Dell OptiPlex 3060 Micro Review: Pros, Cons & More

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Dell OptiPlex 3060 Micro


Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


Performance Score


Specifications and Features Score


Design Score



  • User friendly innovation
  • Perfect data security
  • Micro desktop design
  • Perfect work station level
  • Space saving


  • Highly difficult to set up
  • Rare piece
  • Only available online
  • Sometimes gets heated up
  • Not a good choice for high end


If you are in a quest of the perfect enterprise level desktop with several leading features, Dell OptiPlex 3060 will be the first to occupy the list.

It is designed for all types of small or medium-scale business as well as institutions. With best-in-class hardware and security features, this micro desktop is able to put an end to all your worries.

Last but not the least, Dell OptiPlex 3060 comes at a mid-range of budget to satisfy your wallet. Every feature of this tower desktop is worth your investment.

Dell OptiPlex 3060 Micro & Variants Price


If you cast a glance at the image of Dell OptiPlex 3060 Micro Tower Desktop at first, you will get to understand why it is an iconic offering from the brand, Dell.

The space-saving design and compactness of the device are something you cannot help but notice.

For this reason, the desktop can be an ideal choice to be placed in a narrow space or to fit in a cramped desk.

Simply, it has the potency to perform a wide array of corporate tasks or educational projects.

With Intel Core i3 processor and Intel UHD graphics power, the system can change your world within the hours you spend on computing.

It gives you a number of USB ports to install optional drives or connect to other digital devices for working convenience.

Dell OptiPlex 3060 keeps you connected with world through online network as it houses a Gigabit Ethernet LAN port, while the device runs on Windows 10 Pro operating system, the latest version as well.

Dell OptiPlex 3060

The tower comes with a USB mouse and keyboard to help you start with your ideas as soon as possible.

Buy for: Data security, user-friendliness, space saving.

Beware of: Difficulty in setting up, rarity, heat issues.

Best uses for: Small and medium businesses, institutions, daily computer tasks.

The alternatives:

Specs Details:

  • Brand: Dell
  • Hard Drive: 500 GB, 2.5″ SATA 7200 rpm
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Drive Type: SATA
  • RAM Type: DDR4
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-8100T quad core
  • Processor Speed: 3.1 GHz
  • Graphics: Integrated Intel
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 1.4 x 7.2 inches
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
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According to the tech geeks and critics worldwide, Dell is known for introducing streamlined feature and cutting-edge design in their every desktop and laptop offering.

As far as the Dell desktops are concerned, they not just provide incredible performance but also last for several years to accompany you.

Dell OptiPlex 3000 series desktops are loaded with a number of security features and powerful processors to suit every small and rising business.

Most of them are incredibly ultra compact with plenty of mounting options in order to fit your workspace.

They are highly manageable and perfect to meet an assortment of needs during within few hours.

Advanced Intel processors are present in all Dell OptiPlex 3000 variants. That is why; users can completely rely on the performance of these Dell desktops as well.

Among various Dell desktop series, OptiPlex 3000 holds immense popularity all across the world. They are able to compete with leading rivals in the market worldwide.


Like other work-efficient desktop, performance of Dell OptiPlex 3060 completely depends on its processor, RAM and graphical power.

It is equipped with Intel Core 8th Generation i3-8100T quad core processor to offer workstation-level performance and manageability.

Dell OptiPlex 3060 Processor

The processor has the frequency of 3.1 GHz and cache memory of 6 MB.

With such advanced processing power, Dell OptiPlex 3060 becomes a beast while working through multiple hours.

It becomes graphically powerful with an integrated Intel graphics processor.

The graphics card has 4 GB RAM and it enables you to accomplish light multimedia tasks like photo or video editing etc.


Are you searching for a desktop PC which is both capable of handling daily computer tasks and reliable as well.

If this is the case where you are searching for it then you should look after the Dell Optiplex 3060 Micro Desktop PC.

