HP Pavilion 570 P020 Desktop Review

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HP Pavilion 570 P020 Desktop


Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


Performance Score


Specifications and Features Score


Design Score



  • Solid Software performance
  • Decent input devices
  • Slim appearance
  • Quiet operation
  • Low power consumption


  • Slows up sometimes with very heavy usage
  • Heated up on very heavy usage some time
  • HP support is not good enough
  • Availability issue
  • Motherboard design issues


We will start with its design and then proceed towards its performance. Despite what the users say, we find its design quite impressive. It may lack the appeal of the latest Apple model but definitely has a sturdy frame built around a world-class processor.

Its structure seems to be durable for many more years. The chassis looks classy in grey. Saving space is a great deal these days. Even if your desktop is a small one, it will easily accommodate the HP Pavilion model.

The versatile system never fails to produce fast and smooth performance while you are busy with multitasking.

HP Pavilion 570 P020 Desktop & Variants Price


If you have been in search of a budget-friendly desktop, it will fit your bill. If you want to do some high-end graphical works, it will not frustrate you.

The first attribute that catches your attention about HP Pavilion 570 P020 is its small yet stylish design. Read more about best desktop brands.

It is a space-saving model and exactly what the users like a lot. Powered by 7th generation Intel i5-7400 processor, it integrates every high-end hardware component for your multitasking needs.

With a considerable amount of memory space, it runs quite fast as per the modern-day industry standard.

If you are willing to buy a model that finely marries a stylish look with equally amazing performance, it will not fulfill your purpose.

The model integrates 1 Tetrabyte of storage space, thereby allowing the users to store a great number of files, documents, images and even videos.

Run videos and you will never experience any hitch. In other words, entertainment experience will be undoubtedly enriching.

It has a horde of features under the lid. If you are a creative person, allow yourself to go wild with this HP Pavilion beauty.

HP Pavilion 570 P020 Desktop

With several in-built features, they allow you to do multitasking at a tremendous speed and enjoy your favorite pieces of entertainment to your heart’s content.

Buy for: Low power consumption, flexibility and versatility, adequate memory and storage.

Beware of: Issues with motherboard design, heats up fast, slow performance on heavy workloads.

Best uses for: Basic computing tasks, entertainment, web browsing, data entry and other office work, video and audio playback.

The alternatives:


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It often goes around in the tech market that the experts and users always look forward to what is coming up from the den of three musketeers – Dell, Lenovo and HP.

Apple is also a big name but only a few can afford the expensive models coming out of the Boss. HP offers a wider range of desktop and laptop computers in different price ranges.

In addition, they offer post-sale service to their customers. The users can always visit the nearest service center if they experience any problem with their computers.

Rock-Solid Performance

It’s built to amaze. What can you expect from a high-end desktop rolling out of HP? Outstanding performance!

This device from the HP series borrows its support from 7th Generation Intel Core(TM) i5 Processor.

The problem with so-called multi-tasking computers is they go slow. Once you start doing several works simultaneously, these computers deliver sluggish performance.

On that front, this desktop computer is one of those few systems that don’t suffer from this irritating syndrome. The device is up and running, allowing you to concentrate on what you are best at doing.

Small in size but great in performance – that is what can best describe how this HP device is capable of serving the users.

Not for a fraction of seconds, you will find any kind of inconvenience. Heat generation is common to all devices and the problem is neutralized with implementation of a suitable technology.

The device is not noisy at all.


Are you searching for a pocket friendly desktop PC which fits your bills and occupies less space in your working areas.

Then you might look after the HP Pavilion 570 desktop PC which will be worth every penny.

We have got our hands on the variant for our benchmark tests having a storage option of 1 TB HDD and packed along with an Intel Core i5 7400 processor.

Apart from that there are various options and multiple variants available for the customers offering the freedom of choosing the appropriate one for them.

In order to check its real world performance we ran some benchmark tests on this machine and the overall experiment was quite interesting.

In the single core test the HP Pavilion 570 desktop PC offers pretty impressive results producing 106 Pts.

It is capable of demolishing daily tasks like web browsing, office work, data entry, enjoying video and audio playback, etc.

Apart from that this Intel Core i5 processor can even handle the pressure of a minute workstation and very little server workloads.

Speaking of handling the 3D games smoothly this processor is suitable for such purpose and it produces a good gaming score of 79%.

However in the test of the multi core section this machine fails to produce good results.

It is only capable of producing an average point of 356 Pts which is not great in terms of performance.

In this test it calls all the CPU cores to pop out higher performance with the aid of the hyper threading technology but still it is average and fails to impress in this section.

If you take a closer look you will notice that the HP Pavilion 570 desktop PC is enforced with an integrated Intel HD 630 video card.

It is great for streaming HD contents, general computer tasks, etc and it is capable of offering higher refresh rate.

But if you are planning to stream any 3D games then this setup will definitely disappoint you.

Speaking of the benchmark scores, it pushes out a 3D score of 5.47% which is very poor.

It is only capable of producing 7.9 fps in the 3D DX9 which is not impressive if we compare it to its other alternatives.

Apart from that this integrated graphics solution however manages to stream games like CSGO, Fortnite, GTAV, etc at the lowest settings and constantly stays in the fps range of  30 to 35.

But it will be better if you don’t keep any higher expectation from it. If you are searching for a smooth and effortless gaming experience then an external graphics card is an ultimate solution to go with.

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Design – Classy & Catchy

This HP Pavilion 570 P020 looks smart in every aspect. We love the fact that it will not clutter your space.

Good look is what tops the must-have features for the potential buyers. They check it first before querying about whether it will be hot in performance or not.

