Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop Review – Pro, Cons, Specs

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  • Performance
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  • Solid support
  • Storage area
  • CPU Fan wonderful


  • Not always available
  • Support
  • Little bit expensive
  • Variants are better
  • Ports are having isssues sometime.

Desktops are yet to be a ‘Dodo’ despite burgeoning popularity of laptops and notepads. The elite brands have been introducing high-end laptops packed with top-notch performance every now and then. Check out Full Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop review.

Let us put here that desktops are still a hot favourite with the hard-core gamers and multimedia enthusiasts.

Dell rolled out the newest Dell Premium Business Flagship desktop PC in the last year and there are solid reasons why this model has put many of its competitors much behind in the race. Check out best desktop PC according to needs.

Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop & Variants Price

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Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop Review

Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop Review

The Dell Premium business flagship desktop is embellished – of course, under the lid – with some of the best elements in the most important compartments.

Let us start with its processor. Dell has fit a 7th generation Intel core i5-7400 processor to handle whatever is thrown at it. Check out best desktop brands list.

Wrapped around a blazingly fast processor, the business desktop is bundled with built-in security to safeguard your important files and information.

Designed to take your creative skill, productivity and entertainment needs to a few notches ahead, the Dell flagship desktop model ensures an enriching user experience at every level of your needs and expectation.

An immensely powerful processor aside, the desktop model also comes with 1TB HDD Hard Drive and 12GB DDR4 RAM to enable the users to explore the possibilities and translate their imagination.

A dedicated graphics card explains it beyond doubt that why the model is capable of producing stunning visual display.

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Stay tuned with us to learn more about the major elements as well as a box of additional features. Check out Best Dell Desktops.

Specs Details:


Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop Reliability

Though popularity of desktops is on the wane, still desktops are the ultimate choice for a larger pool of users. Truly speaking, desktop is a timeless functional item and there is hardly any to replace it.

The Dell desktop, which is at the centre of our discussion, comes packed with a wider range of exciting features that enables it to deal with immense and versatile workloads.

From a technical point of view, the desktop is more power and reliable than many popular laptops. Once you sail through the review, you will start realizing that it has all the makings to give many modern desktops and laptops a run for money.

A powerful 7th generation Intel core processor is the most powerful element tossed under the hood of the Dell Business Flagship Desktop. In addition, it is equipped with 12GB DDR4 RAM and 1TB HDD that keep pace with the superfast processing power.

Keep on reading the blog to discover more about this flagship desktop model coming out of the den of Dell.

Performance – Processing Power

Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop Performance - Processing Power

Without any doubt, processing power is the most vital aspect of any computer system.

An incredibly powerful and multitasking processor is capable of handling a variety of works and immense workloads with exceptional ease and efficiency.

The Dell desktop houses a 7th generation Intel core processor that can effortlessly do multitasking.

Though called as ‘business desktop, the system is architected to allow the users to anything from running high-end apps, playing games to doing multimedia works.

Coupled with 12GB DDR4 RAM, the desktop model delivers blistering performance even surpassing your wild expectation.

Design & Build

Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop Design & Build

The chassis feels sturdy and durable. The black body has the brand logo inscribed on the lower bottom of the chassis. It does not belong to the clan of thin models but occupies not much of space either.

Remember that a desktop is not like a laptop carried around wherever the user goes. Therefore, it hardly matters whether the system is bulky or slim.

If it comes to design and build, you should consider if the model is strong enough to withstand wear and tear of time.

Who does not want to enjoy stunning display? A scintillating display adds to your multimedia, gaming, entertainment and overall, working experience.

When spending on this Dell flagship model, you can expect to enjoy a crispy, vibrant and decent display. The images won’t look cracked or crooked.

With a gamut of colours and high resolution, a magical and memorable display is always guaranteed.

Graphics Card

Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop Graphics Card

The newest Dell premium business desktop accommodates a dedicated graphics card in form of Intel HD Graphics 630.

Specially designed to spice up users’ home entertainment experience, the desktop system also houses a slim optical disk drive and 5.1 surround sound to enhance your entertainment experience.

The optical disk drive can easily manage DVD/RW disks and deliver a truly enriching entertainment experience.

Storage Power

Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop Storage Power

Storage power defines and describes how many files a system is able to store. This particular Dell desktop has immense storage capacity.

Accommodating 1TB HDD, it allows the uses to keep on storing a larger number of files, documents, demanding apps, memory-hungry games, songs, movies and many more.

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The Windows 10-based flagship desktop offers plenty of storage to enable you deal with multitasking with super ease and quickness.

The 2018 newest Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop does not run on battery power. You just plug in and the computer comes to life. Battery power is important for the laptop and notepads.

However, developed around the latest cooling technology, this Dell desktop system does not feel hot even after working for hours. The CPU fan produce no irritating sound and keeps on working in absolute quietness.

