HP 15.6 Inch Laptop PC Review – Price, Specs, Design, Pros & Cons

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  • Solid application performance
  • Decent input devices
  • Slim appearance
  • Quiet operation
  • Low power consumption


  • Designated as such USB 3.0 ports
  • Lower number of I/O ports
  • Only 12 months warranty
  • Micro stutters
  • TN panel and limited viewing angles

Standing in the era of computing & digital world, we have to understand the absolute difference between general consumer laptops and professional laptops. You can check out the HP 15.6 Inch Laptop PC Review.

The professional or business oriented laptop or rather notebook products are something that can accompany you during the hours you work with a number of streamlined features.

Laptop manufacturing companies pay utmost heed to categorizing their product lines and designing them according to specific needs.

Laptops for home users appear with brilliant style whereas business laptops are designed with sturdy chassis, better functionality and powerful configuration options.

Corporate employees always choose to purchase such notebooks, expecting them to work smoothly for longer years.

Therefore, the laptop makers have to design their enterprise level notebooks to reach the highest standard of quality and keep the users happy as well.

High Performance HP is one of the companies that dominate the industry of desktop and laptop all across the world. Read best laptop brands according to our experts.

The brand can be considered a pioneer in introducing ground-breaking features and incredible affordability with their every launch of computing device.

Whether you upload images on social media, prepare emails or browse multiple websites – HP business laptops make every task faster and convenient for you as well as your career.

Today we are sharing a complete analysis of HP 15.6″ Laptop powered by AMD quad-core processor to help you benefit a great deal from the review.

HP 15.6 Inch Laptop PC & Related Products Price

HP 15.6 Inch Laptop PC Review

HP 15.6inch Laptop PC Review

If you are in the quest of best and budget-friendly workstation notebook in order to handle your daily projects, the HP 15-BA009DX 15.6” Laptop will be the one to take into account.

It may seem absurd sometimes if one expects world-leading features and capability from a mid-range notebook which comes at less than $300.

But surprisingly enough, HP 15-BA009DX will give you all, meeting up to your expectations in every aspect.

From display to build quality to battery life, every attribute is decent for the price in this HP notebook. Find out HP 15.6 Inch Laptop PC user guide.

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Since it is a business oriented device, it has all the capabilities to manage your workloads in time. Obviously you can go for something better and more superior than this currently discussed laptop PC.

But if you are on a limited budget to start with your business ideas or to work from home, you must try this HP 15.6 inch variant available at minimal price rate.

Specs Details:


HP 15.6inch Laptop PC Reliability

HP business laptops are built to work for the years you want. They can survive several spills and drops and the reason is their sturdy build quality.

Most of them are equipped with matte display with superb viewing angles to show you brightest and finest visuals. Check out top 10 HP laptops.

At the same time, the brand concentrates on the best productivity level of the business notebooks. Batteries of the HP notebooks are also a thing to take into consideration.


HP 15.6inch Laptop PC Performance

With AMD Quad-Core A6-7310 processor and AMD Radeon R4 graphical power, the system can be the ideal choice of any working person.

It offers a competition-level performance with no lag at all. The processor with 2 MB cache works at the speed of 2 GHz up to 2.4 GHz and shows moderate performance.

On the other hand, its dedicated Radeon R4 graphics card allows you to get engaged into photo or video editing tasks with perfection.

But multimedia professionals will not benefit from this combination of processor and graphics.

At the same time, the laptop is not designed with the upgraded Wi-Fi standard, so that it can be a bit difficult to avail the fastest internet speed as well.


HP 15.6inch Laptop PC Design

This HP 15.6 Laptop PC is truly lightweight, offering great portable convenience. It weighs 4.74 lbs or 2.15 kg while it measures about 15 x 10 x 0.9 inches.

Hence, the device is slender enough to fit in your corporate bag or laptop bag and its robust as well as compact design takes little space to cover on your desk.

Made of reliable black plastic, the laptop sports a ribbed lid and an island-style multifarious keyboard having a number pad which is smooth to touch.

The overall structure of the device is utmost sturdy and well-built to survive sudden drops and hits for several years.


HP 15.6inch Laptop PC Display

This HP notebook houses a 15.6 inch HD display, having the native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Such display is more than sufficient for numerous lower-end businesses and the employees.

An ultra-budget laptop like HP 15.6 inch sports a wonderful display and smart HD features which are just incredible and irresistible.

Its BrightView WLED screen not just delivers crystal-clear and detailed visuals, but also ensures extreme brightness and clarity to soothe your eyes.

The color reproduction of the display is appreciable too. It can produce a wide range of sRGB color while the color accuracy of the screen is standard as well.

With such impressive display features, you can change your professional world just like you wish.

You are streaming videos or movies, viewing images or preparing official documents – you can do all with absolute ease with the help of this HP notebook.

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In a nutshell, the display is typically fantastic for the price.

