Best Desktop Computers According to Needs

Computers have become an immensely necessary piece of equipment that one must have these days. Check out best desktop computers according to needs and ultimate guide.


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Best Desktop Computers – Quick List:

Best Desktops According to Various Requirements:

1. Reliable Desktop Computers

This part of the list should touch the overall requirements of the buyers that may be looking at it right now.

You have computers for daily home and office uses, and two others have been added for mid-range to high-level gamers as well. It has computers starting from 8 GB of RAM.

Then you will find both SSD and HDD storage, even both combined in the computers listed below. You will get a variety of processors starting from mid-level i3s to the latest i9 processors.

The ones which can provide limited performance have integrated graphics while the gaming ones have dedicated graphics memories and graphics coprocessors like NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2070, 2080 that superbly enhance your gaming experience.

The common feature among these is that they are very compact devices, so you don’t have the need to make separate storage arrangements after buying them.

None of these come with a monitor so that is one matter you have to compromise. But then the level of reliability they provide should be worthy of the price you would be paying.

As you can see, performance-wise these are sufficiently dependable.

The List:

2. Business Desktop Computers

Desktops computers for professional uses have different requirements.

Firstly, it is preferred to have i5 or i7 processors in them since one needs to run a variety of software on these sorts of devices that are present in the offices.

Most of the software is large and cannot be run on lower-end processors. Next, such a desktop must have a large amount of RAM capacity since employers cannot keep slow computers in their respective fields of work.

There is also a need for a good graphics card if the work to be done is of graphics-oriented. A touch screen is also convenient for modern workplaces, if available in a moderate price range.

Moreover, to be deployed in large numbers they must also be cheap and compact or else it would be tremendously inconvenient to supply computers to a large number of workers.

The computers on this list can provide all these features. Now, of course, a few of them are slightly costly but most of these are ideal to be kept on places of business.

You have the latest processors, adequate RAM, decent graphics and such other specifications that will make sure you wouldn’t have to wander anywhere else to make a purchase.

The List:

3. Gaming Desktop PC

There are a variety of games that have emerged recently and so have gamers who either play different types of games or excel in a single one.

No matter what the case may be, all the top-notch games require strong processors, ram, graphics, and good quality gaming monitors so that the players can give a tough competition to their opponents.

The gaming desktops that we have collected for this collection are decent in almost every aspect, be it looks, cooling or performance.

Each has its strengths and weaknesses and while most should be affordable, there are a few expensive ones as well for those who have a wider budget.

You can choose tower rigs, or smaller boxed ones, usual looking PCs or more attractive ones. There are devices with mid-range or high-end graphics.

Several RAM, storage, and graphics options are available for you and you may select any of these.

The List:

4. Photo and Video Editing

If you are looking for a PC to edit videos or photos, you must need at least an i5 processor that is supported by a minimum of 8 GB of RAM.

But the better features you can have in these two areas, the better will be your productivity in this field. To store larger files, you must have storage of 1 TB.

Not to mention, a decent graphics coprocessor is of utmost importance or else all the other specs would be futile.

All this must seem expensive and confusing, but you are in the right place and we hope that all your doubts will be eliminated after looking at the devices listed below.

Some of these are All-in-Ones or have monitors but for the others, you will have to buy a monitor additionally.

The List:

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5. Desktop Computers for Small Business Owners

This part of the list that is suitable for people owning small businesses, for example, a shop.

You will find computers that have everything from 8th gen i3 processors to 8th gen i7 processors, and therefore you can choose from a wide range of performance offered by these.

These are compact and can thus be easily stored even in limited spaces, which is a must for small business owners.

No matter what type of services you may be selling, the computers in this segment will provide non-stop, reliable performance so that your business blooms in no time.

You may choose any from SSD or HDD storage as per your convenience. Some of these are slightly expensive, while others are moderately priced so that everyone can afford them.

Let us check out the options we are presenting for you now.

The List:

6. Desktops for College Students

If you are a college student, then you will have many needs that are to be catered, all the way from making and editing documents, playing videos, graphic rendering and even playing games.

For this, you need a good computer since you would not be changing any time soon. There should also be provisions for making upgrades in the future.

Therefore, we give you 5 best products of popular brands so that you can make the right investment. These come with different combinations of specs.

You have the basic one from Acer for starters, and then if you need better performance you may choose the other ones, the Dell G5 5090 for example, is strong in most aspects.

If you prefer the Chrome OS, you may choose the Chromebox 2. All the computers are decent performers on their own levels, and it is upon you to evaluate your requirements and make a purchase accordingly.

