Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro Review – Pros, Cons, Performance

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  • USB ports (USB 3) are plenty
  • Memory power is great
  • Company support is no doubt great
  • Quite fast and work effectively
  • It is really quite while running


  • Little bit slow on more work load
  • Not available and remains out of stock
  • Design is not so flashy
  • Intel processor is low version
  • Windows 10 having issues on graphics

It is justifiably called the age of technology. Digital technology is currently the most touted talk in our era. Let us look at various aspects of  Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro review.

There has been remarkable and rapid improvement in this sphere in the most recent times. Talk of technology is never complete without a mention of computers.

There are several computer-manufacturing companies – both big names and small setups – in the industry. They are making both personal and business computers.

Here is one business computer from the den of Dell. A Dell product always comes with promises of the processing muscle, most advanced technology and latest features.

Powered by Intel core processor, the showman looks simply amazing with perfect finish and fitting peripherals.

We have run rigorous tests on Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro review and here is what we have found out about the product. Check out Best Dell Desktop Computers.

Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro & Variants Price

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4 new from $749.00
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2 new from $849.00
1 used from $542.00
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Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro Review

Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro Review

Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro is designed to suit the daily needs of the officer-goers and people running their own business.

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Whether you need a system to use MS-Office or design software, it will never fail to deliver commendable performance.

If it comes to making of computers, many elite companies are ruling the market. Of those, Dell is a name to trust on. It has made us believe that nothing is impossible.

The company is always buzzing with new ideas and as a result, brings a wider range of super performers in the shape of barebones and high-end systems. Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro is no exception to the norm.




The Dell device is designed with all that make it apart from its competitors. From features to functions, it is just awesome.

Adding to the buyers’ delight, it’s handsome too. Let us first focus on its design and build quality. Classic and catchy – these two words can best define its look.

Minimalist look is the new fashion these days and the Dell desktop model is aligned with the modern design. Its build-up is reassuring.

We will delve deep into its processing speed and performance but don’t ignore the cosmetic look that has made it tempting to tease the buyers’ eyes.

Especially, we are bowled by its perfect finishing. With a modern and classy design, it has every signature on the surface and under the lid – of Dell.

Its strong build-up gives you a strong assurance of its durability. The frame is solid and so is its performance.

The model stands out on strength of its several key features. Without any doubt, it is definitely leading the pack of business-standard desktop devices in recent times.

It is having other variants with 4 GB RAM, 256 GB and 500 GB HDD again 8 GB RAM, 256 GB and 500 GB HDD. Check out best desktop computers.


Dell OptiPlex 3050 Performance

It performs beyond our wildest imagination. We tested the model with 8GB DDR4 of RAM, 256GB 2.5inch SATA Class 20 Solid State Drive and Intel HD Graphics 630. Read more about 10 best gaming desktop computers.

The manufacturer has emphasized that the model is the fastest system in terms of both GPU chips and processor.

On the performance front, it muscles out all of its so-called competitors. In fact, it is next to none in that aspect.

Dell has claimed amazing drive performance for its latest launch and the model really lives up to the promise. The users have no choice to move the hard drive.

Integration of an Intel Core i5 processor is enough to give you a hint about how speedy it could be. With 19MB cache and 3.26Ghz Intel Xeon W, the model is something to take pride in.

It has all the makings to put even some elite names to shame. You can check out the specifications which will definitely help you to improve your work quality.

Dell has integrated the right pieces to make it worthy of its high price.

The high-end processor is matched by equally striking hardware elements right from RAM, SSD Hard Drive to Graphics Card and many more. Transfer takes place at a blistering speed.

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The Dell desktop model is a silent performer even if it is burdened with heavy loads. Dell most likely had media creation in its plan while developing the machine.

Noisy system is a cause of big annoyance for the users and this could be a great relief.

Whether it is creative work, programming or video editing, great performance is always a guarantee.

Business Computer

Dell OptiPlex 3050 Business Computers

What are business computers? What are special about them? There are some striking differences between business computers and personal computers.

The former is endowed with more memory space and a highly powerful processor.

Home computers are meant for personal applications whereas their business counterparts are used for high-end apps that require a larger amount of memory space and powerful processor.

In business computers, the processor is accompanied by equally amazing hardware parts. The spec list is much longer than what you can see while buying a home computer.

Furthermore, the business computers are expensive and so beyond affordability of most people.

On the contrary, the personal computers are within the reach of the most users. Especially, we are bowled by its perfect finishing.

With a modern and classy design, it has every signature on the surface and under the lid – of Dell.

Smaller Design

Smaller Design

It is an ultra-compact desktop featuring multiple mounting designed to fit your office space and purpose as well.