Additional Features

Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop Additional Features

As this flagship model came out only in the next year, it is expected to be equipped with the latest features to deliver breath-taking performance.

Apart from the major features discussed above, the desktop model comes with a bouquet of bold and brilliant additional features to take your satisfaction to a lofty level. Let us what this flagship device has in store for the potential users.

Keyboard & Mouse: The system includes both Dell KB216 Wired Keyboard Black and Dell MS116 Wired Mouse Black.

MaxAudio: The Dell Premium Desktop runs on Windows 10 Pro. The operating system offers a bunch of great improvements that you cannot help but appreciate. These features include fast start-ups, an all-new browser and an expanded Start menu. These exciting features enable you to perform multiple activities across multiple platforms both smoothly and quickly.

Connectivity: The device is bundled with the right number of ports to allow the users to plug in multiple devices. If it comes to connectivity, the device comes with 802.11bgn + Bluetooth 4.0, 2.4 GHz, 1×1 Optical Drive: Tray load DVD Drive (Reads and Writes to DVD/CD) Ports: 1 x HDMI, 2 x USB 3.0, 4 X USB 2.0[Back: (4) USB 2.0, Front: (2) USB 3.0].

What Do Users Think?

What Users think about Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop?

Users are just like voters. They elect the best items and vote out the wrong ones. Users’ reviews are very important to know if a particular model performs really well and deserves the price tag or needs no attention at all. According to our survey of users we complied this data.

Dell is a popular name in the computer world. The potential buyers have immense faith in Dell. They believe that everything that comes from Dell is pretty good in design and performance. Let us see what the users think about this flagship device.

Storage power is one of the priorities for the prospective buyers. With this premium device, the users get 1TB of HDD.

It means, they have an ample amount of space at their disposal to store files, movies, songs and many more. It will take them years before they run out of space to store more.

The model is accompanied by an excellent mouse and keyboard to augment their user experience. The users experience a silky and speedy feel while typing.

For a more gratifying user experience, Dell has incorporated a sound audio system. The duet of visual pleasure and audio outputs gives double delights to the users and they feel quite happy about it.

For any user, having the right number of ports is important to plug in the required devices. The Dell system does not give a blow to the users in this regard.

In fact, they are happy that this Dell model has what they always look for while making a new purchase. Download Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop Manual.


Variants Of Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop

Truly speaking, desktop is a timeless functional item and there is hardly any to replace it. Find out best business desktops.

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The Dell desktop, which is at the centre of our discussion, comes packed with a wider range of exciting features that enables it to deal with immense and versatile workloads. There are three variants of this laptop.

You can check out that you will be having 8th Gen i5 + 128GB SSD, 12GB 1TB HDD and another one is the small sized. Depending on your choice you can check out the necessary variant and take the final call.

Other Experts View

Other Experts Views On Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop

PCmag says users are not overwhelmed if it comes to design. However, they have liked its look and feel. The reality and guarantee that it will last for a long time give them a peace of mind. It is an investment that will serve their purpose for years.

CNET thinks that it is having a specially finical about performance and display quality of whatever desktop or laptop brand they purchase. Powered by an incredibly fast 7th generation Intel core processor, the machine has all the makings to manage versatile activities and allow multitasking. Keep multiple tabs open including a YouTube video and it won’t go slow even for a fraction of second.

Techrader thinks display, Dell has integrated a dedicated graphics card in the box. The display card ensures top-notch display quality and characters for images. The users are satisfied that the images don’t feel grainy due to high-end resolution. On top of that, the images also look bright and lovely.

Our Verdict

Our Verdict on Dell Inspiron 3668 Desktop

When it comes to look, let us insist it without mincing any word that this Dell device is intelligently designed to incorporate all the necessary components under the hood. The box looks simple but striking from the outside and feels strong enough to last for years.

On the ‘performance’ front, the model performs superfast computing. Driven by a 7th generation Intel Core processor, this flagship device delivers performance surpassing your farthest imagination.

It is capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneous and efficiently. The versatile device can easily handle a variety of activities from multimedia works to gaming.

Housing a high-end and committed graphics card, the system will never let you down if it comes to quality of display.

Whatever you do, clear and bright images are always a wish on every user’s mind. Dell has rested it beyond doubt that the model will enrich your entertainment and multimedia experience by manifolds.

Storage power is an important criterion. The users are always in favour of massive storage space.

Packed with 1TB of HDD, the computer allows the users to save text files, video clips, movies, songs and apps in a literally unlimited number. Whatever you do, it is a guarantee that plenty of storage area will always give you a solid support.

Based on the latest cooling technology, the desktop does not feel hot even if you work on it for a long stretch of time. The CPU fan does a superb job to keep the processor cool for hours and produces barely audible sound.

Finally, it is tied with a bunch of amazing features including the right types and number of ports, keyboard, mouse and audio system.

To put it in a single sentence, the Dell Inspiron 3668 desktop is worth its price slip and your purchase.