HP 15.6 Inch Touch Screen Laptop Review – Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

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  • Awesome touch screen display
  • DTS Studio Sound
  • SuperMulti DVD burner
  • 7th Gen Intel Core i3
  • WLED-backlit


  • Installation issues
  • Software upgrade is a problem
  • Slower with works
  • Becomes hot
  • Not available other than online

Large touch-screen laptop is the latest buzz in the tech world. Several companies are introducing such laptops, notebooks and 2-in-1 devices and most models are finding favor with the consumers. Let us check out the HP 15.6 inch Touch Screen Laptop Review.

HP has brought its own version in the shape of a 15.6” touch screen laptop housing an Intel Core processor, 1TB hard drive and 8GB RAM among the most important major components.

The laptop does not come with a long list of striking specs. It runs on windows 10 and features a pretty smart look.

In this blog, we will explore the specifications of this HP laptop model to figure out if it is really worth your hard-earned money for a purchase. Check out top 10 laptop brands.

HP 15.6 Inch Touch Screen & Related Laptops Price

HP 15.6 Inch Touch Screen Laptop Review

Touch Screen Laptop Review2

This HP model comes with a 15.6” large screen. The system is engineered to perform virtual tasks with high efficiency.

Its touch screen HD display allows you to take pleasure in intuitive browsing.

Supported by a team of Intel Core i3 processor and 8GB RAM, the machine enables smooth running of Windows 10.

The laptop houses a 1TB HDD in its cabinet, providing massive storage space.

The system comes with a three-cell 2.8 Ah battery allowing you to go on working for eight hours on a single recharge.

Specs Details:


HP 15.6 Touch Screen Laptop Reliability

HP is a brand with massive recognition and reputation throughout the world. It has never fallen short of tossing out some of the best laptops, notebooks and convertible models.

The company introduces models across different price ranges. This HP 15.6” touch screen laptop accommodates a powerful processor, enough of RAM for quick booting and spacious storage area.

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In addition, it comes with a long list of features that you expect from any modern laptop or notebook model. Take a look at best HP laptops.

Performance – Processing Power

Touch Screen Laptop Performance

The system borrows its strength from a combo of 7th generation Intel Core i3-7100U processor and 8GB RAM.

With this pack, you can easily perform simple computing works and run high-end professional apps as well. The model is made to feature versatility.

Though not intended for the gaming enthusiasts, you can still enjoy mid-level games on it. The HP laptop runs smoothly even when you play games or run demanding professional apps.

The laptop houses 8GB system memory and that feels enough for advanced multitasking. Take a look at 15 inch HP laptop store.

Substantial high-bandwidth RAM ensures smooth performance while running video editing apps and games while allowing you to open multiple browser tabs and programs at once.

Design & Build

HP 15.6 Touch Screen Laptop Design & Build

There is no way to claim it is the smartest of all that came tumbling into the market in same time. In fact, our experts did not find it attractive and think its competitors sport a far better design.

However, the color black makes the system a standout in the pack of its many compatriots.

The color accentuates the system’s simple design, easily making it a true example of ‘sophistication in disguise of simplicity’.

It is not a lightweight laptop though several systems are bulkier than this HP system. However, you won’t have to struggle while carrying it from here to there.

Even though the design is not impressive, it feels durable. Therefore, it can easily test for years’ of use and abuse.


HP 15.6 Touch Screen Laptop Display

The HP touch screen laptop comes with a larger screen. The users of all ages prefer a larger real estate area and it will hopefully leave them satisfied on this ground. It offers resolution of 1366×786 HD. A

llowing easy finger-sensitive navigation, the system enables you to make the most of its operating system Windows 10. The LED backlit system is highly energy-efficient.

In a word, you will truly enjoy while watching movies or doing professional multimedia works on it.

Let me put here clearly that the HP system does not integrate any separate graphics coprocessor for handling graphics work.

That means, the main processor handles all the works from simple tasks to complex graphics works. The question is whether its one-processor army can excellently deal with demanding apps or not.

To know it, we put it through a series of litmus tests and to be frank with you, it received a moderate score on our rating.

This is simply because, the resolution could have been better on such a large screen.

Graphics Power

HP 15.6 Touch Screen Laptop Graphics Power

The HP system includes a dedicated Intel 620 graphics card. It is a powerful graphics card and empowers the system to deliver excellent graphics work.

The images look bright and clear. You will experience no unwanted color shades.

Most importantly, you don’t need to squat or squint your eyes while looking at the screen as the images look clean from every angle.


HP 15.6 Touch Screen Laptop Storage Parts

Under the lid, a 1TB HDD is installed to make room for a sizeable number of HD videos, songs, DVD-quality movies, digital photos and off course, text files.

The hard drive spins at a speed of 5400rpm and that is in alignment with the standard read/write times.