The List:

7. Prebuilt Gaming PC

Most hardcore gamers prefer to make their PCs by handpicking the parts since they can choose their favorable components and get better performance in a much lower price range.

But this does not mean there aren’t any good pre-built gaming computers. The following are 5 of such near-perfect ready made gaming PCs that you may buy.

This saves time and makes sure you aren’t burdened with choosing so many components on your own.

All of these not only provide robust performance but also look cool in your gaming room. Some of these even support VR, so that you get far more realistic gaming experience.

The best processor(i9-9900k) and RAM capacity of 32 GB respectively are present in the Omen by HP Obelisk, while the iBuypower 9260 provides features like a 9th gen Intel i7 or i9 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics at a much more affordable price.

There is also a very balanced device from Cyberpower that has been incorporated in the collection.

The List:

8. Desktop Computers for Home Use

When one buys a computer for his/her uses at home, they are looking for a stable, reliable computer that can be suited for the needs of most of the family members, if not all.

We, therefore, have placed computers of different capacities so that it becomes easier for the buyers to choose the right one.

No matter what your requirements may be, watching movies, playing games, general computing or all of these, the list is made with all such worthy options.

Moreover, these have very budget-friendly price tags, and so you wouldn’t have to frown when buying one. These are smartly designed to befit your household.

The list also consists of an AIO if you need a far more space-saving device. We have provided both SSD and HDD storage options, and even both in a single PC, so that no compromise has to be made.

Do check out the list that follows.

The List:

9. Quad Core Desktop PC

The PCs which have quad-core processors are the most popular because of the stable and efficient performance they can provide than processors with lower or greater cores.

They are also able to provide smoother multi-tasking to the user. Therefore, we are providing a list separately for those who want computers which have quad cores.

Two of these are specifically gaming ones and the rest can be used for general computing and as well as light gaming. All of these have the very convenient Windows 10 OS installed in them already.

But let us not dwell into the details and jump right into the list in which we are showing the best computers available which have a quad-core arrangement.

The List:

10. Workstation Desktops

A decent workstation computer is one of the basic matters that one has to give attention to when setting up an office.

It is of absolute necessity that every office has a set of computers that can perform with such smoothness that the day-today work goes on without any disruption and the business can be carried on in the usual manner.

These computers are specifically made to provide better performance than those one uses in their homes or elsewhere.

We have taken 5 of the best workstation desktops which are such that once installed, they should provide a long term service.

You will find the Intel Xeon processor in some of these which are faster than even standard i7s, which make them ideal for any workstation.

No matter what the workload, these devices will swiftly handle any and every task that you do, but are costly.

Not only that, but each of the computers mentioned below also has large RAM and storage capacities too that make sure you have little worries regarding their functioning.

Buy some good accessories like the monitor, keyboard, etc and you will be good to start off.

The List:

11. Chrome OS Desktop Computers

The Chrome OS has been giving good competition to Windows in recent times.

It is very easy to operate and the Android-like feel one gets on it and the convenience to use the web-based applications are the main reasons for its growing popularity among the buyers.

However, the main drawback one has to encounter while using it is the constant need for an internet connection since the device does almost negligible useful work when the user is offline.

You must remember that the performing capabilities you get on these are limited and they won’t be able to do most of the work a usual PC can.

The best processor you get is the 7th gen i3, so you can realize that these are not heavy performance-oriented. The amount of upgrades you can do on them is also restricted.

But if you need basic computing, portability and compact size in a single shell then these are the ones you should be looking at.

The List:

12. Desktop PC for Blenders

Blenders refer to such software that is used to do exquisite graphical rendering and varieties of animations, 3D sculpting, video editing and tons of other graphics-related work on a computer.

For a blender to work properly, there are certain requirements that must be met. These usually require a 2GHz quad-core CPU, decent RAM, OpenGL graphics(maybe integrated) and other related accessories like a monitor, mouse, pen, etc.

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These are the basic requirements, but if you are willing to do heavy work you will have to make upgrades.

To make sure that you don’t face any trouble while buying a computer to run blender software, you may take a look at the list of computers we have arranged for you, targeting to run blenders.

All of these have the latest Intel i9 or equivalent AMD processors, large storages, ample RAM and sufficient graphics coprocessors. These are all capable computers and should be able to fulfill your purposes.

The List:

13. Desktop Computers for Accounting

The people engaged in accounting and other finance-related studies have a definite need for decent computers.

Since most of the accounting work nowadays is done online, it is of primary necessity that the computers they use are efficient and support all the necessary software and applications, both online and offline.

There isn’t a need for an expensive graphics card however and even 4 GB of RAM does the work.