This micro desktop PC has three variants having Intel Core i7, Intel Core i5 and the one we got our hands on for our benchmark test is the Intel Core i3 segment.

It is the best business operating device that produces smooth and seamless performance without any lag or stutter.

It is outstanding for business purposes and the overall performance will not disappoint you.

If you are not a hard core gaming enthusiast then the Intel Core i3 variant is the ideal choice for you for your daily business journey.

In fact if you want to encounter daily computer tasks and intense gaming then the Intel core i5 and i7 is the best choice to go with.

However we got the chance to test the base variant and we are here to inform you how it performs in the real world situation.


If you are the person who mostly deals with the office work like creation of excel sheets, heavy calculations, general computer tasks, etc.

In that case the Dell Optiplex 3060 is the suitable choice for you specially the Intel core i3 8100T variant.

And we got the chance to test this specific variant as well. However if you want both daily commute and punchy performance for those tasks it will be better to shift towards the higher specification.

In fact the base variant is still great to operate with and scores a single core figure of 95.5 Pts which is pretty good for basic workloads.

However it would be a silly move to use it for workstation purposes as it isn’t appropriate at all because of its weak multi core performance.

Speaking of the multi core performance, the Intel i3 8100T will disappoint you in this section.

It scored a result of 377 Pts which is not very appreciating and not very contributing towards heavy usage.

If you ask how it performs in the gaming section in our benchmark test pops a score of 72% which is pretty good and convincing.


The Dell Optiplex 3060 micro desktop PC is planted with an integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630 video card and it will be better if you don’t expect any bells and whistles.

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This video card is enough to handle day to day tasks without any issue and the overall experience is pretty good while dealing general computer tasks.

However in our benchmark test the Intel UHD Graphics 630 video card struggled a bit as expected.  However you will be unable to experience any lag or stutter while streaming any HD video content.

As far as the 3D DX10 benchmark score goes it produces a figure of 4.53% along with 5.7 fps where the result is not very impressive. In the 3D DX9 the video card scored a bit high but still it failed to impress pushing a score of 5.13% followed by 6.85 fps.

If you are a gaming enthusiast then it will be better to move towards external video cards for better performance and experience.


The design of Dell OptiPlex 3060 is truly awe-inspiring to attract your attention. It is designed to manage the entire workloads you have on each working day.

For its compact and uncompromising space-saving design, this Dell OptiPlex variant has emerged as the number choice of numerous employees and business professionals.

This micro tower desktop takes little area to fit your workspace, while rendering all the full-power features you expect at all.

The device is made up of sturdy and premium plastic material to withstand varied external elements.

Moreover, it is having a spectacular tower-like design to create an impression all around. Dell OptiPlex 3060 comes with an innovative mounting option to help you stay free from worries.

With OptiPlex Micro All-in-One Stand or the VESA mount, the tower can adapt to your distinct ambience or workplace environment, allowing you to work the way in which you get utmost comfort.


As for storage parts, Dell OptiPlex 3060 is loaded with 2.5″ 500 GB SATA hard disk drive and 4 GB DDR4 non-ECC memory to offer you faster and hassle-free multitasking convenience without lag.

The RAM has the speed of 2666 MHz and it is extendable up to 32 GB for your need in upcoming years.

Dell OptiPlex 3060 RAM

The SATA HDD has the rotational speed of 7200 rpm, giving you ample space to accumulate plenty of files, documents, images, videos and more.

This is truly an amazing combination of RAM and system storage, which guarantees world-class performance, taking less time to tackle your works.

For storage you can check out some of the best way is to upgrade the system with new ideas. You can check out so many objective with it.

These objectives will help you to make more and more perspectives to work with perfect work. You can take told of it and enjoy a beautiful work experience.

In fact these are definitely offering you a best solution for a perfect work stature. Check out best desktop computers.

Additional Features

This Dell tower desktop offers you an array of essential ports and slots. The front part is the home to universal audio jack, dual USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, power button and a line-out option.