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Battery Life

HP 15.6 Touch Screen Laptop Battery Life

More often than not, the users used to complain a lot about average battery life even a decade ago.

Things are much improved these days, as the manufacturers are bringing the models that can survive for good many hours when you are on go.

It sounds good, especially for the travelers, as they don’t have to look for sockets to charge the system.

Additional Specifications

HP 15.6 Touch Screen Laptop Additional Specifications

Yes, the right number of ports is there! You are likely to add external devices for your entertainment needs.

The HP system is equipped with several ports. It comes with 1USB 3.0, 2USB 2.0, multi-format SD slot and Win 10 Home 64 bits.

There are more to additional specs of HP touch screen laptop. So just wait a little bit! Here comes the HP touchscreen beauty with a supermulti DVD burner and HD webcam.

You will love to know that it also features HDMI. Yes, more are yet to come! It also features DTS Studio Sound. You will love to listen songs, as the sound feels really sweet.

The keyboard is standard and you will love while allowing your ten fingers to graze on it.

The keys have the right amount of space between them. Even if you don’t know how to type, you will feel the fun while typing.

What Do Users Think?

HP 15.6" Touch Screen Laptop Users’ Reviews

Our experts have talked to users and compiled their opinion about this product.

If you count on the users’ feedbacks, there are reasons to welcome it to your home. They are talking about every aspect of it, from features to functions, beauty to battery life and performance to price.

Many people have bought it as a signature edition of HP. After using it for several months, they firmly believe that it is truly a great system for daily works.

Yes, many users think that this HP system does not feature a striking look.

Still they love it for its simple and plain design and obviously durability. The laptop offers a strong feel and the users love it.

The users surely love lightweight models and on that ground, there is a plethora of better alternatives. However, they can carry the laptop with ease and it feels enough for them.

Other Experts View

HP 15.6" Touch Screen Laptop Users’ Reviews

Coming to performance, they have words of appreciation for this model. The PC MAG claim that not a single piece of bloatware is found, which allows smooth installation of Windows 10.

The system quickly responds to even slight touch of your fingers as by Digit. The display area is highly responsive to multi-finger touch. Windows 10 is bundled with multiple features and the HP system allows you to make the best of these features through easy navigation with your fingers.

As Laptop MAG says on performance front, it is a superb system for your daily account works, multimedia tasks and even your entertainment needs. In the users’ words, “It’s a versatile system designed to handle multiple tasks with utmost speed and smoothness”.

Throw high-end works at it and the HP system will deliver up to your expectation. Furthermore, the system will not run slow even if you keep multiple tabs open.

Display is fine though not outstanding according to what they feel. The images look clear and bright. The users opine that the system produces the right shades of colors. From no angle, the screen produces blurred images and that is the most striking feature of its display character liked by the users.

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The only thing that they complain about is low resolution in respect to a 15.6” screen large screen. They think that the manufacturer could have increased the resolution a little bit to match the larger display area for a more stunning quality.

Our Verdict

Touch Screen Laptop Our Verdict

Sometimes a low-price laptop justifies your expectation whereas high-end models fail to serve your purpose properly.

So, instead of picking up anything that comes at a high price, it is important to assess what you need and what the model offers.

If it comes to this HP touch screen laptop, the system is the ideal pick for your daily needs. It can successfully assist you in completing your professional tasks without a hitch.

Packing in a 7th generation Intel processor, the system delivers smooth performance without hiccups.

Whether you perform bookkeeping works, do high-end professional tasks, watch movies or play games, it will not fail to offer a satisfying performance.

This HP model is designed for multitasking. You can do multiple works at the same time and it will deliver satisfactory performance.

The Intel processor gets brilliant support from 8GB RAM that offers fast booting.

1TB HDD offers enough space to save your works (both texts and graphics), animation videos, movies, music and many more that you feel treasured.

Yet, you will be amazed to find out that there is room to accommodate more and more.

Display is good though we won’t never say that it is superb because you will enjoy better quality display on many of its competitors.

Still, the 15.6” larger screen makes images more enjoyable for you. You can see clear images even in broad daylight and the display looks clear from every angle.

We will surely talk about other specifications. According to our experts, everything will go easy for you with the number of ports the system comes with.

It will feel great to know that you can attach a number of devices. Keyboard is of normal size and typing will feel fine and comfortable.

We won’t say the HP touch screen model offers exceptional battery life. Truly speaking, we are not heavily impressed if it comes to battery power.

However, we feel that even average battery life, which it offers, is enough to help you keep going on a tour even if you get busy with memory-demanding works or start entertaining yourself.

Last but not the least, we like its simple design that is neat and clean. We appreciate its simplicity.

The build feels strong and that will offer you enough assurance that it will last longer. Furthermore, it feels easy to carry from here to there.

So, what is the bottom line? Buy it to experience fun of working at a pocket-comfortable price.