But, if you can spend some more you must go for some more RAM, and at least an i5 or i7 processors since i3s are weak.

You will also require a large storage capacity.

The List:

14. Desktop Computers for Elderly Persons

When talking about computers for elderly use, we may consider that the uses they might have would be limited to simple computing like web surfing, reading online, playing videos and making video calls.

For these, one does not need to buy a high performing PC but a decent computer that provides reliable performance for a long period of time.

For such purposes, we have created an inventory of computers that would be best suited if you buy it for yourself in case you are a senior person, or your parents, grandparents or any other elderly relative.

All of the devices mentioned herein are pocket-friendly options as well.

The List:

15. Desktops for Programming

Whatever you see on your computer or smart phone screen today is a result of some sort of programming.

As you can guess, there are varying levels of programming that are done. While some are just entry levels, most are highly complex that is done on highly upgraded computers.

Now programming finds its place almost everywhere. Creation and management of web pages, application and software development and calculating massive inputs in seconds are just some of the things that a program does.

To make such programs, you need a good overall computer system. We have put together 5 such well-performing computers that can execute even complex sets of commands, allowing you to do smooth programming.

The List:

16. Desktops for Dual Monitors

People use dual monitors for different purposes. That can be for a lot of purposes from viewing critical information or playing games.

The flexibility to do two things at the same time is also an advantage, for instance, you may work on a project while video calling.

In order to connect two monitors, you need at least one video output port on your monitor.

Then, you must also know if your motherboard supports more than one monitor. Also, the connection type in your CPU and the other monitor must be compatible.

The entire process of setting up two monitors on a single computer is not that difficult and there are a series of steps that must be followed.

But we won’t be teaching you how to do that, you need to figure that out yourself. Instead, we give you five of the best computers shortlisted for running dual monitors.

These are all highly compact PCs and come with different specs so that you can choose the one best suitable for you.

The List:

17. Desktops for AutoCAD

No matter if you are a software engineer, graphic designer or a student studying graphics-based subjects, you will have to use AutoCAD.

The software has gone through a lot of changes, and currently, it allows the users to do complex projects on 2D and 3D modeling and software development.

The latest version of AutoCAD is a much performance demanding one, and hence you will have to make sure that your computer is customized properly so that it is able to run the necessary software.

It can get difficult to assemble a computer by yourself with so many matters to take care of. For example, it is preferable to have at least 8 GB of RAM, a decent graphics coprocessor, a minimum i5 processor, etc.

To make it easier, you may take a look at this list compiled by evaluating the best 5 desktops for this particular purpose.

The List:

18. Desktops for Animation

The animation is a very interesting subject no matter at what level.

It requires a high level of interest, imagination, and skills to create a piece of art that will be liked by people and thus animators have to do very hard work.

Technically, the computer on which one does these sorts of work cannot be an ordinary one. There have to be strong enough underlying components so that a creator is able to work comfortably.

The field of animation is such that there is no scope for someone who does not have enough technical strength and that is why a good computer with all the necessary specs including the CPU, graphics, RAM, etc is a must to develop the productivity of the user.

Most prefer the Apple OS, while others like the Windows OS since it runs most graphical and illustrating software with ease.

We aim to remove your doubts through the following products which have been handpicked for the purpose of animation.

The List:

19. Desktop Computers for Kids

At the time when a child is first introduced to computers, he/she has no idea about it. It is therefore entirely upon the parents to choose the correct computer for their kids.

It is true, that there is no such specific requirement, but the computer should be trusty and upgradable mainly since children are very fast to learn stuff and it wouldn’t take them much time to outpace the computer if it is a slow one.

We at eComputerTips, therefore, suggest mini desktop PCs for your little ones.

They would be light on the storage and should fulfill their needs without much hassle.

With these, you just have to make the right choice of the other accessories and your children would head start into a new world of technology which would be a very integral part of their lifestyle later on.

The List:

20. Desktops for Family Use

A family comprises members who are of different age groups and most of the different professions.

A computer for each of them would not only be expensive but would also make your house look more like a depot rather than a home.

In order to make sure that doesn’t happen, you need a computer that should be able to fulfill your collective needs, while also taking care of the personal ones.

For example, you need a PC that should provide ample performance for you or your children, but also work as a home theatre on boring weekends for the entire family.

This not only depends on the PC itself but also the respective accessories that you will use.

Without wasting time on the details, let us look at the list of computers that should be ideal for almost all the uses a family may have.

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The List:

21. Affordable Gaming Desktops for Fortnite

Fortnite, like most other online competitive games, it is tough to run on basic computers that you may usually have in your homes.

