Acer Predator Helios 700 Gaming Laptop Review & Price

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  • High-end Processor
  • Top-notch Graphics
  • Excellent Display Performance
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Good Connectivity Features


  • Very Expensive
  • Battery Life isn’t satisfying
  • Quite Heavy
  • No 4K option
  • Better options with more features are available at this price point

Read Acer Predator Helios 700 gaming laptop review and see the best price. This i9 powered variant of the Acer Predator Helios 700 is truly a beast of a machine that has been attributed with all the qualities one would look for in a gaming laptop.

You get an RTX 2080 GPU, 32 gigs of RAM, fast SSD storage, and so on. What it cannot provide with battery backup, it suffices with performance.

Even the lower variants have such good specs that you won’t have to make any significant updates. All of these features make it a laptop that you can trust to provide you with raw power, anywhere you want it to and even more.

Acer Predator Helios 700 Gaming Laptop & Variants Price

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Acer Predator Helios 700 Gaming Laptop Review

Acer Predator Helios 700 Gaming Laptop

Buy For: Attractive Spec sheet│Large Display

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Beware Of: High PriceHeavy Weight


The Predator Helios 700 is for those who prioritize raw performance and intense gaming above anything else. It isn’t one of those average laptops that give you hours of battery life or a 4K display. There aren’t many arrangements for security.

But you can think of it as a desktop that is much easier to move around with. Having said all this, whether it would suit your budget range is the major part of the concern.

Design and Build

Even with the lid closed, one gets a futuristic feel with the laptop which is amplified several times as you open it.

The screen is of 17.3 inches but is bounded by thick bezels that most people try to ignore these days. Check out best laptop brands.

The HyperDrift keyboard with quite an attractive lighting gives you two positions. One of those is regular, while the other you can use to slide it down towards yourself.

This makes the cooling system visible which is quite necessary once the CPU is overclocked. The fans do get very loud on the turbo mode.

As you pull the keyboard, the touchpad and the entire palm wrest bends at an angle that gives better comfort.

But for conventional laptop gamers, it could take some time to get used to.

The build material is plastic, the device weighs about 5Kgs (over 10 pounds), so it doesn’t fall in the light category either.

There is one other thing that you have to consider other than the extra weight. The gap between the lid and the body seems to collect dust, which could be a problem.

But the chances of anyone playing games outdoors or in a dusty place are slim, so you need not worry so much.


This is the best part regarding the laptop, and surely it is interesting to know too how well it performs.

The eight-core i9-9980HK CPU is an overclockable one, with the default turbo speed of 5.0 GHz.

This allows you to squeeze out every last drop of performance from the laptop if you want to.

The RTX 2080 GPU was once the best of its kind, but a few faster variations could be found now.

Nevertheless, gaming and other video editing or rendering performance are extremely smooth.

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In the various gaming and video tests, the laptop managed to be in the top spots with better frame rates and performance.

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Rainbow Six Siege, frame rates of about 130 and 311 respectively were noticed.

Now the IPS display is large, but the viewing area could have been improved.

The G-Sync capability and the 144 Hz refresh rate of the display rate give you an extremely smooth output even when you game on the higher settings. But the quality is limited to 1080p only.

Windows 10 Home is the OS installed by default.

Storage and RAM

The storage present on the variant is of 1 TB in the form of a PCIe SSD. However, it isn’t amazingly fast for a gaming laptop at this price.

The RAM present is of 32 GB, but you may expand it to 64 GB or buy the variant directly which has so.

There are two spare RAM slots, and another SATA bay for another storage drive.

Ports and Connectivity

The laptop has got 2 USB Type-C ports and one of them supports Thunderbolt for faster transfers.

There are 3 USB Type-A ports and separate jacks for the headphone and mic.

For visual connectivity, Acer has provided an HDMI port and a display port as well. These are present at the back.

Then you get the Killer Ethernet 3000 2.5 GbE and Killer WIFI 6.0 too which give much better top speeds than other laptops who don’t have such specifications.

Battery Life

The battery life is not that great, given the specs and the 70Wh battery capacity.

With basic usage, it should last about 2 hours at most at medium brightness.

Thus, don’t make the mistake of traveling without the power adapter even for short trips since you would need to put it into charging very soon and very often.

Additional Features

The keyboard is an RGB one, and pulling it increases the efficiency of the Aeroblade fan setup that gives you more cooling.

The speakers face the front and are supported by Waves MaxxAudio Pro.

While being loud, they indeed lack bass or the level of balance that you would expect.

The touchpad has Windows Precision drivers, and the WASD keys of the keyboard have keycaps.

These can be very useful while gaming. A decent webcam is also seen. The standard Acer warranty is provided with the laptop.

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What Do Users Think about Predator Helios 700?

The fanbase of the Acer Predator Helios 700 might be huge, but the count of buyers was limited because of the high price.

Those who bought it were impressed by the performance, and equally unimpressed by the battery life. Check out Predator Helios 700 Manual.

Also, modern features like a fingerprint scanner and a lighter frame would have been better for them. The loud fans got annoying for most.

Other Expert Views

The experts at Laptop Mag think that the laptop is superior regarding performance, cooling system, and the keyboard. But they didn’t like the display or sound quality. As an alternative, they have suggested the MSI GT75 Titan that has advantages over it like a 4K display and better sound.

The experts at Tech Radar consider that while the laptop would be very useful for some, it isn’t that good a laptop for the others. No questions can be raised about the performance, but it lacks in some of the other aspects like portability. There are a few options like this though.

As per the experts at PC World, there aren’t enough features that make the laptop stand out, given its price tag. However, it deserves attention when you are looking for a laptop that doesn’t compromise on performance.

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