Dell Inspiron 7790 AIO Review: Specs, Pros, Cons & More

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Dell Inspiron 7790 AIO


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  • Has a sleek and modern look
  • An attractive thin chassis and small bezels
  • Has an HDMI input
  • The Integrated Sound bar gets louder giving a great experience
  • A recessed video source switcher available next to the power button


  • Sound and volume adjustment is a problem in HDMI input mode
  • The performance isn’t something very great
  • It cannot be mounted to free desk space
  • Lacks VESA bracket on the rear
  • Lacks optical device drive


Dell has given attention to every detail while making the Inspiron 7790 so that you have a superior experience while using the device. It is an all in one PC that comes with an HDMI input jack which means your Roku streaming stick or Nintendo Switch can easily get plugged in.

If one has a high budget, then one should definitely consider buying this product as only few alternatives can give such TV screen feels in a PC screens while playing games or watching videos. Moreover, it serves the purpose of everyday office use and graphic design works efficiently.

Dell Inspiron 7790 AIO & Variants Price


With the latest high performance Pc’s coming to the market, there is an increased competition amongst companies to make better products. The Dell Inspiron 7770 AIO is the finest example of such a creation.

Though the price is a bit on the higher side yet the features it provides makes it worth. It flaunts an 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10510U processor with a clock speed of 4.9 Ghz.

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There is 16GB Ram available, along with 2GB dedicated Graphics storage and NVIDIA MX110 graphics card installed in it.

The brilliant graphics processor would provide unique gaming processor would provide unique gaming edge and visual experience. There is both an SSD of 512GB and a Hard disk of 1TB too.

The desktop has an HDMI input option that helps to use the monitor connect to a game console. If you decide to invest in it, you would get a feel of a TV screen in the screen of the PC.

Dell Inspiron 7790 AIO

Buy for: The smart look and overall great performance of the product

Beware of: The price of the Pc is high. It lacks optical device drive and thunderbolt port. Also lacks volume and brightness controls.

Best uses for: education, web development, stock trading, online streaming, media and entertainment.

The alternatives:

Design and Build

The Dell Inspiron 7790 has a sleek look to it that would make one turn their head to look at it.

Dell Inspiron 7790 Display

The 27 inch infinity edge display is framed by narrow, 8mm white bezels on the three sides and it has a slightly larger chin on the bottom that has a silver speaker bar.

Dell Inspiron 7790 Speaker

The desktop has a dual tone design and extends to a silver curved rear panel. With a dimension of 14.91×10.05×0.71 inches this device easily makes space on your desk.

The base of the device allows the screen to recline, but the display however cannot be rotated or tilted. Above the display there is a retractable webcam placed.

The ports are all located at the back which includes a USB 3.1 Type –C and three USB 3.1 Type-A ports, a Gigabit Ethernet jack, an audio jack, a SD card reader and HDMI video output and input port.

A recessed video source switcher is located on the right bottom edge of the sound box next to the power button.

Its compact design and no VESA mounting gives it a smart look and makes it suitable to be places in any place, where people can have look at it.


With the Intel Core i7-10510U processor it provides splendid gaming and graphic feel to the user and has a clock speed of 4.9GHZ.

The NVIDIA GeForce MX110 Graphics card further supports the chipset to ensure that it doesn’t break a sweat while handling heavy task.

The pixel resolution being 1920×1080, provides excellent screening experience, there are no screen tears while playing games, providing superior performance.

The HDMI input jack easily connects gaming consoles and the recessed video switcher gives excellent graphic performance along with good gaming experience.

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Though the device lacks thunderbolt 3 port and eGPu yet that doesn’t in any way hamper its performance.

With Windows 10 pre- installed there will be no issues with the operating system.

As one would expect while buying such high end product, it performs efficiently.

Storage and Ram

The Dell Inspiron 7790 has a fast SSD storage and Hard disk present for user convenience.

The SSD is of 512 GB and Hard disk is of 1TB. Both the SSD and Hard disk are upgradable.

Storage and memory in this device is at par with other products in the market.

There is a separate Graphics memory of 2GB available, which makes sure that the 16GB DDR4 Ram is not disturbed by the GPU.

Ports and Connectivity

There are five USB ports available at the back of the desktop. While one is a USB 2.0 port the other four consists of USB 3.1 Type –C port and the other three are USB 3.1 Type-A port. Check out best desktop PC brands.

Dell Inspiron 7790 Rear Ports

The USB C port is useful in connecting modern phones or USB hub for additional connectivity. It has both HDMI input and output ports.

It lets gamers plug in their console and use the PC screen as TV screen. Besides the USB port there are the Ethernet jack, headphone jack, HDMI video input and output port and SD card reader.

For those wanting wireless connectivity there is also available, a standard 802.11ac WIFI connection and Bluetooth5.0 peripheral.

Additional Features

The pc has a retractable webcam just above the display.

Dell Inspiron 7790 Webcam

When the cam is not being used it can be pushed into the chassis thus maintaining privacy.

The USB ports lets the keyboard and mouse stay connected to the device.


What Do Users Think about Dell Inspiron 7790 AIO?

Firstly, the Dell Inspiron 7790 is very smart and classy to look at. However teamed with excellent features is what makes it even more desirable.

The excellent processor, the HDMI port, the 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor makes it the one of a kind and the one of the best product designed by Dell till date.

However users are disappointed with the lack of coaxial input jack thus no cable box can be connected to the PC.

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Also, when using the pc screen as a TV screen one cannot adjust the volume without switching back to the PC mode, so users feel that a small remote would have solved the problem and make it less tedious.

Though switching between videos input sources is easy yet adjusting volume while in HDMI mode is the biggest annoyance of the Dell Inspiron 7790.

If you are somebody who wants to experience awesome gaming and visual TV screen feel in a PC then this is the product for you and also if you fine with the lack of remote, optical drive.

Plus Dell provides a warranty of one year from the date of original retail purchase which is very beneficial. Check out Dell Inspiron 7790 AIO Manual.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

To assess the performance of the Dell Inspiron 7790 AIO, we conducted detailed testing on the desktop. The most impressive aspect of the device was its stunning display.

The display provided a vibrant, crisp, immersive, and exceptional viewing experience, whether we were playing games, browsing the web, editing videos or photos, attending online conferences, or simply watching movies or web series.

Furthermore, the processing power and speed of this device are highly impressive. We experienced seamless performance when multitasking or using resource-intensive software.

There was no lag or slowdown when switching between multiple applications running simultaneously. In addition to casual computing tasks, we also utilized this device for web development and real-time stock trading.

The speed at which the Dell Inspiron 7790 AIO processes data and launches applications is remarkable.

From system boot-up to application launching, everything was exceptionally fast. This level of performance significantly increased our productivity.

We also utilized this device for streaming media on various online platforms, browsing our social media accounts, and engaging in other entertainment activities.

Each time, the PC delivered a smooth and immersive performance. The combination of its speedy performance and stunning display made our computing sessions more enjoyable.

This device is a one-stop solution for students who require a PC for attending online lectures, working on assignments, and accessing various online sources.

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