HP Slimline 270 Flagship Review: Pros, Cons & More

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HP Slimline 270 Flagship


Value for Money Score


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  • The i7 chip is super fast!
  • Comprehensive connectivity
  • Good performance
  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable


  • Professional Windows 10 is not incorporated.
  • Preinstalled software is largely unnecessary
  • Difficult to upgrade hard drive
  • Remains out of stocks
  • Less number of USB port


Even if it is not the best, the product is definitely one of the top business computers. Under the lid, you will find an assortment of powerful components to facilitate multitasking.

HP Slimline 270 Flagship Desktop & Variants Price


HP Slimline 270 Flagship

HP Slimline 270 Flagship is truly a brilliant desktop to meet day-to-day computing purposes. This powerful USB hub is able to resolve several problems of user.

Being one of the best HP desktops of all time, it delivers absolute user-friendly features and advantages to impress millions of customers worldwide.

The device comprises of ultra-slim SuperMulti DVD tray to read & write DVDs & CDs in several formats. Its high-end 7th Gen i7 processor is meant for multiple activities with absolute ease.

In all other aspects, the desktop guarantees powerful and fastest performance to enhance your productivity.

Buy for: Comprehensive connectivity and reasonably priced.

Beware of: Less number of USB port.

Best uses for: Kindergarten students, small business and other purposes.

The alternatives:


Brand Reliability

HP is among the big names in the industry. It introduces innovative and excellent models. With advanced features thrown into every new package, HP never fails to surprise us.

As a result, they have got millions of admirers who always look up to the big boss for what will come up next.

HP manufactures a wider range of digital devices ranging from desktop, laptop to tablets. It has earned massive popularity and reliability over years.

It is a name uttered with a sense of trust and pride. Trust HP and it will never let you down.


On this front, it’s simply superb. There is no reason to doubt about what it is capable of doing.

Heavily supported by Intel Core i7 quad-core processor and 8MB CPU cache, it delivers power-packed performance expected from such a high-end business desktop model.

It never goes slow while allowing the end-users to enjoy multitasking.

Most computers go slow whenever the users attempt to perform multiple tasks, especially if they are doing it at the peak hours. Such a problem is very annoying.

In that aspect, HP Simline 270 Flagship is a big relief for the users. It is always up and running, thereby helping you focus on your official works.

For the creative persons, having a dedicated graphic card in their computers make them satisfied.

Integration of Intel HD graphics is a boon for the professionals having a creative bent of mind. The feature works to the advantage of the uses as it gives a solid boost to the performance.

Thanks to the amazing attribute, you can run both photo editing program and database software at the same time without having to experience any kind of inconvenience.

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When the 7th generation processor is in, you already know where it borrows its lifeline from. Small unit but terrific speed and that is what makes it charming for the users.

I would also like to draw your attention to the CPU fan. It is quiet. Being cool and calm while delivering the best performance is always appreciated.

HP Slimline 270 CPU Fan

Noisy fan is irritating and HP Simline 270 Flagship always wants you to stay cool and happy.

But one thing must be taken into consideration. Maintenance is crucial; otherwise, it may give you some trouble in the moist weather.

Specially during the rainy season you should be taking care of the processor and the fan too. Due to moist in the air it seems to give you some trouble but with proper servicing it will not be a issue any way.


Here we have run some benchmark tests on the HP Slimline 270 desktop PC. In this test you will get an ultimate overview of real life conditions as mentioned on paper. We have further analyzed the CPU performance as well.

The HP Slimline 270 desktop PC is armed with an Intel Core i7 7700T a 4 cores and 8 threads processor.

It pushes out some brilliant single core figures of 104. It knocks down the day to day jobs smoothly like official tasks, web browsing, moderate calculation and so on.

In fact it is efficient enough to tackle some light server work pressure and minimum workstation workload as well without showing any sign of difficulties.

