HP Elitedesk 800 G1 Review: Pros, Cons, Features

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  • Two display port
  • Dual Monitor
  • No Noticeable Slowdown
  • Very energy efficient
  • Wide mounting options with customizable tools


  • Optical drive issues
  • A bit expensive
  • Noisy fan, No HDMI port
  • No Bluetooth
  • No 802.11ac WiFi

It is an extensive demand all across the globe that is giving birth to several desktop variations. Take a look at HP Elitedesk 800 G1 review and learn more about it.

Each year, we are witnessing the advent of ultra-smart tower or mini desktops on worldwide digital platform.

These inventions obviously arouse the excitement of every tech geek. Especially the corporate people and business employees seek for highly efficient device which will reduce their pressure and effort to a large extent.

On this ground, if you are a business owner, you might equip your office ambience with high-tech enterprise-level computers, also ensuring absolute employee benefits.

You can check out the HP EliteDesk 800 review with detailed images and specifications. Check out best desktop computers.

HP EliteDesk 800 & Variant Price

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HP Elitedesk 800 Review – G1 Variation

HP EliteDesk 800 Review

If you are an avid follower of HP brand, you will be amazed at the world-class features of one HP business class desktop – EliteDesk 800.

The main unit comes with an iconic keyboard and mouse to support your activities on computer.

Whenever a discussion includes the specifications of any desktop PC, the device appears essentially with a mouse & keyboard in mind, which is not the case of laptop.

The desktop is comprising of multi tasking facilities with all the necessary amenities. In fact it is being seen that You can get the best graphics cards installed within with all the latest apps.

HP EliteDesk 800 truly grabs the attention of digital experts and critics since it is reinforced with ultra-high technology in every format.

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At first, you can observe its sleek design which covers little space of an office desk. If the essential hardware parts are considered, the desktop is typically a secured PC of all time.

Now it is time to give your fast-moving business an edge with this manageable & customizable HP EliteDesk 800 office desktop. Take a look at business desktop list.

Apart from your sincere effort and ideas, your business deserves this Elite solution to bring more productivity.



Brand Reliability

HP business PCs are almost synonymous to satisfaction and reliability. Over the years, HP had acquired high acclaim in offering long lasting systems along with exclusive features.

Being one of the largest manufacturers in this world, HP has proved the fact that nothing can beat quality and first-rate performance.

Right from stationary computers, laptops, printers to servers, HP guarantees extremely high-quality build and work ability as well.

At present, this is not a choice, this is a necessity however. Moreover, you can express your cordial love for them by replacing the older desktop models with the brand-new ones.

In order to opt for the perfect choice and brand, you should take resort to different desktop or laptop reviews available online.

The comprehensive review blogs can work as a catalyst in finding your choice and making your ultimate decision.

However, it is seen that HP fails to fulfill the support. It is necessary to check out the options which will help you to get the support from the company.

There are so many possible ways to stay connected with them. In this case it will help you to stay updated. Learn more about 10 desktop brands.


Incredible Performance

Now it is the absolute trend to advance your business with the latest processors by Intel.

With the Intel Core i5 Quad-Core processor with 3.5 GHz speed & 6MB cache, the EliteDesk 800 delivers trustworthy performance any time as well.

This specific processor has achieved good score in terms of performance, according to various tech reports.

It refers to the fact that the desktop holds ample processing power to involve in multitasking with multiple trendy business apps.

Needless to say, this significant aspect has made HP EliteDesk 800 one of the best business computers worldwide.

As far as graphics power is concerned, this EliteDesk model contains HD Graphics 4600 processor by Intel. Take a look at gaming pc list.

Right after storage, another noteworthy drawback is its lack of dedicated graphics card. The built-in graphics card is integrated with the Intel processor of the desktop.

As a result, it might be quite problematic to operate data-intensive graphics software while working on this desktop.

Although you can improve its processor and insert a dedicated graphics card into this business PC if needed later.

The leading quad-core processor, graphics power and immense memory of this EliteDesk device will never make your computer go slow while multiple basic software are running on.

Business PC

Business PC

The business desktops belonging to HP EliteDesk series are well known for bringing Elite experience.

These versatile PCs introduce ultra-thin elegant design and best solution for every kind of business.

Elite desktops are designed for smart and rapid productivity in addition to world-class reliability and manageability.

The company and the makers assure you support. You will be getting all the leading updates for the software and help you get the best of it.

HP Elite PCs are enriched with so many structural attributes such as high-quality materials, advanced engineering, cutting-edge design and extreme durability.

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Before being launched in the global market, the HP business desktops undergo frequent testing process to create an impression.

They are perfect for business collaboration. They deliver amazing sound and option for striking internet connection which are highly essential to cope up with different corporate challenges.

On this ground, if you are a business owner, you might equip your office ambience with high-tech enterprise-level computers, also ensuring absolute employee benefits. Learn top 10 business desktops as per our tech team.

Cutting-edge Design

Cutting-edge Design

HP EliteDesk 800 is designed to pave the way for any business. With an assortment of extra-ordinary features, the desktop performs exactly the way you prefer the most.

