HP 8300 Elite SFF Desktop Review

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HP 8300 Elite SFF Desktop


Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


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  • Run multiple applications
  • Store plenty of data
  • Support for dual graphics cards
  • Intel Smart Response
  • Boost productivity


  • Hard to get a warranty
  • Hard drive issues
  • Mouse and keyboards are not good
  • Not easily available
  • Wifi issues


If you are planning to buy an advanced desktop PC, you would know that HP is one very reliable brand. This PC lives up to the great reputation which HP has. It offers all the latest features which enable it to meet the need of the modern-day web requirements.

Hp 8300 Elite SFF Desktop & Variant Products Price


The HP 8300 Elite 8300 Small Form Factor Desktop Computer is the PC which in its true sense lives up to the expectation that the HP brand promises.

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It has been designed in a manner to meet all the latest needs of the current web scenario.

HP 8300 Elite SFF Desktop

Buy for: Run multiple applications | Support for dual graphics cards

Beware of: Hard drive issues

Best uses for: Billing counters, small office, blogging, multitasking, etc.

The alternatives:

Design & Build

In terms of design and build this PC from HP has been specifically designed to make it very compact.

Thus, as a result, it can be kept even in a small space and also gives this PC a very attractive look as well.

In terms of functionality, this PC has the most advanced features as well.

HP 8300 Elite SFF Desktop Interior View

Besides the design is made in such a way that it accommodates different upgrades as and when required and thus can be able to serve users even over long periods in the future.


This HP desktop PC offer delivers great performance as well.

HP 8300 Elite SFF Desktop Interior View

Much of this is owing to the 3.2 GHz Intel Core i-5 -3470 processor using which, it is powered.

The processor helps it deliver great speed, especially when combined with the Windows 10 Operating system which is also preloaded with this HP PC.

Apart from this the PC also has the HD Graphics 2500 which helps it deliver the best quality graphics as well.

Storage & RAM

Given the current web scenario where users use the most advanced web applications it is but imperative that the current PCs have sufficient storage capacity.

HP 8300 Elite SFF Desktop Hard Drive

For storage, this PC has a Hard Disk Capacity of 500 GB, which is the standard capacity for any modern-day Desktop Computer.

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It also has an 8 GB RAM, which is also higher than the standard configuration of the RAM.

HP 8300 Elite SFF Desktop RAM

This is what enables the PC to have sufficient speed.

Ports & Connectivity

In terms of Ports this HP PC has been provided with 10 USB 2.0 Ports which is great.

HP 8300 Elite Rear Ports

This is what you can use for connectivity. However, this PC does not offer an HDMI or eSATA port which is a drawback.

Additional Features

This HP PC indeed has some of the latest features. However, along with them it also has the DVD Optical Drive which is very useful indeed.

Specs Details

  • Brand: HP
  • Hard Drive: 500GB
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Hard Drive Type: SATA
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3470
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 2500
  • Processor Speed: 3.2GHz
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Product Dimensions: 14.9 x 4 x 13.3 inch
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

What Do Users Think about HP 8300?

The users seem to have mixed impressions regarding the HP 8300 Elite SFF.

This is because while some were impressed by its performance, others complained that it was slow on many occasions.

Nevertheless, it has proved to be a good professional or workstation desktop.

The users who needed a computer that could run two monitors simultaneously were content after buying it.

The fact remains that the graphics pre-installed was a low-end one. Check out HP 8300 Elite SFF Manual.

However, after some upgrades to the video card and RAM, the users were much relieved and could play light games and run other software with ease.

But upgrades and ports on this PC are limited, which could be a problem in the future.

There have been complaints regarding the Wifi features present in the device and the users are not satisfied with the keyboard and mouse that come with the product.

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Our Testing & Analysis Report

We placed the HP 8300 Elite SFF desktop on the billing desk of a small retail shop, where it delivered exceptional performance.

It was used to manage inventory, generate receipts, conduct online transactions, and other purposes.

The applications used for these purposes were QuickBooks, Zoho Invoice, and Square POS, and this device processed them smoothly and efficiently.

We also placed this PC in a small office setup, and the employees appreciated its compact size, smooth, and fast processing. Its compact form factor saved valuable desk space.

Various applications such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and Slack were used on this device for multiple assigned projects.

This device is well-suited for the corporate sector, and software developers also expressed satisfaction with its overall performance.

We also used this SFF desktop for working on some of our existing blogs, and we did not notice significant lag in performance while working on multiple online applications.

However, we faced overheating issues when using it for extended periods. For blogging, we used WordPress, Blogger, and Medium, and this PC effortlessly processed these applications.

We also used this device for designing logos and editing photos without any major technical glitches.

During multitasking on this device, we experienced smooth and desired performance. It was fast and responsive.

However, the 500 GB storage capacity is not sufficient for this era, so we arranged an external storage drive to store our large media files.

Nonetheless, the overall performance was smooth, allowing us to switch between multiple applications without any lag and work on 8 to 10 Chrome tabs simultaneously.

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