This model symbolizes all-over simplicity and it is the latest code for sophistication.

Ultra beauty yet classic appeal – can they ever be mingled in a single product? Yes, it is a popular trend.

The desktop model is compact in design and amazingly classy while sporting everything in line with the modern look. Buy the device and it will have a pride of place on your desktop.

Design with a classic appeal is is not only offering a reason to buy a product but also a sophisticated way deal with most notable devices.

More or less all the HP desktops are giving a reason to top the performance. I

n fact you can check out the back end features too which are equally offering the best possible options for your office and home.

Storage – Sea to Swallow Everything

Power-packed performance is unthinkable without excellent memory power. Let us start with its primary memory capacity.

An 8 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM seems to be the standard these days and this HP device is not an exception.

The amount of RAM incorporated into the desktop computer helps it take off with ease and run with an uninterrupted flow of energy. Faster speed and reliable performance are a guarantee.

If it comes to storage, the device is not a disappointment at all! The device is equipped with 1TB 7200RPM SATA hard drive.

A huge amount of memory enables the users to store a larger number of digital content and still enjoy a lot of left-over space for saving files and documents.

You can easily store high-resolution images and videos on the disk space. Having literally innumerable files, images and videos on your hard drive will not produce any negative impact on its smooth performance.

Whether you stay busy with multimedia works or MS-Office software, you can always go strong with this desktop device.

The model, which enables multitasking, inspires you to get more creative and translate your thoughts into reality.

Other Specifications

Other features on the spec sheet finely complement the speedy processor and high storage space.

If you wag your glance over its features, you will immediately come to know that everything is almost perfect to make the piece an excellent fit for your multitasking demands.

Let us introduce you to other fascinating features it integrates into the pack. We will first talk about keyboard and mouse.

The desktop comes with an optical mouse. The HP keyboard is wired. The USB keyboard allows you to do volume control.

HP Pavilion 570 Mouse

The keys are rightly spaced on the board and the users will not find their hands getting into the grooves while typing.

You will find multiple ports on its body to plug in a number of external devices. All ports support USB devices.

HP Pavilion 570 Ports

An HP 3-in-1 media card reader allows the users to stay connected. The HP desktop was designed with Windows 10 in mind. It is ideal for forward thinking and creative people.

HP Pavilion 570 Card Reader

Supported by Intel HD graphics, the desktop model produces bright and brilliant display with high quality of resolution.

Picture quality is surely a visual delight for the viewers. You can definitely get a fine display with all these qualities that are present in it.

No distortion will ever be experienced and that goes well with audio outputs as well. Dual display support comes as a double delight for the users.

The feature enables the computer users to add a second display unit and take pleasure in an immersive productive experience.

Wireless networking is a preferred choice these days. The device allows the users to connect via a wireless network and share files on the same.

Moreover, file sharing takes place at a great speed. The system also supports Bluetooth connectivity. It can be set in sync with the mobile devices for wireless printing.

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It is impossible to think about a system without a re-writable DVD drive that allows you to write media content or watch DVD movies without any problem.

HP Pavilion 570 DVD Drive

Yes, the system has that for you. You can gain support from the makers here. HP is always dealing with the best ones from the industry.

You can definitely gain the confidence with its support. Check out HP Pavilion 570 P020 manual.

What Do Users Think?

Our experts have talked to few users and compiled their opinion about this product.

Let us pay attention to what they have to say about the design and performance of this HP Pavilion model.

For most people, it’s a great purchase. Some users have a slight complaint about its built around an amazing processor.

A major complaint about the model is its DVD player feels very cheap and they have serious doubt over its durability.

Some users did not like its keyboard and think that HP could have done a better job with these external accessories at this price.

However, they are full praise for its core performance. For them, both audio and video outputs are excellent in this price range.

If it comes to speed, it will be a great piece to work with. You will never feel any kind of sloppy performance as long as you are using the system.

These days, multitasking models are in great demand. Unfortunately, what the manufacturers claim often turn out only tall talks. Fortunately, the users claimed to have suffered no such disparity.

Convenience and speed are two major considerations for the end-users. The space-saving model is quite a hot pick for the modern users, as they don’t like any desktop-cluttering device.

Noisy fan around the processor is a big drawback and luckily, the model does not create any such problem.

The users have said they find it great that the machine never generates irritating sound when the work is in progress.

Whether it comes to sharing files or performing tasks, it is a superfast system packed with a cluster of new-age features.

The right combination of fast processor and accompanying accessories makes the model a system worthy of your investment. Read more about various HP pavilion models.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

On our benchmark test, the Intel Core i5 7400 processor of the HP Pavilion 570 P020 performed pretty well as far as its single-core performance is concerned.

In fact, it achieved 106 points on the benchmark and allowed us to browse the web, doing office work like data entry and watching videos quite satisfactorily.

However, we found that its multi-core performance is not very impressive with a relatively low score of 356 points on different benchmarks.

On the gaming front, this desktop computer is good to play the basic HD games at low settings. When we played games like CSGO, GTA V, and Fortnite, we found that the average frame rate stayed between 30 and 35 fps.

We found that it slowed down and struggled considerably when we played 3D and high-end games on it with its average gaming score of just 79%.

We also tested the keyboard and mouse that comes in the package and found that these are pretty low-end but not entirely worthless. However, we were more convenient using our own keyboard and mouse.

The Intel HD 630 video card integrated into the computer managed to score only 5.47%, which is quite poor considering today’s standards.

When we tested on 3D DX9, we found that it can produce a frame rate of around 8 fps, which is quite low compared to other similar alternatives.

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