Lenovo Ideacentre 520 AIO Review – Pros, Cons, Specs

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  • A compact all in one
  • An easy set up and optical drive
  • Its fast and furious with 2TB Hard Disk Drive
  • Display is perfect
  • 7th Generation Intel


  • No display rotation
  • A bit expensive
  • Little bit heavy
  • Noisy fan and Odd webcam placement
  • USB ports are awkwardly placed

We are living in an era where it is impossible to think without computer. Today we will do a Lenovo Ideacentre 520 AIO review.

Whether it is education or profession, having a computer always earns the owner multiple benefits.

With tremendous technological progress in recent times, we are witnessing a sea change in the landscape of digital devices.

Laptop is now more preferred to desktop for personal use. However, desktop is still an automatic choice at the work spaces.

Thanks to the leading computer manufacturers, the buyers are now introduced to a plethora of more fascinating and feature-packed desktop models.

Among the top-tier computer manufacturers, Lenovo is a name to rely on. The company has introduced a number of desktops and laptops in different price ranges.

In this blog, I will discuss about pros and cons in Lenovo IdeaCentre 520 AIO review. Check out best desktop computers.

Lenovo IdeaCentre 520 AIO & Variant Price

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Lenovo Ideacentre 520 AIO Review

Lenovo IdeaCentre 520 AIO Review

This Lenovo model is a part of AIO lineup. The desktop model is available at an upper mid-range for home and small business use.

It does not pack in high-end hardware components for specialized tasks.

However, it is fine for doing your daily works without any problem. The users can easily handle multiple tasks including video watching, word processing and web browsing.

You can even play games requiring mid range of memory spaces. Check out Best Desktops for Financial Modeling.

At this point, you may ask an important question after taking a look at its price tag. Does it deserve that amount of price?

Based on my personal experience (I have used it for a month), I will try my best to give a solid answer to your query.

Specs Details:


Lenovo IdeaCentre 520 AIO Reliability

People now want to invest on an all-in-one computer model. That throws a serious challenge to the manufacturers. With time flowing on, technology is making huge progress.

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No wonder, more improved hardware accessories are now available. The manufactures now need to decide how they can fit the new-age accessories into a single product.

A compact device with powerful performance – that is what everyone looks forward.

Prices can go up rapidly as the models become more compact in design like what we see in case of laptops.

And if selection and configuration are not done properly, a complete disaster is inevitable as the outcome is a larger device with performance hiccups. Read more about top 10 best desktop brands in world.

Flawless Performance

Flawless Performance

This Lenovo desktop model borrows its energy from i7-7700T Processor (2.90 GHz 8 MB) 7th Generation Intel Core.

Intel HD Graphics 630 graphics ensures that you can do your daily works as well as keep yourself entertained. Take a look at our gaming pc list.

You must not expect super speed. However, it is not a slow runner. In fact, you can finish your daily works at a blistering speed.

Whether you need to do simple calculation on the spreadsheets or internet surfing, any problem is less likely to be experienced.

Many personal computers run slow if you watch videos. It is what you will never feel while using this Lenovo model.

You can watch YouTube and movies without ever experiencing even minor problems.

Many teenagers and youngsters are gaming enthusiasts. Even many of Gen X love playing games on mobiles and computers.

The major problem while playing games on many PCs is they run slow due to under performing processor and/or scanty amount of memory.

Though it is not built for playing memory-hungry games, mid-gaming is very much possible and you will face no problem at all.

In a word, you will feel happy and lucky with this all-in-one beauty! Read More about value for money business desktop computers.

Sleek Design


Let us play it straight – this Lenovo personal desktop is compact, elegant and lightweight. With its real estate display area of 27”, this device is a perfect fit for any room.

The model is a real beauty. It looks classy in every aspect. Though performance matters most, design is not something to ignore. This desktop features a good frame.

A combination of solid design and stylish look is important as the former ensures durability and the latter makes it appealing.

The desktop model is durable without any doubt. If you are happy with its performance, you won’t need to replace it anytime soon. And if anyone talks about its appeal, it is cool and classy.

It feels like a premium device. The desktop features thick sides and a gentle curve at its back. Ample venting ensures that the touch display and hardware tools will always remain cool.

The sturdy model is put together in a perfect fashion, with no unsightly gaps between the hardware components found.

The speaker row placed beneath the display area lends a complete look to the device, allowing your eyes to glide over easily.

Stunning Display


The model features a 27-inch display screen. With full HD resolution (2560 x 1440), you will experience clear and bright display.

Slim edges around the display screen add to the real estate area. In addition, a 10-point multi-touch display makes it possible to scroll, pause and zoon with extreme ease.

Its display feels brighter than several Lenovo devices that have rolled out in the market. Its brightness reaches 350 nits when maxed out.

Even though it is not enough as per the industry standard, you will experience no problem if you place the computer in a room with lots of light.

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The display unit has a glossy finish that makes it prone to picking up fingerprints.