Speaking of the gaming section it produces a score of 82.6% which is suitable for video game streaming.

However it will be a wacky move if you expect higher performance from an integrated Intel HD Graphics 630 video card.

The benchmark score of this integrated GPU is not very impressive producing a score of 6.19% with 8.3 fps which is very low and insufficient to handle any 3D game play smoothly.

Though it’s decent for seamless day to day operations as it doesn’t involve any high end graphical management on a daily basis.

However an external video card can fix the gap for smooth gaming operation.

As far as the multi core test goes it calls out all the CPU cores to push out an intense performance with the support of the hyper threading technology.

In this test it is only capable of producing a figure of 604 Pts which is quite average with only a percentage of 40.

However higher scores were expected though the test score depends under different real world conditions.

In the Geekbench 5, 64 bit single core test this HP slimline 270 PC pops out a figure of 1000 Pts which is pretty impressive.

In this particular test it intensively uses the memory of the system itself where fast response will provide good results whereas it only uses one CPU core.

If you check the score of the Ray tracing in the single core test it produces a score of 1211 Pts which is expectable.

However in the multi core test of the Geekbench 5 64 bit it heavily operates the system memory where if it responds quickly then it will definitely offer higher scores by taking an edge of the hyper threading technology.

This desktop PC is capable of offering a score of 3978 Pts. In fact it produces 5725 Pts in the Ray tracing test in the multi core section as well.

HP Simline Series

The Simline Series introduced by HP presents a number of desktop models highly compatible with the corporate needs.

The models in the series are designed to meet the needs of both the business brains and creative minds.

If you are an echelon at an elite IT company or run a small-scale business, it is made to match your ambitions and workloads.

A fine melting pot of fabulous look and fascinating functionality, you will not rue your trust on the Simline series.

The devices in the range are highly promising and productive. Once you start using it, you will find a massive boost-up in your skill and productivity. Read more hp slimline user guide.

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More About HP Slimline 270 Flagship

HP Simline 270 is one of the flagship models in the series made by HP. It gets the right punches in terms of high-end components and new-age features.

It ticks all the boxes to become one of the most favorite picks for the business personnel and IT professionals alike.

Speed is one of the most important requirements at the workspaces. Let us assure you that it will make you happy on that front.

It is a great performer and allows you to do your work at a great speed without hiccups.

Durability is a great concern for the buyers. The buyers always want to spend money on the durable products, especially if it is a costly investment.

Let us make it clear that you will enjoy its service even in distant future. It sports a solid body that will happily endure use and abuse for years to come.

The model packs in several standout features that make it unique amidst the crowd of its competitors. Interestingly, it flaunts off a masculine body with strong and appealing chassis.

Its top-notch performance is supported by the quad coprocessor. A good amount of storage space and memory power helps you save a larger number of official data and documents, images and other important files.

If its design and durability make you fall in love with it, a promise of excellent performance will take the attraction to the level of insanity.

The model is a smart performer as claimed by the manufacturer and it is not just tall talk.

The business professionals prefer multitasking models and it is a wonderful performer to suit what they like and believe.

It features a corporate look, integrates the advanced components and offers excellent performance.

Every single feature is worth your praise and it will be a solid investment for the intellectual buyers.


Those, who say look is nothing and performance is everything, are pathetic liars. Yes, all are not same but most don’t speak the truth.

Yes, design matters a lot and this model has got a rockstar-like look. A combination of sturdy body and striking look will make it impossible for you to take your eyes off.

The color black makes its robust body more appealing to the smart users. Its masculine structure is made to withstand harsh elements such as extreme humidity, heat, fungus, dust, solar radiation etc


HP Slimline 270 RAM slot

It is packed with powerful memory. Just imagine it includes an 8GB DDR4 SDRAM for flawless performance.

HP Slimline 270 RAM

The amount of memory space packed in it will serve your purpose at the office space. With such a huge amount of memory, you will enjoy uninterrupted performance.