It is impressive enough to suit an office environment. It offers a trendy, stylish design with its ultra-slim, space-saving unit as well.

Most of its tools are highly customizable to meet a wide range official & industrial requirement.  You will surely get attracted towards its cutting-edge outlook, no matter how costly it is.

The desktop has powerful configuration to allow you to share internet connection with several devices.

With the help of HP Wireless Hotspot, you can go online fast on this work-efficient business computer. The most interesting attribute is its ability to share everything without cables.

Share whatever you like, videos, audio, presentations and requisite documents – you will not need any wire in this regard.

The desktop is supported by WiDi Intel Wireless Display technology to connect this EliteDesk variant to monitors or projectors just wirelessly as well.

It also consists of additional PCI port to assure wide-ranging compatibility with current technical investments. Check out HP EliteDesk 800 G1 manual.



As for business computers, storage is a sheer factor to be concerned. HP EliteDesk 800 is equipped with 500GB hard disk drive, which can be quite substandard.

Since this is a workstation-level desktop, it is bound to store innumerable documents, presentations, 4K videos, corporate images of immense resolution etc.

In this case, 500 GB storage can be sufficient for medium or small-sized businesses as well.

However, the slim, latest and removable hard drive is highly able to protect all sorts of business-related confidential & important data even if you are away from your business.

At the same time, it houses 240 GB SATA solid-state drive for fastest and hassle-free computer performance, ensuring great user experience.

When it comes to assessing its memory, HP EliteDesk 800 features 16 GB RAM to meet the exact business purposes.

The size of memory in this EliteDesk alternative is not disappointing at all. It is adequate enough to support multitasking and loading of several sites during peak business hours.

Furthermore, the customizable RAM can be easily extended up to 16GB if required in the upcoming years.

You can find dual slots to insert RAM in this desktop. It contains DVD-ROM optical drive to enable users to read DVDs & CDs in manifold formats.



The HP computers under EliteBook 800 series are really outstanding with several high-tech features.

They have emerged as the favorite choice of plenty of buyers who are obsessed with desktop design and durability.

It is typically designed for industrious professionals to allow them to handle varied latest applications.

Moreover, the desktop takes up little area to fit conveniently in a corporate desk. Its external appearance in bold, black color is not a point of ignorance.

Additional Specs

HP EliteDesk 800 Additional Specs

The additional convenience features of a business desktop also call for careful attention.

While coming with a wide array of ports, HP EliteDesk 800 can be the great hub of your digital world.

It consists of four USB 2.0 and dual USB 3.0 ports at its rear whereas the front part is the home to dual USB 2.0 & dual USB 3.0 ports as well.

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Apart from USB outputs, one can observe separate jacks for headphone, microphone, display port, VGA video port & other expansion slots in the device.

The motherboard offers four expansion slots, making a standard sense. They are meant for adding upgraded video or audio cards, hard drives etc.

The wide assortment of USB ports creates plenty of options to connect several external gadgets with the motherboard, especially printers or scanners.

These ultra-high specifications are really helpful to ensure more & more industrial output.

The Integrated Audio system of the desktop provides utmost sound clarity and brilliant bass effect, so that you can make the most of video chatting.

Its finest Intel graphics processor is responsible for enhanced visual attraction and clarity.

HP EliteDesk 800 is completely secured by a number of HP Client Security features.

Hence, you can save your documents, use double storage drives conveniently and create an automatic back-up of your day-to-day activities.

In addition to that, EliteDesk 800 is programmed with 64-Bit Windows 7 Professional.

What Do Users Think?

Customer Feedback

Our experts have talked to few users and compiled their opinion about this product.

The response from current users can be the ultimate factor to influence your decision about buying this HP EliteDesk 800.

Since HP holds an extensive brand identity all across the globe, millions of customers find HP business PCs most durable and reliable.

The excellence lies in its high-tech Intel quad core processor and strong integrated graphics quality.

It absolutely inspires in accepting challenges of implementing a certain project within few hours.

On the contrary, some of the existing users have pointed out its limitation of having only 500 GB HDD as well.

The desktop also lacks a dedicated graphics card which is an absolute cause of trouble for several graphics professionals & multimedia experts. Read HP desktop EliteDesk 800 G1 user manual.


HP EliteDesk 800 Verdict

What do you expect from a business computer first, prior to all other aspects? Impressive and speedy performance, right?

Here is HP EliteDesk 800 for your needs and desire. Your office PC is a crucial part of your business, no doubt at all.

For this reason, you should be prudent at time of choosing the right digital partner for your business.

Everything is relying on your demands and your business ambience as the price of HP EliteDesk 800 is not within the reach of all.

Your huge investment should create a profitable sense for the sake of your business – that’s your ultimate aim.

This is a product which you can definitely aim to get a best feedback from all the level.

Be it a multi tasking or something that is related to all the aspects to support all the actions that encounter any and every types of issues.

Retrieving any types of information is not all easy as the problem encounters.

The leading quad-core processor, graphics power and immense memory of this EliteDesk device will never make your computer go slow while multiple basic software are running on.

However, these Elite will definitely help you in dealing with the best aspects.

Elite desktops are designed for smart and rapid productivity in addition to world-class reliability and manageability.