This display is not doubt offering a better looks and aspect from every arena. You can definitely look for better display but 15.6 is not a matter of joke.

It is not so easy to get a better view with a perfect package but this one is really offering the right kind of perfection.

It is definitely a cool package for you and here you can look for more options.

There are certain features which can definitely offer you something that you must look for perfect workstation.

These work stations are easy to carry from one place to another. These things are giving you all the reasons to buy from



The storage features in the HP Notebook 15 are average for most of the business persons and employees.

The device is well equipped with 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM and 500 GB SATA hard drive to suit your day-to-day official requirements.

The SATA hard disk has the speed of 5400 rpm. With such sufficient storage space and RAM, you can make a complete utilization of the Notebook.

The 4 GB RAM will provide you decent multi-tasking convenience.

You can prepare a corporate presentation with a number of browsers open and playing your favourite music simultaneously just without any hassle or interruption.

You can easily create a library of important files, e-books, high resolution videos, audios and images in the device while 500 GB internal storage is there to secure them. Read HP 15.6 Inch Laptop PC user manual.

Additional Features

Additional Features on HP 15.6inch Laptop PC

As per ports and connectivity features, the right side of the notebook is a home to single USB 3.0 port, a slot for DVD drive and an SD card reader.

The left panel accommodates an HDMI output, dual USB 2.0 ports, a headphone jack and an Ethernet jack.

The keyboard and touchpad of the HP Notebook 15 are little enjoyable. But the keys help you increase your typing speed to a high extent.

The average quality plastic build of the keyboard may give you a hollow feel at times.

The edge of its palm rest is quite sharp and hence you should be careful at time of typing and scrolling as well.

The touchpad allows you to navigate the pre-installed Windows 10 without any hassle. Find 10 high tech laptop list.

HP is well known for long-lasting battery quality but this aspect is somewhat missing in the Notebook 15.

You have to keep the laptop charger ready for anytime as it lasts for nearly 4 hours on single charge in case of continuous work.

Moreover, you can face occasional trouble in getting the speediest Wi-Fi network during the peak official hours.

The speakers of this HP laptop PC are much decent for the price. While playing the latest music, you can find the sound pretty clear with amazing bass effect.

At the same time, the vocals are loud enough to pervade a small conference hall and create an impression all around.

As for webcam, the laptop is suitable for chatting online or official conferencing.

The device sports an average webcam of 640 x 360 pixels to enable you to talk to your virtual friends and build a healthy relationship with overseas business personnel.

But according to some users, it takes blurry photos which appear quite unimpressive.

What Do Users Think?

User Reviews on HP 15.6inch Laptop PC

Our experts have talked to few users and compiled their opinion about this product.

Since the HP Notebook 15 is a low-priced computing device, it has a couple of drawbacks to be mentioned without disgracing its smart features.

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First of all, the laptop is not ideal for large corporate sectors and leading multimedia experts.

But most of the small business owners and working users have admitted its high functionality and versatility.

You can use any type of anti virus with it but users are duely focusing on Avast to a great extent.

You will be getting the best aspect of it. In case it you can check out the best concept of this lappy with the easy work station concept.

It will be better if you can compare the other variants of this brand.

Other Experts View

PC MAG puts light on the laptop lacks Bluetooth, so therefore you will be unable to connect the notebook with external speakers. There can be little issues with the fan inside the device, as some users have complained about it.

LaptopMag says it often comes with bloatware to slow down the performance, so you can remove the bloatware for fastest internet connection and overall system performance. If you keep these drawbacks aside, you will find the notebook an excellent option for your daily workloads.

Techradder said as stated earlier, it is designed to meet several business purposes to reduce the pressure of working persons. For such affordable cost, the laptop can be your best friend to help you set innovative ideas and implement them successfully.

Final Verdict


The RAM size and hard disk space in the laptop can be quite unimpressive to some users. Obviously you may need more space to store a huge number of files at present, so you have to upgrade this specification as well.

The computer runs great with advanced CPU and 4 GB RAM, providing you multiple browsing and tasking convenience.

Right after its launch in the market, the number of its buyers and users is increasing gradually. This HP Notebook variant holds innumerable followers and existing users across the globe.

It is not just cheap in price, but also decent in quality. Although it needs an update on a regular basis which becomes a subject of annoyance to some, the device is able to keep you happy with its trendy features and amazing speakers.

For your limited budget, the HP Notebook 15 comes first to grab your attention.

With one-year warranty, the business laptop is pre-loaded with a number of trendy apps and software like McAfee LiveSafe, Netflix etc.

You can check out so many options to rule over the expectations of having a notebook.

You can think of some of the aspects that are really giving you a new options then switch on to other HP laptop series.

These are really high end and at the same time it is giving you a reason to give you a better formulation in every way.

You can definitely enjoy the best deals online and different aspects. This HP is definitely giving you a reason for more.