Designed for Windows 10

Windows 10

This Lenovo personal computer is made to run Windows 10. If that is what leaves you amazed, there are still a lot on the spec sheet for a big surprise.

How do you like controlling your personal computer by giving it spoken instructions? You will definitely love to do that. The device features Cortana.

It is a digital assistant activated by voice. The feature enables the system to accept and execute your verbal requests.

However, it can perform your spoken instructions only if you are within four meters of the model.

Memory Power

Memory Power

The device comes with 16 GB of DDR4 RAM. Some may complain that Lenovo could have punched more RAMs into the device but that much is enough as per the industry standard.

If it comes to storage space, it offers 1 TB of HDD. Now that is aligned with several personal and even business desktop models.

With that amount of memory, you can easily save a good number of files, documents and images.

Even after storing several video files, you will find a considerable amount of memory space still left. That means, the storage space will provide you good support for a long time.

Memory space is very important to play video games as well. With the model designed for playing low to mid-range video games, you will enjoy a smooth gaming experience.



The stunning built will definitely help you in keeping it at an low maintenance. It is highly durable only a yearly servicing is necessary. Download Lenovo Ideacentre 520 AIO manual.

You can get the support from the makers of this beat. This is actually an asset which will help you enjoy without any inconvenience.

It feels like a premium device. The desktop features thick sides and a gentle curve at its back. Ample venting ensures that the touch display and hardware tools will always remain cool.

Other Specifications

Other Specifications

Have you heard about virtual reality? Do you want to experience it? With Lenovo Explorer headset, the device allows you to try Windows Mixed Reality.

However, you have to buy it separately. With it, you will be able to enjoy an immersive gaming experience along with striking 360” content.

The device comes with a number of ports. All the ports except one USB-A 3.0 are sheltered on the back. The USB port is nestled next to its power supply seated on the left side.

You will find a good selection of both old and new ports. However, Thunderbolt 3 is conspicuously absent.

It is needed to connect to an external GPU. Fortunately, you will have both HDMI in and out, implying that the display can be used with another personal computer.

The display unit houses a long row of speakers just beneath it. You will find a couple of 3W speakers that produce quite clear and loud sound. Irrespective of the volume, the sound never feels distorted.

In fact, you will really love its audio output even if it is set in a large open area. Read more about top 10 advanced Lenovo laptops.

What Do Users Think?

Customers’ Feedbacks

Our experts have talked to few users and compiled their opinion about this product.

The users are talking about its design in a tone of appreciation. Most users prefer a durable model.

They want to invest on something that will cater to their needs for a long time. The model features a solid and stylish body.

It is a lightweight and compact desktop, which scores high on both fronts – design and performance.

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According to most users, this Lenovo model is what you expect from an all-in-one device. With a mechanical hard drive and Intel processor, it is able to perform most tasks.

It is possible to perform daily works including computing, word editing etc with ease and high speed.

If it comes to entertainment, the customers are talking highly about its audio and video output.

According to them, the system does not go slow for mid-range gaming and the speakers belch out clear sound in any range.

That means, it is a perfect piece for entertainment. The users can easily handle multiple tasks including video watching, word processing and web browsing.

You can even play games requiring mid range of memory spaces.

Tucked away ports seem to be highly interesting for the users. The best point about the hide-away ports is these can be easily put away when they are not in use.

The users have also been in full praise of display quality. Almost edgeless display area makes images look bigger and more beautiful.

The screen is really excellent and so is its display quality!

From the users’ perspective, it is a good all-in-one personal computer with a solid state drive.

If you don’t want power-packed performance, it could be a good choice for your everyday purpose. Read more about lenovo ideacentre 520 aio user manual.


Our Verdict

I like several features of this personal computer. I also have a few serious complaints about this model.

The well-built body plus premium look put it on the list of ‘most wanted’. It is not a bulky model’ still you need some space on your desktop for its placement.

A desktop is never meant to carry around. However, if you ever need to place it elsewhere, you can easily lift it and put on your preferred place.

On performance front, it is quite good. Though not designed for high-end gaming, the system goes without hitch if you play movies or mid-range games on it.

I won’t compare its performance with the business models from Lenovo. In fact, if it comes to doing daily works, I’ll suggest it for everyone.

The keyboards and mouse don’t look fancy. However, they are alright. These accessories are seldom a big issue for the users but at this price, you should not expect everything perfect and great.

The model features a solid and stylish body. It is a lightweight and compact desktop.

If compared with many AIOs, this desktop model is bigger and heavier. However, it looks really elegant.

What is more, it performs well. I agree that it is not meant for high-end tasks and creative works like video editing. Still, you can use it for daily needs including playing modern games.

I can assure you that it will deliver flawless performance.  Among the top-tier computer manufacturers, Lenovo is a name to rely on.

The company has introduced a number of desktops and laptops in different price ranges.

If you want to buy a system with high resolution and touch display, it is definitely something to go with.