Storage
  • Good performance


  • Runs hot at times
  • Loud fan
  • Not so good for hi end

4. Intel NUC8I5BEH Mini PC

Intel NUC8I5BEH Mini PC

If you are considering the most renowned brands perhaps you may not be aware that Intel might figure in.

The reason is that Intel is a company that best known for manufacturing the best microprocessor chips for computers and other devices.

Yet the Intel NUC815BEH Mini PC is the one computer that is one of the best for programming as well.

It is powered by the 8th Generation Intel Quad-Processor i5- 8259 U Processor that enables this mini Intel PC to deliver high speed.

Apart from this Mini PC also has integrated Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655.

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One very useful feature that this PC offers is that it can support dual monitors.

In terms of RAM, this PC has the 32 GB DDR4 RAM that is ideal to handle even complicated computing jobs fairly easily.

For storage, the computer has been provided with not only the 2 TB NVMe SSD but also the 2 TB Hard Disk Drive.

Thus the storage capacity even for the current web scenario is no problem. There are many ports too.

The best part with this PC is that you can also the 2 Year Warranty as well. Check out Intel NUC8I5BEH Mini PC Review.

Key Features:

  • Storage: 2TB NVMe SSD + 2TB
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Processor: Intel Quad-Core i5-8259U
  • OS: Windows 10 Home


  • Ideal support for the manufacturers
  • High-quality performance
  • Data Storage


  • Runs hot sometimes
  • Not so good for hi end
  • Loud fan

5. Dell XPS 8920 Desktop

Dell XPS 8920 Desktop

Last but not least in this list of the top Desktop computers for programming is the Dell XPS 8920 Desktop Computer.

As you would know that any Dell product is fairly reliable owing to the overall trustworthiness of the brand.

This particular Dell Desktop computer has many advanced features. To begin with, it has the Intel Core i-7 -7700 7th Generation Core up Processor that enables it to generate great speed.

Along with the same, it has the 2 GB NVIDIA GE Force GT 730 Graphics as well that helps it provide realistic images.

It also has the 32 GB DDR4 RAM as well which enables it to handle multiple jobs all at once without any difficulty.

This Dell Desktop Computer also has been provided with the 1TB SSD and 3TB Hard Disk Drive that is huge storage and can store large amounts of data and other files quite easily.

In order to enhance the performance further this Dell PC has Windows 10 as the operating system as well.

For connectivity, it can be connected as 802.11 a/c Wireless Connectivity and can be connected over Blue Tooth too.

It also has Blue Tooth 4.0 too for connectivity as well. Check out Dell XPS 8920 Desktop Review.

Key Features:

  • Storage: 1TB SSD & 3TB
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i-7 -7700
  • OS: Windows 10 Home


  • Great manufacturers
  • Good performance
  • Data Storage is solid


  • Assembling issues
  • Not always available
  • Loud fan

Buyer’s Guide for Computer Programming Desktops

You are a computer programmer and looking for the perfect desktop system to suit your needs. Buying a computer is a daunting task and many have no idea about what they should prioritize.

Budget is not the sole factor to influence your decision. There are other factors to keep in mind before making a purchase.

In this write-up, we will take you through best desktop configuration for programming. Check out best desktop computers.


Commonly referred to as CPU (Central Processing Unit), a processor is the brain of any computer system.

Processor is actually a chip that performs all the chore operations requested by the users. Apart from dealing with basic operations and calculations, it also affects battery drain.

Unlike other components (including RAM) in your computer, it’s less likely to upgrade a processor.

Therefore, processor is the most important considerations while buying a desktop computer for programming.

Dell PowerEdge T30 Tower Server is driven by Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5 Quad-Core Processor. In HP Envy 795 Tower Desktop, an 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor is the brain behind its reliable performance.

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Dell OptiPlex 3070 Small Form Factor Desktop delivers top-notch performance with its speedy Intel Core i9-9900 processor. In Dell XPS 8920 desktop, power comes from 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor.


Random Access Memory is ‘Temporary Memory’ of any system. When a file is opened, a program is opened and whatever is done on your computer, it is RAM that first takes the loads of the task.

Therefore, the more RAM, the more high-end programming your computer will be able to handle at once. Along with your computer processor, RAM helps your computer’s OS run efficiently and quickly while handling a great deal of memory-hungry tasks.

Dell PowerEdge T30 Tower Server is packed with 64GB DDR4 system memory. That is more than enough for the purpose of programming. The same volume of memory has been packed with HP Envy 795 Tower Desktop.

Dell XPS 8920 desktop comes with 32GB DDR4 memory. Intel NUC8I5BEH Mini PC NUC Kit also features 32GB DDR4 memory.

If you buy Dell OptiPlex 3070 Small Form Factor Desktop, you have to feel happy with only 16GB RAM size.


All files, games and programs are safely stored in your PC’s storage space. It is also known as ‘Secondary’ or ‘Long-Term Memory’ of your computer. The more the size of the storage space, the more you can store there.

Desktop computers usually come with a large amount of storage, starting from 500GB and going up to 1TB. Sometimes, a hybrid kind of storage option (HD+SSD) is also available.

Dell PowerEdge T30 Tower Server is packed with 8TB SATA HDD. That sounds really great! Just imagine, how many memory-hungry files, videos, apps and games you will keep on there!

HP Envy 795 Tower Desktop offers more – 8TB HDD+512GB SSD. What more can you ask for? Dell OptiPlex 3070 Small Form Factor Desktop comes with 1TB SSD+5TB HDD. On this front, you have many good options to choose from.

Programming Desktop FAQ

Which desktop is best for programming?

To be honest all the above 5 are best for programming. But it entirely depends on the programmer Dell PowerEdge T30 Tower Server & HP Envy 795 Tower Desktop, both are of good choice.

Is Mac or Windows better for coding?

Both are better choice for coding. In fact it depends on the programmer entirely.

How much RAM is needed for programming?

More is always better but the minimum can be 1 GB also when it says for programming.

What computer specs do I need for programming?

Minimum 100 GB space is enough, with good graphics card and DDR4 RAM.


These are best desktop for programmers after considering several factors. In fact, these 5 desktops are the real choice of programmers.

You need to understand the best features that are required for your development. You can check out the guide for your ultimate pick.

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