Dell OptiPlex 3060 Front Ports

The back side of the tower accommodates a large number of connectivity options including HDMI Port, Display Port, dual USB 3.1 Gen 1 Ports, double USB 2.0 Ports, K-lock Slot, Padlock Loop etc.

Dell OptiPlex 3060 Back Ports

It has a powerful chassis of built-to-last kind which has gone through MIL-STD 810G testing to prove its durability.

Moreover, the system gives you a comprehensive opportunity to upgrade or change some of its internal components like memory and storage with its removable and easy-to-handle side panel.

From that perspective, the desktop is customizable too. Dell OptiPlex 3060 is supported by Windows 10 Pro, the latest & trendy version of operating system for delivering you a versatile and exciting PC experience.

In order to get started with your plan and business assignments, you will need a functional keyboard and mouse in general.

Dell OptiPlex 3060 is paired with Dell wired keyboard and Dell USB Optical Mouse to provide you an excellent computing experience.

You can upgrade wireless performance with its new 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Dell OptiPlex 3060 Wi-Fi

Now it is of no worry if you stay away from your router but still get connected with Wi-Fi to avail higher Wi-Fi speeds for quick streaming and web browsing as well.

As a Workstation

Dell OptiPlex 3060 is typically a business desktop equipped with versatile mounting features for amazing productivity.

No matter what type of business you operate, this workstation-level tower desktop is powerful enough to meet up to your expectation.

It comes with all the leading features which are essentially required to handle your projects. It derives necessary power from an 8th gen Intel processor and premium quality long-lasting power supply unit as well.

Display Port, HDMI port, audio jacks and dual USB ports are some of its integrated features to mention. Read Dell Optiplex 3060 Micro Detail from Manufacturer.

The device is well equipped with sufficient storage space and internal memory to ensure problem-free performance at speedier rate.

With rich experience of 25 years, OptiPlex introduces user-friendly innovation by repeatedly conforming to the way you wish to work.

In order to unveil your potential and add to your motivation, Dell OptiPlex 3060 features 8th generation Intel Core processor, space-saving design and convenient ports.

What Do Users Think?

Our experts have talked to few users and compiled their opinion about this product.

According to the users this species is simply easy and portable to fit on. This is new but it is simply mastering the ace of space concept.

It will lessen your hurdle of keeping a large desktop which eats up space. This is easy to handle and at the same time it is typically giving you a vital option of not switching on to a laptop.

Yes this is definitely a rare piece as it is very hard to get and at the same time it is only available in the online sector. This is truly a piece which is hard to get but once it is yours, you can certainly bet on it.

You are actually getting Intel Core i3 processor and Intel UHD graphics power, the system can change your world within the hours you spend on computing.

It gives you a number of USB ports to install optional drives or connect to other digital devices for working convenience.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

First, we tested the Core i3 8100T processor of the Dell OptiPlex 3060 for its single core performance. On our benchmarks, it scored 95.5 points.

On the basis of this finding, we tried performing a few basic computing tasks such as using Word to type a few documents, checking emails, using spreadsheets to do some calculations, browsed the web and watched some YouTube videos on the loop.

We kept multiple tabs open at the same time and found that it managed all these tasks pretty well without any notable signs of slowdowns or sluggishness.

However, when we tested its multi-core performance on our benchmarks, it was found to be pretty average. Overall, it achieved a score of 377 points, which is not at all good to handle heavy or CPU-intensive workloads.

The integrated graphics card of this desktop computer produced an average 3D DX10 benchmark score of 4.53% and the frame rate of rendering images was 5.7 fps. These results are not very convincing.

And, on the 3D DX9 benchmark, the graphics card scored 5.13% with a frame rate of 6.85 fps, which is also just average and not very impressive.

As for playing games on this desktop, our desktop showed that it achieved an average score of 72% which is however good enough to handle most of the basic to moderate games.

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