You can use MS-Office software and other number crunching programs without ever encountering any hitch.

If it comes to storage space, 500 GB SSD hard drive is quite enough to stack up your important office files and documents.

You can even save high-resolution images and videos. This amount of storage space is standard for any business desktop.

It is most unlikely that you will run out of space in immediate future. However, if you ever need more space, extension is possible.

Unless if you have a larger number of video files and images to save, the in-built storage space is enough to cater to your needs for a long time. Check out HP Slimline 270 manual.


Both of these body features are considering working according to the need and demand of the public. There are so many panels, which are actually available in the market.

There are some limited versions of glass coated panels which are though very few.

You can each out the hard disk, mother board, and even the extra features given it the box all are built to survive vigorous usage quality. Read more about most reliable desktop brands.


HP Slimline 270 inside

The more you know about it, the more you love it! It will never stop to amaze you. It is equipped with an ultra slim-tray supermulti DVD burner.

HP Slimline 270 Drive

Are you a movie buff? Well, you can watch your favorite actors in action and also enjoy comedy films with your family members.

You are also free to write both CDs and DVDs in different formats. Do you prefer Wi-Fi connection? With this flagship desktop machine, it’s very much possible.

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You can also go for broadband modem requiring Ethernet. Both with wires and without wires, it will give you a smooth experience of net surfing, website downloading, mail exchange and other network-based works.

The device supports Bluetooth 4.0 and a 3-in-1 media card reader. You will find a number of ports to plug in accessories.

HP Slimline 270 Ports

Immersive audio and video experience is a solid guarantee from the manufacturer’s end. Once you use the device, you will conclude that their claims are not a hyperbole.

A point to be noted that the speakers are sold separately. You can prefer speakers from any company or brand which is being used for a better output.

You can check out the best performance on Dell speakers and home theaters. In fact if you are looking for something on sound editing then you can assemble with professional speakers.

You can get the best value when you are buying it from a certified buyer who are giving you a better guarantee on each of these associated products.

The keyboard is USB type and fitted with a volume control feature. It offers a great typing experience.

What Comes in the Box?

You will feel overjoyed after learning what the box contains. It packs in a power cord, optical mouse and USB keyword. Last but not the least, a quick start guide is packed in the box.

Each of these items come with quality and perfection. In fact, if you take a keyboard for the discussion, it is easy to use and effective in the same way.

In fact, like all other parts of the entire desktop, you can certainly boast of the keyboard and its longevity.

It is being seen that HP keyboard are having enough strength to maintain the speed. It is highly giving you the best support during any work.

During assembling there are many HP lovers who prefer a HP keyboard as it is long lasting and highly durable.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

We put the GPU of the HP Slimline 270 Flagship desktop computer under several benchmark tests to see its performance and found that it is quite satisfactory. In the Geekbench 5 scale, it scored around a thousand points.

We checked the ray tracing abilities and found that it scored 1211 points for single-core and 5725 points for multi-core test.

As for its performance, we tested it by using Word and Spreadsheet for our office work. We found that it could handle such tasks most efficiently.

They also said that the system allowed them to multitask with different tabs and worksheets open at the same time.

We also asked a few other staff in our office to use it for photo editing purposes. They used Photoshop and Paint for that matter and reported that the system could handle basic photo editing tasks quite efficiently but lagged on higher workloads.

We took the PC to some students to use it for their study purpose and completing their project works.

Their feedback was also quite satisfactory. They said that it allowed them to complete their projects quickly, which is quite understandable since in schools CPU or GPU intensive tasks are rarely required.

When a shopkeeper nearby was given the PC to use to maintain inventory and billing, the system eased the task with its efficiency.

We also used the system for basic gaming and entertainment purposes.

The CPU and GPU performance was found to be quite satisfactory, as long as we restricted our use to the basics such as web browsing, email checking and replying, watching some videos on YouTube and similar tasks.

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