With best-in-class manageability and security, the desktop model delivers top-notch performance to fit your business needs.

Dell has done no compromise to introduce a compact model. The device offers full support for dual display.

It is designed to deliver industry-standard performance even into the smallest format. The desktop computer uses only 2/5th surface area while offering performance beyond the users’ expectation.

Another big advantage of using OptiPlex 3050 is you can easily upgrade driver, firmware and BIOS.

These free tools enable you to manage automated and flexible system or BIOS configuration for the desktop system.


Dell OptiPlex 3050 Storage

The business computers need a huge amount of space to save and store loads of files, documents and other works.

On that front, this desktop from Dell will not disappoint you. In fact it will definitely impress you with loads of multi tasking options that will help you to gain absolute confidence over work.

The device takes off with 8GB of RAM. A solid support by 256GB 2.5inch SATA Class 20 Solid State Drive ensures uninterrupted performance.

The machine built for the heavy and memory-hungry workloads never gives you a single chance to complain. Whatever program is run on it, you will never face any trouble.

In addition to primary memory, secondary memory (i.e. storage capacity) is as per the industry standard.

The amount of storage provided is enough to store a larger number of files, documents, graphics and even videos.

You can retrieve the files and other necessary documents in just a minute.

Graphics Power

Dell OptiPlex 3050 Graphics Power

Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro is armed with an Intel HD Graphics 630 card designed for heavy workloads.

We tested its graphics power for editing work as well as rendering visuals. Repeated testing was done and the result is more than satisfactory.

The work is done in almost no time whereas other systems may take one hour or even more to complete the same work.

The desktop model is perfect for heavy multiple works and never slows down even for a minute.

Smoother visual experience with less stutter is a solid proof that it scores high on graphics front. Read more about Dell OptiPlex 3050 user manual.

Other Specifications

Dell OptiPlex 3050 Other Specifications

Take a look at its spec sheet and you will feel amazed at other features. Honestly speaking, the device has a cluster of business-driven features.

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You can stay connected via a Wi-Fi networking system. The system ensures super fast WiFi speed for streaming.

The latest 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi enhances wireless performance to great extent. It is possible to stay connected from a great distance via your WiFi router.

This business desktop model is an excellent device to enjoy secure and seamless performance. Check out our top 10 Dell high tech laptop list.

Quick connectivity, smooth performance and speedy data transfers are the highpoints of this Dell desktop.

The model is equipped with a number of ports including HDMI Port and Display Port to ensure smooth and speedy connectivity.

Power Supply

Dell OptiPlex 3050 Power Supply

For the best performance, a device needs solid boost-up and in Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro, the lifeline comes from a powerful supply unit.

We won’t say it is excellent but yes, you can easily manage your daily works without having any power-related trouble.

For industrial purposes and for the basic it saves you a lot in case of its consumption. Thus you will not have any issues with it.

In today’s world you will be having loads of external power supply mode for your mini CPU. Check out Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro manual.

What Do Users Think?

Customer review

Our experts have talked to few users and compiled their opinion about this product.

The small device is a space saver. Despite not failing to deliver excellent performance, it keeps quiet irrespective of the amount or type of workloads.

The fact that it remains cool and calm even after a long-time use is appreciated by the users. They are of the view that such an attribute causes them no disturbance when the work is going on.

According to the users’ evaluation, the desktop model is made to perform at its peak. Coming with multiple ports for integration of several devices and extension, it is a sophisticated desktop model to meet your present and future needs.

The system is amazingly fast with high-end processor and accompanying accessories. The device transfers loads of files at a lightning speed.

The versatile desktop packs in a number of advantageous features for powerful performance.



It is expensive but not very much. In other words, you cannot buy it with a limited budgeted but don’t need to splash cashes for a purchase.

It sports good finishing and modern design. We also loved its minimalist design aligned with the modern trend.

Whether you are to start a new venture or already running one, you don’t need to draw any comparison between Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro and its closer competitors.

The Dell device is far smarter and better than others in the same price range. You can surely go for it without any hesitation.

Dell understands what you may need in future and so make room for some meaningful expansions.

With provisions for upgrade, you will be able to make some cosmetic changes as allowed by Dell and as required for your business-related works.

Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro is classic in design, convenient to use and outstanding in performance.

Before believing anyone, you should do comprehensive and careful comparison between this Dell model and its compatriots.

In this blog, we have presented what we felt during out repeated and rigorous tests. From our end, we can tell that it has all the attributes to beat the latest devices on strength of its performance.

If you buy it, you will never have to rue your choice. It is now up to you to make an intelligent decision.