Now, most of the serious gamers usually prefer to make their own PCs by handpicking its components since it cuts down the costs to a great extent.

But if you are low on the internal knowledge of the computer or don’t want to take the additional headache of building your own PC, the experts of eComputerTips would like to suggest a few of the best pre-built PCs that will allow you to play not only Fortnite but almost any other intense game online or offline.

Attention has been given to the various parts of the computers, and special care has been given to their prices so that you wouldn’t have to spend all your savings.

Based on your budget and the level of gameplay you would need, any of the following computers would be appropriate for you.

The List:

22. Desktops for Everyday Use

The desktops that you would use every day should primarily be affordable.

The tasks it should be able to handle include streaming videos, surfing the web, editing documents, photos and videos, reading and watching movies, playing games, etc.

These are such that almost any computer available today can run of course with different smoothness and speeds.

Therefore you should be careful in choosing the right PC even if it is to be used for basic purposes so that you do not spend more for the features which you may not all use.

As a reference, you may take a look at the collection that follows.

The List:

23. Desktops for Day Trading

Stock trading has become easily accessible and these days can be done even on smartphones.

If you are a beginner or a person experienced with the vital tactics of the share market, you may understand that it is of utmost importance to have a fast device on which you would be trading.

This is because, matters can change in seconds and with the rise and fall in the value of the financial assets in the market, you would not want to miss even the small details as it can affect your profit margin at the end of the day.

So, in order to swell up your profits, you must own a reliable desktop. You may choose one from the following mentioned in this list.

The List:

24. Desktops for Data Science

Data science or the collection and evaluation of data collected from various sources can be a hectic job.

There is a lot of unnecessary information and variables a data scientist has to deal with.

To efficiently bring out the necessary data from this heap requires efficiency, which is impossible without a competent computer setup.

With so many options available at your disposal, you may feel lost while choosing the correct PC that should suffice for your demands.

Worry not, since we are here to help you regarding this. As you can see, 5 of the best computers for data scientists have been enumerated here.

The List:

25. Desktops for Internet Browsing

Allowing the users to swiftly surf around the internet is one of the basic things a computer should be able to do.

This also includes streaming videos, playing games, using web-based applications and social media, reading on the web, downloading content and such.

This may look simple given the technological advancement modern devices have attained, but nobody likes a PC that would take time to buffer a video online.

While most of it depends on the strength of the internet connection you use, the performance of your computer also has a role in moderating your comfort when online.

The type of OS you are working on also makes a slight difference due to which some find the Google Chrome environment more useful when working online.

The list provided for your convenience might give you an insight into the type of products that you may consider buying.

Remember, without a stable connection, it is useless to spend your money on expensive devices.

The List:

Questions & Answers:

How do you choose a good computer?

A good computer depends on your needs. To buy one, you must evaluate what your needs are. The most basic choice you have to make is of the Operating System. A majority of you would prefer Windows, those with a wider budget would go for Mac, and yet others would favor the Chrome OS.

Then, you need to fix the budget and preferred brand. After this, you will have to choose the necessary specifications that you need or those which are available in your budget.

At our website eComputerTips, we provide plenty of options for Computers segregated neatly into separate divisions with individual reviews of each. You may take help from these and should be able to choose a Computer that is best for you.

What should you look for when buying a new desktop computer?

When buying a new computer, you should necessarily know the purpose for which you need it. Based on this look for the different features like the processor, RAM capacity, Graphics, Storage type (SSD or HDD), ports on the PC and the Connectivity options mainly.

You will also have to decide whether you need an All-in-One PC, a mini-computer or a full-fledged usual one. Also, decide on whether a touch screen display would be more convenient for you.

Then, you will have to take a look at the warranty and antivirus arrangements that have been made available to you. The privacy should be another concern since phishing, data loss and such malicious activities are rampant these days.

Lastly, you will have to make the right choice of accessories which you will be using with the computer. That includes a monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. If you are a gamer, for example, you will need a responsive mouse and keyboard and a monitor with high resolution, refresh rate, etc.

But if you are a casual user, you may not need such. You may also make arrangements for an internet connection.

How do you set up a new desktop computer?

When setting up a new computer, you firstly need to establish all the necessary connections. Then install an OS if it does not already have one or you aren’t comfortable with the default one.

After this, make sure that the bloatware (if any) is removed since those would slow down your system in the future. The next thing to do is to set up passwords and the antivirus on your PC.

You also have to configure the desktop as per your needs, like setting up wallpaper, creating folders, etc. Next, you should install the required software and applications. When all this has been done, connect your email and other accounts to it.

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